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The Betrayer
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The War of the New Age

14,000 BBY. Nal Hutta. Glorious Jewel in Huttese. It's a world filled with bogs, marshlands, insects and spiders and more Hutts than you can throw a stick at. It makes one wonder why Krad Od'Vakar, who is completely human thank-you-very-much resides there. Interestingly enough, Mr. Od'Vakar is a crime lord. Not just a crime lord, mind you, but THE crime lord of Nal Hutta. This is not common knowledge, but Mr. Od'Vakar controls the whole Hutt Cartel. All the wars between them? That's what happens when Mr. Od'Vakar is bored. The point is, he has a monopoly over everything in Nal Hutta. Prostitution, Death stick dealing, Murder, slavery, you name it. Now what happens when Mr. Od'Vakar starts to get a little ambitious? Then the whole universe will be plunged into war. A war not only of foot soldiers, tanks and spaceships, but also of intimidation, assassination and a lot more. Enter the War of the New Age.

Hutts in the Cartel (in order of power in the Cartel, businesses and characteristics listed after):
Rukka - gambling and arms dealing - the weakest but the smartest of all the Hutts. He is the most technology-savvy among the Hutts.
Strabba - slavery and spice dealing - the most deceptive of all the Hutts. He often tricks the other Hutts (though with little success to Rukka) to accepting business propositions that mostly benefit him.
Tarchia - slavery and arms dealing - the dumbest of the Hutt Cartel. He only has great power because of his large military, which he inherited after he ordered the assassination of his father.
Chuskret - gambling and slavery - The power grabber. He often starts wars outside Nal Hutta to expand his territory
Neves - Arms dealing and slavery - The strongest among the Hutts. He has destroyed a lot of the Hutts who tried to get in his way, so everybody is smart enough to get out of his way.

Jarca Kradar - Rukka's right hand man.
Krad Od'Vakar - Leader of the Hutt Revolution
Trachya - Supreme Chancellor of the Republic

5 Days before the Hutt Revolution
Rukka's Palace
Jarca Kradar
I am Jarca Kradar. I'm the Chief of Rukka's (that's one of the Hutts who have dominion over Nal Hutta) elite corps and his personal advisor. I walked into his palace one day. I notice something different. Yes, something is in the air.
"Ah. Jarca, good to see you. Call the guards. We have an urgent meeting", Rukka said in Huttese. Rukka is actually fluent in Basic, but being Huttese, he rarely speaks it. He has insisted on me learning Huttese.
"You? You mean the Cartel?" I asked, also in Huttese.
"I know your questions mean well, Jarca, but you are not paid to ask. You are paid to do, are you not?" I sighed. Rukka was whining again. There has to be problems in the Cartel. I went outside to call Rukka's elite corps.

5 Days before the Hutt Revolution
Hutt Cartel Main office
Krad Od'Vakar
"You might be wondering why there is a meeting today and who I am." I exclaimed to the 5 Hutts, all with bodyguards, standing (if you'd call what those Hutts do standing) and looking at me curiously.
"I'm sure that Mr. Neves here knows me." The Hutts all drawed their attention to the fattest among them. A big blue hunk of slime.
"Ehem. Anyway, my dear Hutt friends, I am Krad Od'Vakar. You might not know it, but I control each and every one of you. All of your people. All of the people in Nal Hutta. You see, only you, and your advisors are not under my control. I did that to give you an illusion of control of course." The Hutts stared at me. They were obviously puzzled. I gave them a moment to let all the information sink in. One decided to break the silence.
"This is nonsense! How dare you call the great Tarchia here to hear this babble." The Twi'lek advisor of Tarchia shouted. Tarchia was about to agree until another Hutt shouted.
"You must remember that I called you to this meeting and I will have you respect our guest, Pratu Ladkin! I have had enough of your ramblings!" Neves, who was obviously the strongest and most authoritative of the Hutts yelled. Pratu Ladkin was silenced. I took this cue to resume speaking.
"Uh..you,you and you." I pointed at the guards of Tarchia.
"Would you mind shooting this insolent fool? Thank you." I then pointed to Pratu Ladkin, Tarchia's guard.
"Hahaha. That's ridiculous, the great Tarchia's men would neve-"
He never had the opportunity to utter the next word. The next thing he knew, three blaster rifles were shooting at him in the head, in rapid fire. One of the hits narrowly missed Tarchia. The Hutts, except for Neves of course, were dumbstruck.
"My Hutt friends, I have a business proposition for you."

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