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I've been working on this for months, and it isn't finished yet. Mainly because I'm not exactly sure where i want to go with it. I know it doesn't get to violent, but it does involve Vampires, so it can't be all roses and love.

TARGET 1 - Life Blood

"What you think you know about Vampires is vastly less than what I do. Likely, because I am one. The human conception of Vampires is far more violent and corrupted than the view of them from someone who is one, and has been one longer than most. Humans view Vampires as something to be feared, something to be avoided at all costs. In a way, they should be, just like any other predator that exists on this planet. But sometimes, they have taken it upon themselves to brand my kind sin, and thus to destroy them. What I do, is similar. However, the Vampires in my sights are those who personify the rage, anger, and never-ending will to feed shared by all Vampires, the kind of exuberant behavior that Vampires like myself are tired of. Even as I protect humans, I still understand that they are my lifeline. The very thing that keeps me alive is what kills another. Am I ashamed of this? No. Would I ever think that doing so is wrong? Never."

From the soft blue lights of a room, a woman walks in, wearing only underclothing. She crosses the room, opening a set of metal doors, a set of leather clothing hanging inside. She sides on the leather pants, and the shirt. She takes a pair of boots from the side of the metal wardrobe, slowly sliding her leather bound legs into them. She zips the boots up, making sure the buckles on the sides are tight. She takes a harness meant to hold weapons and straps it below her torso. She picks up two silver colt 1911's, and holsters them in their place. From the same table, she takes a black colt 1911 and slides it into the harness. She puts on a pair of gauntlet-ed, elbow length gloves. Just as she leaves, she grabs a ankle length jacket, and puts it on as she leaves the room.

The woman walks a darkly lit street. Her jacket catches the wind at every turn, making it flow ominously behind her. Her red eyes pierce her sunglasses, with her straight, black and purple hair, small strands of it hanging over her left eye. Her voice echos into the night.

"They.....are......real. And not all of them are true Vampires. Many of them are a waste of tainted blood. Some of them turned, because of humanity's continual lust for immortality. While some take pride in what they are, these Vampires are no more than soulless undead, who have no thoughts about what they are, only what they can do. Many of them treat humans as simple cattle, making them less than they are, namely since many of these Vampires, used to be human"

As she walks she sees several human's walking home. She doesn't make a move toward them. They walk faster as the sight of her, but she takes no offense to it. Too long has she seen this happen, to care anymore.

The voice pierces the night again , along with the woman's insane laughter. "I am Lilith, a Vampire. I hunt Vampires, that fashion themselves gods. I then show them that they are nothing but the dust they came from."

She took notice of a boy, with darker skin than hers. The boy seemed rather lost in within himself. The boy's mind swam with despair, tragedy, and above all, a sense of desperation for something that he alone, could not grasp. The boy's past looked littered with death, pain, and hate. She lit a cigar and watched the boy go into a Church. "Odd", she thought to herself. Just as he went in, she smelled the familiar sent of a Vampire. It was strong, like it had just walked the same route that the boy did. She looked into the windows, blending in with the shadows as she watched.

A teenager walked the streets of what he knew might as well be a living hell. All kidding aside, he was not the violent kid that most thought. He had made mistakes, as everyone does. Yet it is those mistakes that in the eyes of those who matter, he is a failure. He looks about seventeen, but just turned eighteen three months ago. He had spent two years in a juvenile facility for what they called “assisted murder”. Well, only a year. The second year he spent in a mental facility, for reasons he couldn't fathom. He did know that he killed the guy, and wasn’t proud of it, yet, somehow, even if things were bad, he always told himself it could be worse. He told himself that he could be dead. But even so, he still had a fond wish he could get some power over those who had put his name, his face, and most of all, his life, to ruin. He did not care if he had to die to get either his old life back, or a new one, that he could choose his fate for himself.

He chose to find sanctuary in the only place he thought he could, a local Church. He noticed a shadowy figure following him, but he didn't stop to see what it was. He went in, and sat in one of the back pews. It was empty, and dark. It had an odd feeling about, it one he could not place. Just as he went to fall asleep, he heard a voice.

“Come my child, tell me your worries”

Slowly, he made his way to the confession booth, and sat down in the red leather seat. He saw the shadow of the priest, and hoped that at this point, god would be merciful towards him.

“I have sinned father, possibly more than I’d have liked to. It wasn’t something that I wanted, but as many things are, it was something I had no control over.”

“I understand. How do you feel about what you have done?”

“As I said, I wished I hadn’t. I would take it all back and do something different, if I could.”

“What did you do?”

“I shot a man in cold blood. As most think, or as they seem to, I only helped. But even that is enough to send a reputation into dust and ruin.”

He heard the priest leave his booth. Within seconds, he was pulled from his seat in the booth, and slammed in the middle of the isle. The priest had his back to the church doors, hanging over the boy. The man had a odd look about him, as if he suddenly went mad.

That was when he noticed the blood. It stained the floor, the pews, and walls. Bodies lay strewn around, all of them dead. He looked back at the priest.

