View Full Version : cure for aids- on our way

03-05-2009, 01:08 AM
sorry i havn't been on in so long, but today, the u of m( university of minnesota) has found a possible combatent (and someday cure) for HIV. it is a gel, found naturally in breat milk and used as a preservitive in ice cream. this gel can prevent the cells HIV infects (t-cells, i belive) from being infected. the reason aids wasn't curable before is that these t- cells alert the immune system that a virus is in the body, but since they got infected, they couldn't do so, and the immune system could do nothing about it. howeever, if the t-cells are untouchable, they will be able to alert the immune system (after vaccination.) finnaly, the battle of aids is possibly nearing an end. (um... it only works in monkeys now, but they are doing human tests soon.) sorry if any infos incorrect.