View Full Version : Is it possible to export heads from one-piece models?

Lord Haldane
03-06-2009, 06:03 PM
With a quick change from the KSE, and a pair of remarkable immersion mods from RedRob41, playing as a Rakata is easily achieved. However, you are not able to visibly wear any clothing and are thus forced into sporting your NPC tunic for the entirety of the game. I would love to use just the Rakatan head on a standard humanoid body, but I am unsure if it is actually possible to retrieve it from the alien model...?

Though my modding experience admittedly extends beyond little more than the tweaking of item properties (Equalising custom lightsabre stats with rebalance mods, etc), I located a head editing tutorial and jumped into the task before discovering that the head did not currently exist as a separate entity.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, even if it is to ruthlessly crush my dreams! :D

03-06-2009, 06:10 PM
I'm no modeling expert, so I may be very wrong about this.

I think that the Rakata Model uses a different supermodel than the rest of the robe/armor supermodels. In other words, you can't remove the head without screwing up the animations. Models that do have the same supermodel, say Atris for example, you can export the body as a robe (without head) and retain the animations. I'm not too sure of heads. :p