The man's robes where made of black, smooth leather, the collar having the expected white square. But within this white square was a reverse pentagram which looked like it was etched there in blood. The man wore calf length boots, and what seemed to be leather pants under the robes. The man's skin, nearly pale white, held a continuous blueish tone in the night. Whatever this man could be called now, Malik could think of no words for it. While some others might have the right word or words, he was one of the few that did not.

“Do you know, my child, that the blood of children’s, aside from any committed sins is the most pure of all?” He laughed. “And it is the most sweetest....Like the very fruit that Eve pulled from the forbidden tree....”

The boy backed up, scared. The last thing he ever thought he would meet, a Vampire was one of them.

“Come my child, I shall clam your nerves....” The Vampire said, as he went to bite into the boy's neck.

Just then, the Vampire was shot in the back. He stumbled, and wheeled around to see one of the doors kicked through by a leather boot. The person outside kicked the broken door open, the night storm casting a clap of light on the person. The night sky itself ran red. A gun in the hands of the figure, was smoking.

“****ing waste of life, if you can indeed call it that. You are the kind of **** that makes Vampires like me, look bad."

The Vampire had a look of terror on his face. He clearly knew who this was, and was terrified of it.

“How dare you defile this place?”

“Hah. Me, defile this place? I'm not the vampire posing as a priest.” the figure stepped out of the darkness. It was a woman. Most of her face was hidden in the shadows cast by her hair. Her crimson red eyes outshone the dim lights of the room. As she spoke, it was clear to the boy that she wasn't lying about being a Vampire. He could also see her fangs as she spoke. Her long jacket flowed in the wind, and a eerie fog filled the floor. Every one of the woman's steps seemed to chill the priest to the bone, many times over. "And i must say, for what you pretend to be, your outfit is horrible, even if you could still fit rather nicely in to almost any satanic cult. Shame, is lost to you, i think. "

Malik could tell that he was in something that he didn't fully understand. Even if there were certain parts that he did, so many others eluded him. His next thought was to get out of the Church. However, his fear kept him from moving. Even though he was human, he could feel that his life wouldn't be as long as he'd hoped. He was cold, almost freezing.

“What are you here for?” The Vampire yelled, angrily.

“I am here to silence a Vampire who tarnishes the name. Unfortunately, that is you.” She raised her gun, aligning it with its head.

Before she could fire, he grabbed the boy, and held him in front of him, as a shield. He knew she wouldn’t fire now.

“Try shooting me now, Lilith. You won’t kill an innocent just to kill me!”

"Of course i won't. But then again, being a Vampire myself, like you i don't have much care for human life."

The Vampire laughed. "If that is the case, then why do you hunt Vampires? Surely a self-respecting Vampire like yourself shouldn't be fond of being in the business of killing your own kind!"

"You could call it a matter of self preservation. I would rather see the name 'Vampire' as something more than monsters, and in turn equated with other things that have no desires but selfish ones."

Keeping his hold around the boy, the priest looked straight at Lilith. "So then, I think you won't mind if I off this boy here"

Malik knew it was coming. Even if he wasn't part of this conversation, he was part of the situation. His life hung in the hands of a Vampire, one that he knew was going to kill him. But he knew that there was no point in fighting back. He had nothing to live for, anyway. Should he live past this night, would it really matter?

The Vampire plunged his hand through Malik's chest, forcing blood to spill out of Malik's mouth. The priest licked at his hands, and dropped the boy to the floor. He then turned to Lilith, again.

"So, what will it be now? I mean, now that I am not a threat to this human anymore, surely you don't need to kill me now?"

She smirked, then raised her gun again. "You can say that now. But if I would let you go, I would just be hunting your blood-lusting ass again soon. I'd rather just kill you now." She pulled the trigger, the bullet discharging from the barrel, hitting the priest in the head. He violently shook, before burning to ashes.

Holstering her gun, she turned to leave. The boy weakly said "Please...help....me." This stopped her dead in her tracks. The memory of Helena flashed through her mind.

"Should I really do it again? Should i really damn another soul to my fate?" She thought, but knowing the boy didn't have long, she knelt next to him.

"Do you wish to live? To walk the night as I do? I can understand if you don't, but it is your only choice if you wish to live. I offer you life, eternal life. I will show you what a true Vampire is, and to hunt the selfish Vampires who act as animals."

He looked her in the eyes, tears flowing freely. Rather than speaking, he shook his head up and down. Biting into his neck, she felt him calm slightly. She took a knife from her jacket, then pulled her right glove off. She cut her wrist, and offered it to the boy. "Drink, and you shall live."

She felt him bite into her flesh, and knew he was drinking her blood. When he let go, she saw him shaking on the floor, knowing what was happening. His muscles flexed, his spine curled, and his eyes bled red. She hefted him up, and carried him out of the church. Walking off into the darkness, she only hoped that she could protect this boy better than she had with Helena.

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Seriously I am completely hooked
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