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45 A.B.Y.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic war with DARTH CAEDUS--the son of HAN and LEIA ORGANA SOLO--the Galactic Senate has voted to dissolve the Jedi Order. Despite the tremendous good that the Jedi have done for the galaxy, the Senate has come to believe that in time, there is no real difference between Jedi and Sith such as CAEDUS. In fact, one might very well become the other, and so the Masters of the Jedi are sent into exile. Not only are they barred from Coruscant for life, but they are sent to planets billions of light years away so they cannot regroup and re-establish the Order. The future seems bleak as the Senators continue to practice hard-line policies in regards to everyone, not just those they view as terrorists.

Meanwhile, the remnants of CAEDUS' followers have no such restrictions placed upon them. They plan to hunt down and either convert or "purge" the exiled Jedi, as Emperor Palpatine had done years before. However, a sudden and unseen threat has purged them, and their corpses lie unburied. Is this the end of the Sith? Far from it, for the darkest will the Force has ever known--or manipulated, depending on your point of view--intends to stop the Second Rebellion of the Jedi Order once and for all...


1. This is a "roleplayfic", so be sure to include lots of description in your posts. Delve inside your character's mind--make this more like a novel than a traditional RP (e.g.) "The Jedi walked into the room and sighed. Next turn..."

2. PLEASE don't bring characters from other sci-fi series into this one. I want to make George Lucas proud, in case this is Star Wars VII! *LOL* Also, if you want to name your character Naaaarruuuuutoooo....no deal! *LOL*

3. No clones, except the ones that are Jango-Fett related. This means that no, Emperor Palpatine can't come back for the thousandth time! *rolleyes*

4. No killing off other people's characters without permission.

5. The only "ubercharacters" allowed at the beginning are the Masters (Luke, Leia, Han, etc.) Your characters can have special feats making them unique.

Have fun, and post your character sheets here! Here is mine:

Name: Vtorym Rtasi
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Assistant to hard-line Senator Doran Kinta
Hair: Medium brown, with platinum-blonde highlights (very striking, almost weird)
Eyes: Blue
Skin Color: Very pale ivory, is easily sunburned--she doesn't get outside much! :)
Force Sensitive: Yes, but very subtly, not in the way Anakin Skywalker was.
Present Location: Tatooine--she's found herself in a bit of a predicament...

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You should probaly include a character sheet template in your original post and I also advise restricting the famous character's to yourself, the Threadmaster. As soon as you sort out a template I'll be happy to join your RP. :)

Lord of Destruction
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can you be mandalore

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Yes, indeed. :)

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Name: Feri Zednanreh
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Race: Zabrak
Class/Occupation: Jedi Knight (Now Exiled)
Story: The jedi record inform that Feri was born on Coruscant, son of a nice family, he was brought to the Jedi academy at young age and trained until he became a Knight.
Present Location:Currently, Nar Shaddaa on exile.

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Name: Draze Hodrren
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class/Occupation:Smuggler (formally Jedi Knight)
Appearance: Click (http://i188.photobucket.com/albums/z304/FallenEternal/FerusTrever.jpg)
Present Location: Delaya
Personality: Draze can be wild, and unfocused. However that sometimes turns situations into his own advantages. He has the ability to learn and adapt to any situation quickly.
Bio: Draze Hodrren was taken into the Jedi Order at a young age. He studied under many masters until he became a Jedi knight. However his knight hood was short lived. Shortly after he was appointed as a knight the Jedi were sent into exile. He didn't think much about it knowing that the council was wary about him from the beginning about making him a knight.

After he went into exile he came across a smuggling ring. After he proved himself worthy be preforming many tasks of illegal nature he was allowed into they're operations. He learned quickly what it would take for a smuggling operation to survive, and set out on his own. He know spends his time looking for a good ship.

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Name: Kerlaya Honz
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Jedi Knight (Exiled)
Present Location: Dantooine
Personality: Calm and focused, Kerlaya is wise beyond her year's. She is kind, helpful and has a strong sense of duty. On duty she is friendly and nice, but she act's with a degree of seriousness depending on the situation.

Bio: Found to be force sensitive at the age of five, Kerlaya was quickly brought into the Order's fold. Knighted at the young age of seventeen, she was found to be profficient with a Lightsaber and skilled at the use of the force. She was friendly, but calm and managed to alway's keep her emotion's in check.

