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Kado Sunrider
03-14-2009, 06:12 PM
This was inspired by CommanderQ's The Company Fic, and is the story of one clones survival of the Clone Wars. Hope you enjoy!

Tipoca City, Kamino
0300 Hours
22 BBY

The bright lights of KA-113's quarters blazed on. 3 AM standard time. Time to wake up. The clone stood and stretched, mumbling a quick 'morning' to the man who was doing the exact same stretches as he was.

The two men we're identical in almost every physical sense of the word. The only difference between two clones was the haircut, and even those didn't vary all that much. It was in their personalities that shaped who they were, and even though they all came from the same place and had the same base traits, they managed to develop their own personalities.

"KA-113, are you coming?"

RL-134 was standing by the door, having finished his stretches, waiting for his compatriot to join him. Rotating his upper body to finish his stretches, KA-113 walked out the door, closely followed by RL-134. All around them, other doors we're opening, and more identical pairs of men entered the sheltered overhang that protected them from the endless driving rains of the planet. Any casual observer would think they had managed to chew just a little too much spice, but the truth was, they we're looking at the future of the Republic armed forces. And today, they would be graduating. No longer would they be recruits, fresh out of the incubator capsule, but shinies, unburdened by the long road of war to come. 5 days ago, a Jedi had come to check on the progress of the troops and was immensely pleased, or at least, thats the word that the Kominoans spread throughout the ranks.

As the pair approached the door to the mess hall, an unusual amount of chatter was permeating the air. In fact, it sounded much like the buzzing of the Kurevis Wasps of Kessida. When they entered the hall, all heads we're turned to the large holoreceiver in the middle of the hall, which was displaying a 360 degree view of the Supreme Chancellors podium.

"... I love Democracy, I love the Republic. This power you have given me I WILL lay down when this crisis has abated!"

A loud corrus of cheering erupted like a wave from the mass of seated men. A clone thumped KA-113 on the back as he passed and said,

"Did you hear, sir? We're going to get some action after all!"

KA-113 stared at the back of the mans head as he sat down and was thumped on the back multiple times before managing to set down his tray and start eating. Shaking his head to himself, KA-113 went to grab some grub from the line, then report to the staging area for the last time.

The staging area was filled with endless battalions of soldiers all standing at attention. A horn sounded and another group of soldiers marched into one of the myriad of side chambers dispersing armor to the troops.

At last, after an hour of waiting, the bell sounded and KA-113 marched with the rest of his battalion in to collect their gear. KA-113 was one of the few clones from his batch to be made an officer. Along with the standard combat training that all clones received, he was given leadership and advanced strategy training that gave his troops an added boost on the battlefield.

As the leader of Talon Division, it was his duty to lead and direct his troops into battle with confidence and respect in their abilities. He donned his armor and looked down at his standard Phase I helmet which was sitting on the table, gleaming white and reflecting the light in an attractive way. He knew it wouldn't stay that way for long.

03-15-2009, 06:23 PM
Well done, Kado, this seems very promising. I found a few thing worth mentioning, though.

KA-113 stared at the back of the mans head as he sat down and was thumped on the back multiple times before managing to set down his tray and start eating. Shaking his head to himself, KA-113 went to grab some grub from the line, then report to the staging area for the last time.

^Here you are first implying that KA-113 has food already as he is being thumped. But you then put a sentence where he has no food, but heads to get some.

This is a general mistake, no biggie.

Also, I wanted to point out that maybe the clones should have nicknames? Just like in most of the clone wars fics around here. Unless you want yours to be different, that is.

All around the good job. I'm looking forward to more.

Kado Sunrider
03-15-2009, 07:57 PM
thanks for the reply LotF!

First, for your thing with that sentence, I see where you're coming from. What I meant to imply was that the clone who thumped KA-113 on the back had the tray of food and got thumped on the back himself as he sat down. ya dig?

Also, I appreciate the suggestion, and that will be a part of the story development, when the clones receive their nicknames but it won't be till after Geonosis. I believe according to lore, that the clones didn't receive nicknames until later in the war when they were treated more like men than droids, unlike the beginning of the war. Trust me, sometime in the next few chapters, you'll get the names. In fact, I'm looking forward to the naming process as well, because I REALLY dislike having to type KA-113 every time I need to talk about the main character. lol

But its a necessary evil. I'll get there though.

