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"I won't let you lay another finger on Naruto!"

Naruto looked up sharply at the sound of Hinata's voice

What is she doing here?! She's gonna get killed!

"What're you doing here!!? Get out of here! You're no match!"

Hinata's quiet voice suprised him

"I know."

I have to make her understand! She's no match for Pain!

Hinata's soft voice rang through the air again

"I'm...just being selfish..."

What's she talking about?

"What're you talking about!? What're you doing here!? It's dangerous!"

Hinata remained silent and stared at Pain

"I'm here of my own free will."


"...I used to always cry and give up, I nearly went the wrong way...But you...You showed me the right way..."


"I was always chasing you...wanting to overtake you..."

Hinata's voice grew a bit softer

"I just wanted to walk with you."

...Walk with me?

Hinata's voice grew even softer

"I wanted to be with you..."

Be with me? She...wanted to be with me?

Hinata's voice rose in intensity

"You changed me! Your smile saved me!"

Hinata...I never knew

"So I'm not afraid to die protecting you!"

Pain simply stared at Hinata with no expression evident on his face

Hinata's voice grew soft yet again

"Because I love you..."

I-I'm loved? H-Hinata loves me?

Before he knew what was happening, Hinata had charged at Pain

No! Not now! Please...not now! No!!

Hinata's voice echoed throughout the shattered battlefield.

"Juho Soshiken!"

Twin balls of burning Chakra appeared in Hinata's hands, each briefly resembling a circle of chakra, but then taking on the features of twin tigers

Please let her live! Please!

Pain simply dodged the attack and uttered two words

"Shinra Tensei."


Naruto heard a sharp gasp come from Hinata as the Hyuga girl was launched backward by Pain's gravity powered jutsu

No...Please no...

Naruto heard himself shout, as though from a distance


Naruto's eyes were glued to the scene

First Jiraiya...now Hinata...please don't let her be dead! Please!

Pain's emotionless voice echoed through the battlefield like Hinata's voice once had.

"This is just like...how my parents were killed by Konoha ninjas, right before my eyes..."

H-Hinata...I was so stupid...I never understood until now...Please...forgive me...

Pain's voice contined to ring out, Naruto couldn't hear him though.

"Love breeds sacrifice...which breeds hatred..."

Naruto could feel a familiar presence begin to take over his body, but this time he didn't fight the fox for control of his body.

He let it take control

Four tails, each as black as the night sky emerged from Naruto's now fox shaped body.

Pain stared at the four-tailed Naruto

"Do you hate me?"

Yes...Yes I hate you! I want to see you suffer!

Kit...It looks like you've gotten angry enough for me to finally use this form.


Two additional tails began to emerge from Naruto's fox like body, a boney skelton appeared, surrounding his body in a demonic embrace.

Pain simply watched the Six-tailed fox with no noticeable expression

"Do you really think people can understand each other this way?"

The Six-Tailed Naruto simply roared at him.

Pain stared at the fox

"That's it...But...my Pain is greater than yours."

To Be continued with the Next Chapter of Naruto

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