After her Exile however she proved to be more than just a capable Jedi. An adept pilot and skilled mechanic, she quickly purchased her own ship and made it a home. The ship was of the Marauder Class, a type of ship long ago used. However she converted it and modified the Marauder, equipping it with all the latest gear. As a Jedi Knight, she was a formidable practicioner of Soresu, the Resilience Form. This form was considered passive, allowing the opponent to make the first move.

If not for the Exile, Kerlaya would of been but a week away from the rank of Master. The irony sting's, but she does not dwell on it. Since then, she has established herself on Dantooine, attempting to connect with the local populance and teach them what the Jedi are truly like.

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Name: Sam'ker Oscheha
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: 1/4 Miraluka, 3/4 Human
Class/ Occupation: Mercenary, Lieutenant, and Engineer.
Appearance: Tall, Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, Tan skin, Light blue/grey eyes.
Story: Born on Dantooine, he was found by a Jedi named Work'met, and such went to Coruscant at the age of 3 years old. He was a fast learner, and eventually became a Jedi Weapon Master at the age of 18. He was in the outer rim when he was banished from the Republic. He was lucky though, he was with a fellow Jedi, named Taylor Shan (hmmm...), and started the Mercenaries Corps, Unit Alpha.

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For those of you with pictures--how did you make them? I'm very curious! :)

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its am image code, get the direct link to the picture and put on it.

1) (Example)http://www.ig-headquarters.com/A%20Jedi%20Knight.jpg

2) put the tags on the link

3) http://www.ig-headquarters.com/A%20Jedi%20Knight.jpg

Note however that if a picture is to large, the moderators will probably remove it. So be careful about the size of the picture. I'm not exactly sure the requirement for the size.

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Oooh, this looks promising:D

Name: Jornik "Scar" Keriz

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class/Occupation: Keriz was originally a proffesional soldier, otherwords, a mercenary, now, he has decided to live he life of a weapons smuggler, though he doesn't back down for a mercenary project.

Appearance: He is 6'6' in heighth, has dark hair, brown eyes, a well-sculpted face with one, long, scar across his cheek, hence his nickname. He often wears a black spec-ops suit, even on smuggling operations. He also wears a helmet that seems more like a gas mask, it actually fits directly on his facial features, sometimes giving the illusion that the gas mask is his face. He wears black combat boots, and only keeps one weapon visible, though you can trust that he has alot more up his sleeve.

Bio: Jornik was born in to a long and proud tradition of mercenary worm, his father, grandfather, great-grandfather, etc, had all been mercenaries. He enjoyed the buisness, but after three years, he decided it was too monotonous. He went into buisness with Talon Karrde's smuggling company, doing quite well, but not really putting his all into the work. His standing politically was never really known, but when the New Republic was shattered in Civil War, he decided his standing as with the former-Republic, now the Second Rebellion. He decided that whatever had shattered the Republic, had to be the enemy, it also reminded him too much of the Empire. However, he still refused to make any major stands, finding himself on numerous contracts for both sides, soon finding him on Tatooine, finishing off a particularily interesting contract...

Hope you allow him!:D

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CQ, seem's we don't need to be allowed for some reason. Kyvios posted without need of permission so I 'assume' that we are allowed to do so. I hope my assumption is right. In either case, it might be worth making a post.

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I only made the assumption we were accepted since Tysyacha started the RP in the DTC. Guess we are all assuming, lol.

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Haha :) Hey Kyv, make another post? It's getting lonely in 'Teh thr3@dzorz'!

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You are, obviously, all accepted! *LOL*

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Is it too late to join, or will it be by the 21st?

