View Full Version : Need Major HELP! ;-( MOD messed me up

03-07-2009, 01:44 AM
K So I Did something way wrong I ADD every MOD got list pretty much from LS,Robe's,Hek_pad and both update's,The Druid plantet,workbench. While here's the prob i beleive I ADD the HeK_Pad tslpatchdata folder to my override folder.M4_78 was working alright and all the others but that one thing made my KotOR just freeze at start up.uninstalled and reinstalled 2 time's but still something isn't change back to start over. Pls Help a total Noob when it come's to this stuff. Can play and enjoy your work with that best of them just don't understand it ;-P Duh Yah that K2rp thingy when I tried it.I didn't even get a start menu to pop up but thats another issue I fixed that with a reinstall just not going to use it till finger out more about it.

03-07-2009, 01:50 AM

*manages to read through*

Ok, I think I see your problem. You are not supposed to take the stuff from tslpatch folder into your override. First you extract, than you use the executeable file from the .rar/zip/7z. Just follow the directions. Remember that you select not your override folder, but your entire KotOR/TSL folder.

03-07-2009, 02:56 AM
Thanks for the input.But Still Starts up to a Black screen. Guess I'm going to try and do a complate KotRO delete the couple uninstalls didn't work so helpful getting ride of everything to do with maybe can start fresh. But calling it a Night. So if this works do I unLoad the .Rar file's for TSL Hak Pad to my main swkotor or overload? I know how to work the M4-74 add-on. If u know I'm in for a bad morrow.Then any more idea's on how to get a fresh start on my TSL?