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((This is of course, Non-Historical. Inspired by Empire Total War, created by Admiral-Thrawn, I present to you the first chapter of the story of Prussia))

Prologue: "For Prussia do we lay low those whom would oppose her might? For the King do we unleash death unto those whom do not deserve it? A matter of King and Country, but when one is not the other, it is a matter of Service or Duty. O'hell! My sword be the key to victory! O'hell! Would that it were not so! O'god! Now we march into death's embrace! O'Prussia, O'King, we stand as brother's in arm's, against the tide's of your enemies! Fact being that one's enemies, is the other's friend. To whom do I owe fealty, to whom do I turn in this dark avenue? To whom do I pledge my allegiance, my service? Ride on, ride on . . . into death's embrace."

Chapter One; The Battle of Prussia.
"It began innocently enough. A small state well out of the way of the major faction's. We are of the lesser kind. Even our King submit's to those he cannot oppose, nor would he dare to. To avoid issue's with the King of the Holy Roman Empire he had to call himself by a different title. This being King in Prussia rather than King of Prussia. Such a fact may seem trivial, but in truth it is so much more."

Thing's had changed in Europe. India and the New World had become of great import alate, the greater faction's even going so far as to establish major holding's in such place's. There were also places of great wealth, in which many merchant's sailed to for the fortune of a lifetime. The Coast of Brazil, The Ivory Coast, The Strait's of Madagascar . . . each a place of commerce and wealth. Would that our nation could afford a Merchant fleet, now more than ever.

Conflict's were beginning to erupt like a raging volcano, engulfing all of Europe within it's dangerous fluid's. Small ball's of lead flitter through the air harmlessly, only to embed themselves in one's chest a moment later. Cannon's let loose a volley, hissing as they skim the air, smashing into the opposition. Would that our nation could compete, now and truly. But Prussia would not forever remain in obscurity. Though a small nation, with what seemed a small army, Prussia was superior to other's in it's own right. Saxony and Hannover were good target's, allowing for quick expansion without offending any major faculties. Not to mention it would open the way to a much more important target. Rhineland.

However, there was an issue . . . Saxony had recently come under the protection of Poland-Lithuania. This bode's ill for Prussia, as if it cannot expand soon it will be swallowed by the greater masses. A war with Poland was unavoidable at best and it was only a matter of time. If Prussia was to stand a chance, they needed the support of Denmark and Britain, along with the industry of Rhineland. Such a formidable array of utilities would no doubt signal the end of Poland and the Rise of Prussia. Would that thing's were as simple as chess however, as other factor's quickly came into play.

Sweden had recently declared war upon Britain and had noticed that Prussia was shipping valuable good's to her ally. The faction was quick to exploit this, siezing the good's as they were transported across the sea. A retaliation would be futile, as Prussia's "Grand Fleet" at best would consist of a rowboat with a slingshot attatched to the front. Without the much needed aid of Britain, Prussia quickly declined, forcing it to delay an offensive.

Life in Prussia grew harder and harder, as the taxes were raised to compensate for the lack of trade. Rebellion's quickly sprung up, only to be struck down by the small Prussian infantry. It was through these Rebellion's however that Prussia gave birth to a force that was able to play upon the major field's of battle. It was not long after that occurance that war ensued and the Prussian Military was tossed into the fray, against the discplined rank's of Poland . . .

*The Battle of Prussia Minor*
With Berlin upon the horizon and the hardened veteran's of Poland swiftly advancing the only thing left for Prussia was her army. Diplomacy ended only in more violence, only in more bloodshed. Word's were not to be wasted in such a time, as the act would be futile and trivial. Within minute's the drilled Prussian infantry had formed a single line, each regiment three rank's deep. That was when I tasted battle for the first time.

Hell erupted as the Polish infantry commenced firing, unleashing a seemingly endless salvo of lead upon the Prussian line's. I was new to combat in such a way and quickly buckled under the assault. All around me my comrade's dropped, their once merry face's now stark white with mouth's still open in a silent scream. My arm's trembled and my knee's buckled, but I refused to give in. Raising my rifle I aimed toward's the enemy formation. I released the mechanism . . . I savoured the moment when the shot hit home, slamming into the shoulder bone of a nearby Polish infantry-men.

Then my heart dropped as I saw an artillery regiment ignite the fuse's upon their cannon's. I shouted to my nearby comrade's, only to find my voice lost amongst the roar of battle. The world seemed to stop for a single moment, as smoke erupted from the mouth of the cannon. The great cannon-ball smashed into a nearby line, dropping four men instantly and wounded another three. Severed limb's flew everywhere, as blood spattered across my uniform.

Now even more determined, I raised my rifle and released the mechanism, to once again hear the satisfying click. Another enemy dropped, this one wounded. That was for his fallen comrade's. Then it happened. The Polish line's buckled and wavered, their morale near shattered. I looked to my nearest comrade, to find him fixing his bayonet. I followed suit and raised my rifle shoulder high, holding it level with the enemy. With a shout of vengeance, I charged at the enemy. The enemy gave in. Many turned on their heel's to flee, other's dropped their weapon's and begged mercy.

My superior's would have none of it. I was handpicked along with other member's of various brigade's, to accompany a retinue to the tree-line. Upon arrival I found the prisoner's of war being tied to the tree's. My expression hardened, as I was ready to do service to my king, duty to my country. The line quickly took up position, each soldier standing ten feet in front of his target. I ended up facing a young man, in his twenties or there about's. Duty came before pity, as I raised my rifle shoulder high. The Captain raised his sword . . . and brought it down hard. The Prisoner's dropped without any sign of pain.