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No, I don't think it's too late to join. I just joined today as well:D No limit I guess, but that's up to Tysyacha:D

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haha I am just trying to keep up to you guy's ... you guy's go way fast, so i'm trying to do my best :P

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It will not be too late by the 21st to join. :) We need some Dark Siders, too...:)

Lord of Hunger
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Since you asked for "Dark Siders" and no one has joined my RP: :D

Name: Darth Avenian, Lord of Vengeance
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Rogue Sith, working solo to collect relics of the Dark Side.
Hair: short raven black
Eyes: Pure Red
Skin Color: Bone white.
Lightsaber: Blood Red, Makashi style-hilt.
Force Sensitive: Yes, strong (not in the overpowered Anakin Skywalker/Galen Marek way, more like Kreia in the sort of "I have way more skills than you do" sort of way). Loves to use telekinesis and lightning, but his favorite power of all is Force Insanity. Immune to aging, but not invincible (i.e. you can stick a lightsaber in him, poison him, or give him a nasty virus and he'll die).
Present Location: Coruscant, unnoticed by anyone and everyone.
Bio: The man who became Darth Avenian was once a Jedi during the end of the New Sith Wars. A Consular who enjoyed the taste of battle, he was responsible for killing many of Kaan's Sith. However, he became embittered when he was not summoned by Lord Hoth for the final battle of Ruusan. If that wasn't enough, he was enraged when the Ruusan Reformation was initiated and the Jedi lowered from their exalted position in the Republic. For his actions he was granted the rank of Master but immediately declared independence and became one of the Lost Twenty. Eventually he concluded that though they were flawed, the Sith actually had the right idea about utilizing passion to make one stronger. Crowning himself Darth Avenian, he swore to gain the full power of the Sith, destroy the Jedi both physically and philosophically, and enact a new, refined Sith Order. He desires vengeance on the Order that betrayed his desires and dreams.

Avenian is aware of other Sith, but does not seek to include them in his vision. For now, he works alone.
Persona: Avenian is not your run-of-the-mill Sith. He employs passion, but with an air of control that is a dark parody of Jedi technique. He's like Kreia: he wants to prove that he is right, to win because his teachings are correct. He is generally cold, but looks down upon random cruelty as "unnecessary and unprofitable".

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Admiral (since I know i won't get a responce to this until tomarrow) Do you have any plans for the sniper, or can I rip him from his hiding place and make him dance a little :D. Got to protect our senator assistant and our merc friend after all, lol.

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Ive made a post and what do you mean I won't answer until tomorrow?

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well i posted that yesterday, and today is tomorrow from yesterday, you get me?

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Kyvie say whaa--? Oh and I hope my lille' twist isn't too much :)

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Name: Kashrak Python
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Defected Sith Commander
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skin Color: Tanned
Force Sensitive: No
Present Location: Dantooine
Bio: Kashrak's upbringing was a harsh one, as was the case with most Sith. He was found to be un-sensitive however and was pushed stubbornly into the roll of a Soldier. He quickly rose to the rank of Commander, but refused command of any force larger than one hundred and twenty troop's. He often exercised utilities such as Assassin Regiment's and Blade-Wielder Attatchment's, finding them to be most effective when used in the right way.

It wasn't long before he saw the weakness of the Sith and the strength of the Jedi as a whole. His paticular attatchment wore armor dating back to the Old Republic, thinking it most suitable in a combat situation. After deciding to defect he saw his opportunity on Dantooine and took with him a force of eighty men (Not including Utilities). A number of forces joined him, giving him command of one capital ship, two frigate's and five corvette class ship's.

His total force numbered somewhere around eight hundred (Again, not including Pilot's and Utilities) giving him a strong resistance force. Upon Dantooine he seek's to join the exiled Jedi's, Kerlaya and Draze, to help them restore the Order and bring peace to the Galaxy.

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ok so i'm going to explain just in case what I posted was lost in translation. I'm going a little bit more in depth with the character, giving a little more on his back ground. He happens to know this Female Dark Jedi Acolyte person, she's an old friend of sorts. I'll go more in depth to they're relationship when they meet.

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Name: Alli Weyfel
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class/Occupation: Sith Acolyte
Appearance: Long Dark brown hair, green-blue eyes. Slender build, stands at 5 foot 7 inches.
Force Sensitive: Yes
Present Location: Korriban
Bio: Alli and Drave both were born on Korriban. When Drave left, Alli felt like he abandoned her and so fully accepted the Sith ideal. She trained hard to get revenge on Drave for leaving her behind. She thought she lost her chance for revenge when she heard that the Jedi had been sent into Exile. But when she saw him upon Dantooine she took up the opportunity to face him in single combat.

Her belief in the Sith has been shooken from time to time, not really one for mindless killing. She does at times feel the need to find a better life for herself out side of the Sith Order, but her desire to get back at Drave is what keeps her going with the sith.