03-17-2009, 10:19 AM
Oh, now I see it after rereading the sentence. Sounds like a good plot.

Kado Sunrider
03-17-2009, 06:49 PM
thank you sir. :)

New chapter coming out shortly.

03-19-2009, 03:34 PM

Kado Sunrider
03-19-2009, 09:27 PM
1200 Hours
22 BBY

A group of twelve clones, decked in there shiny white armor stood inside the dark confines of the drop bay of the LAAT/i gunship that would be bringing them to their destination. Talon Division would be securing the arena, and rescuing the few jedi who were dug in there. A warning bell began to sound and the troops began their pre-combat checks. Helmets were pounded to clear static, weapons checked, grenades latched firmly in place. The far away rumble of the massive Acclimator class starship could be heard, straining to resist gravity and stop the ship from plummeting to earth. A horn sounded and as one, the myriad of LAAT's took off at the same time, streaming out of the hangar in a bizarre stampede. Once the small craft had reached a lower altitude, the side drop doors opened and allowed the bright red sunlight reach the helmets of the troops. As far as the eye could see, red-orange rock dominated the landscape, with odd spires jutting up here and there. Even from here, almost 200 feet above the combat zone, the sounds of battle could be heard ululating up out of the crater-like arena. The gunners on either side of the ship began to fire their beam weapons, incinerating large amounts of droids with each pass.

Their ship set down, and the clones disembarked from the vehicle, spraying fire into the unprepared droids. Before they could mount a resistance, KA-113 and his troops eliminated the nearest group of droids. The whooping cheers of his troops brought an unexpected grin to his face. If this is how the war is going to be, it'll be over by the end of the year! He thought to himself as he continued to blast away at the droids. Their numbers were beginning to thin, with extremely limited casualties on the Republic side, and none at all in KA-113's Division. Two Jedi, who KA-113 recognized as Masters Plo Koon and Ki-Adi-Mundi, approached the group from the survivors circle. The two jedi pointed towards their shuttle and KA-113 nodded in recognition. He and rest of his division backed slowly towards there craft and boarded, along with the two jedi. At this point, only a few droids remained active on the floor of the arena, and those few were soon scrapped. Rising into the red sunshine, the troop transport sped away to the rendezvous point for the large scale battle taking place on the larger plains. The transport alighted near the command center and the two jedi disembarked, quickly followed by the clone troopers. One of the senior officers directed the two jedi to their battle groups and they departed at a brisk pace. The clone officers armor, streaked with red, indicated that he was a commander.

"KA-113?" he said as he turned to look at him.

He responded with a brisk nod and a salute.

"Your orders are to take out the largest AA towers in this sector." the clone said as they walked to a holodisplay table as an image of one of the large spires that was bristling with AA guns grew into existence before their eyes. The clone hit play and a miniature model of an LAAT gunship flew onto the screen from the above the spire where lines were lowered and representations of clone troops slid down to the spire below.

"Your objectives are to remove all enemy resistance, clearing the way for an airstrike on the western half of the spire."

At this point, two more LAAT's swooped in and destroyed the AA guns. The projection shut down and the command trooper looked back into the helmet of KA-113.

"Your only remaining objective is to hold position until our troops get to your position, which will be after we've won the battle."

He could see the concealed grin on the other troopers face. Snapping a quick salute, he jogged back towards his division, lounging around near their gunship. As he ran up, the men jumped up and stood at attention.

"Alright boys. We've got a tag-and-bag op from command. The largest of the AA guns is harassing our cruisers, and we can't let them take down one of those ships, so its our job to bring them down. Minimal damage to all guns, precision fire on bogies only. We'll plant a signal beacon, calling in an airstrike on the western guns. After that, we just have to hold the place down until our brothers arrive."

A few groans came from the group and one man even whipped up the courage to ask the question that had been on KA-113's mind earlier.

"But Captain, if we're over there, we're going to miss all the action."

A few of the older clones chuckled and one of them, which KA-113 quickly recognized as RL-134, his bunkmate from Kamino, replied,

"Kid, you shouldn't be complaining. One less time for you to slip up and get yourself, or all of us, killed."

"Alright boys, mount up. Time to move out. Command wants those guns out ASAP, and we're going to give them what they asked for."

The time for conversation was over, now it was time for some real action.