View Full Version : LUA bar?? (act 2)

12-30-2000, 05:24 PM
i am in the LUA bar. I have ordered the flaming scuttlefish and it is on fire going around the canal. i have tried jamming the paintbrush into the mechanisms and then pouring grog into the machine, but the chef always fixes it. Help, anyone?

12-30-2000, 05:34 PM
did you use the entire bottle of grog?

12-30-2000, 05:35 PM
Remember why you are stopping the machine and why you have a flaming dish...

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12-30-2000, 05:40 PM
MAKE SURE you stop the flamming boat "Right in front" of the painting. If it's not, it would not work. And remeber to pure the grog in the machine, if you run out, get more from the dock