Many similiar conflict's had erupted in the surrounding area's, the majority resulting in a Prussian victory. During the battle's aftermath I learned that my regiment's captain had been assailed during the fighting. I was appointed to his place, due in part to the lack of any surviving veteran's. This battle was but a short and minor one . . . It had shook me to the core, but I knew in my heart this was my destiny. This was the path of Prussia.

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This is pretty interesting. Would of made interesting history if it was true. good work keep it up. :D

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Very good premise, Thrawn!! I have no corrections as of now, so excellent work:D Post more soon!:D

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"Prussia, o'Prussia. Why does thee push those who wish not to fight into the fray? Brother's in Arm's as fate would have it, all in all trapped in hell on Earth. Would you, o'mighty Prussia, condemn an innocent man to death, a glorious death upon the field of battle, even if one does not wish it to be so? Question's, answer's. Time flies as we march, as does small ball's of lead. Why do people design such foul contraption's, with the soul aim of burying it in a man's chest. Steam erupt's from the mouth of a cannon, a horn sound's the charge of cavalry. These are the time's where in a blur of motion one can lose himself and all he hold's dear, simply by marching to such an end. Can you pull the trigger? Can you condemn another to leave this world, to leave behind all he love's? Life is cruel, unfair. Mother Prussia, god bless our soul's.

Chapter Two; Brother's in Arm's.
"Who could ever predict such a wild and distorted twist of fate? A man simply chucked into a battle, marked not even with a name. 'Number Eight' the Captain call's out as he complete's the roll call. To die as a number, a fate a General would never suffer. To die in battle is to be a part of a list, a list in which your name is forgotten."

Prussia and Poland were now locked in a state of war. West Prussia had been taken by the battalion's of Konisberg and Saxony had broken it's Protectorate treaty with Poland. Courland had surrendered a fort nearby it's Southern border, giving the men of Prussia one less front to do battle on.

Hannover has signed a rite of passage with Prussia, allowing them to lay siege to the city of Rhineland. Westphalia had long been a bane to the state of Prussia, but now it was going to become a gem. A gem which would be mistaken as Prussian in origin, not that it much mattered. Bavaria had also stayed out of the war, Poland not objecting as to do so would mean war with Austria.

The Austrian emperor allowed such a war, so that Poland could be his and his alone. He also desired Prussia's fall, for long had the state been an insult to Austrian pride. Britain had sided with Prussia, though the real reason for such an action was so that they could lay claim to Rhineland later, giving them a position to spearhead France from.

Russia decided to complicate thing's, tossing their lot in with Poland. This in turn caused the Ottoman's to involve themselves, giving Prussia another ally to fight alongside. The much needed supplies from Britain increased Prussia's ability to wage war, allowing them to in turn finish off Westphalia. The United Province's had also gotten involved, funding a Prussian expedition to the new world. In turn a new colony was established, none to far from Georgia. The native Cherokee's objected, but were in turn subjegated.

The Maratha Confederacy withdrew trade right's to Russia, forcing them out of the war at an early stage. This in turn caused the Ottoman's to look elsewhere, as the enemy could now focus upon area's where they could not. Soon it was simply Prussia, Poland and Great Britain. The French with-held their forces, the ever looming threat of an English invasion stilling their blade's.

*The Siege of Fort Tarin*
Fort Tarin had long held back the advance of Prussia into Poland Major. It's garrison held more than enough men to halt an offensive into the west of Poland, making it a key target in this war. Luckily our boy's still had some Ottoman Cannon, shipped in just last month or so. These promptly named 'Great Bombards' would make breaching the Fort a problem of the past, bringing huge velocity to bear against the stone structure. It was about midnight when the signal was given and a large force moved under the cover of night. We planned to raid the compound from the east, drawing a part of their force away from the western wall's. Whilst our Ranger's threw their grapple's at the huge wall, our main force advanced, hidden by long grass and tree's. The first gunshot sounded and our surge forward begun. The sound of the cannon's erupting deafened us, as we charged the large structure. I struggled to maintain order in my paticular regiment, trying to keep the rank's together.

A chunk of the wall collapsed, forcing the Polish to move a large force to block it with their bodies. Their rank's seperated moment's later, to reveal the legendary Winged Hussar's. These huge cavalier's charged, striking awe and fear into our rank's. The Captain's barked order's, cursing and shouting at their soldier's. The men quickly reformed rank's, not wanting to be the only man against a battalion of the cavalry. A stout line of bayonet's thwarted the charge, sending many of the enemy to their death's. We suffered grave casualties too, as the weight of a horse and man coupled with the velocity of the charge, would easily crush anyone. Our men shot into the breach, the enemy still gobsmacked that our soldier's managed to defeat the Winged Hussar's.

Meanwhilst the Ranger's had retreated, a volley of gunfire ensuring their escape into the long grass. The enemy turned to combat our main advance, only to be shot moment's later by the now advancing Ranger's. The feigned retreat worked it's magic, the enemy unsure as to the excact direction to advance. The enemy morale shattered, all of the soldier's fleeing into the central structure. The Ottoman Cannon was brought up, sending periodic blast's into the building and out the other side. My battalion was ordered into one of these opening's in paticular. I nodded and ordered my troop to advance, the steady drumming keeping pace with the beating of my heart. The enemy was huddled in corner's, shivering and cuddling themselves, reassuring themselves that they'd be alright. My lad's put the poor soul's out of their misery, lining them up and unleashing a salvo into their head's.

They dropped silently, the only sound a slight thump as they hit the floor. I snapped back to my sense's, realizing all to well the call to retreat. The General had made an error of judgement, as the fuse hissed on the cannon. I ordered my troop's to take cover . . . but my speech was muffled by cannon fire and scream's.