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10-11-2001, 07:05 PM
-How many Senators will there be?
-How many senators can you vote for?
-How will the elections be?
-What will be the specific functions of senators?

10-11-2001, 07:18 PM
The Senate is really not the site's project.. it's a project spear headed by the forums... but we'll fully support it and sponsor it.

1) I imagine there will be between 15-20 senators .. which is a realistic number for the large number of registered members.. which is bound to leap substantially since the game isn't even released yet. It should be enough to ensure a broad "cross section" of the community... not just made up of those who have been here the longest or those who are a close knit group of friends.. etc... everyone is encouraged to run.

2) Anyone should be encouraged to run.. even if you just joined today... just because you just joined doesn't mean you can't participate and be involved.

3) The senate will likely sponsor tournaments and we'll listen to the ideas the senate passes on to us.. on how to improve and run the site... and I imagine that will work with members sponsoring and idea and then having the senate vote on it for submission.

4) We'll work out a way to vote for people when the time draws near.

5) I'm also sure we can give the senate some space on our server and even give the senate a sub-domain.. such as senate.galacticbattles.com ...

6) Re-elections should happen perhaps every few months to keep those involved on their toes.. and involved.. perhaps quarterly.

Again, we'll support the Senate and give it some actual power and teeth to make it worth the efforts of its members. Should be a great process to watch unfold.

Tie Guy
10-11-2001, 07:23 PM
Thanks, i was beginng to get curious about those things myslef.

Just to add one thing, i don't think that the elections will be head on, but each put on a different poll and the person tries to accumulate enough votes to gain the seat. Its not going to be like a normal election, at least, not at last check.