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knight 12167
03-12-2009, 02:37 AM
Here is a quick story about Darth Bandon.I hope you enjoy it, review it if possible or just comment about it:xp:


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“You are a weak fool, Bandon!”

Lighting snaked out of Malak’s gloved hand. The deadly electricity coursed through Bandon’s body which was laying a head a couple of meters away from Malak. Bandon knew that if this lasted much longer his heart would sizzle and he would go through the most painful death imaginable. He also knew that all he had to do to survive was to lift his blood red light saber to block the horrible stream of crackling power. He simply did not have the strength to stop muscles spasaming so he could lift his left hand.

Although Bandon had got through the regular Sith training with flying colors on Korriban nothing could prepare him for Malak’s rigourous, painful and unorthodox training.

Bandon had been with Malak for only three weeks and already he had had enough. Constantly laughed at and attacked at the most unexpected of moments by his master or as many knew him as the “Dark Lord Of the Sith”.

This hardship was of course was exactly what Malak wanted. He would squeeze and squeeze until Bandon finally reached his full potential or… the other more unpleasant fate

This supposedly taught Bandon to be constantly wary of attack and be able to shrug off excruciating pain at a nanoseconds notice.

For the rest of his life Bandon would remember this day. It was when he learned his final lesson.

“A Jedi Youngling could beat you!” s******ed Malak in a taunting voice.

“Noooooooooooooo!!!!!” “Die!!!!!!!”

Bandon’s cry was amplified thousands of times by the dark side’s vast power.

Malak concentration slipped for a fraction of a second which Bandon used to his advantage. He swung his light saber until it hit the stream of electricity which therefore blocked the horrible storm of death.

All that however happened in about .7 of a second. The sound wave hit the glass that protected all on the bridge of the Leviathan from cold endless space. The glass shattered magnificently. The effects where immediate. Most of the low level technicians and common golden soldiers where swept out into a cold oblivion. Bandon felt the slightest twitch of sympathy for all the souls that where beginning to be to run out of oxygen.

Guilt was the last proper emotion he ever felt

The Leviathan’s life support systems kicked in and blast doors rolled across the enormous holes in the bridge. Bandon was suddenly distracted. Before the life support had kicked in he had seen the face of a beautiful young blonde woman in technician uniform floating with lifeless eyes in the oblivion of space. She had died because of him.

Malak gave no time for Bandon to recover. He seemed to sense his discomfort, taunting an endless stream of words.

“You are a pathetic fool,”

“You’re a Gizka on steroids,”

“I should have chosen another student at Koriban!”

“Ewok idiot!”

After taunting Bandon for as much as possible Malak turned off his saber.

“You are weak… Boy. I should kill you now”

Malak activated his saber twirling it infuriatingly.

Bandon knew that this would be his last stand. Suddenly the door hissed open and several people entered the bridge. They had the robes of …Jedi!

The leader of the group who was a human spoke.

“Under the name of the Galactic Senate you are under arrest…Malak!”

Quickly the group all drew lightsabers. Bandon counted twelve Jedi.

He attacked quickly shearing through the Jedi with his blood red blade. Finally he was showing no sympathy of his opponents. Soon all the Jedi were dead and Malak was thinking that his apprentice had passed his test he had set up.

Bandon or David Sunspitter to some was truly lost.
Darth Bandon was quietly dying under the heat of two G-class suns of Tattoine. Fitting that it would end here. He was slowly being seduced by a saber cut to his chest. As he died he remembered how he had broken his oath.

He remembered how he had escaped the horrible clutches of Corium the Hutt. He could not bring his mother as he escaped because of the wounds she received when whipped by the slave-master. He had a friend in the slave camp. Her name was Selena. They escaped the Hutt’s grasp for only one of them to make it to the Korriban. In his frustration, after trudging through the vast desert, he struck out at his friend causing her to collapse under the heat of the suns of the Dune Sea.
He had promised to learn how to fight and free his mother to regain what little soul he had left but when he stowed away to Korriban and learnt of his true potential he was consumed by the dark side.

As he lay there dying next to the corpse of the great Krayt Dragon he knew that the dark side that had consumed him was truly evil. He wished with all his heart that Revan, who had dealt his killing blow would defeat the Sith and save the galaxy.

So as he died for the last seconds of his life… he was a hero, a true hero. Somone that had the strength to see the error of his ways and eventually redeem himself.

The End

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Bee Hoon
03-22-2009, 06:47 AM
knight12167, please create a separate thread for the finished story and post the link to the working thread in it, as I will then move it to the archives (and people who read it there can find the original thread to comment in). PM me if you have any questions :)

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