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[A sort of prequel to Rise of Darkness. As you would expect, it will cover Renae's training, and her exploits in the Wars, and her "fall" into the Dark Side.]

Before the Mandalorian Wars, the galaxy had yet to experience the horror of war that the Mandalore Wars brought. But it had seen the Sith, and that was enough for most. The Sith, a group with ideals that oppose the Jedi, wish to take power for the sake of power. To have it as long as possible. While the Mandalorians take pride in War, the Sith take pride in power. For a Sith, power is the goal. All else is nothing but a stepping stone to power.

Years before the Mandalorian Wars, the Republic integrated few worlds into its fold, the most notable of these being Chromion V. The populace of the planet were human-like, but had several traits that differed from humans. Most of these centered around their skin and eye colors. The species soon became known for its force sensitivity, many taken for Jedi training. What wasn't known, is that this species had a similar trait to the Cathar, in that they have a temper, and one that is not so easily settled. Most of this species who became Jedi never discovered this, but the one who did, made a mark in both the Mandalorian War, and the Jedi Civil War, becoming known as the first Revanchist.

Chapter I - Her Discovery

The Jedi known as Jenni Rozzes was sent on a mission to secure Chromion V's relation's with the Republic. Because of the planets resources, the chancellor hoped that the Magister of the planet would accept the Republic's offer to join it. While Jenni thought it was possible that the Magister would decline, she hoped to let him know that the Republic is not after any more than the use of the planets resources, or so the Chancellor put it. She actually had thought that the planet wouldn't join the Republic, even after its discovery.

As she walked down the loading ramp of her ship, she was greeted by what she assumed to be the Magister's guards.

"Ah. You are Jedi Master Rozzes, are you not?"

"Yes. I am pleased to meet you. Where is the Magister?"

The darkly dressed man who spoke before wore clothing that looked remincent of Sith robes, but had silvery designs all over it. It looked actually like a darker version of the clothing that she had seen the Chancellor wear. He had bright red hair, cut evenly. His fingernails were pure black, and his skin almost pure white.

"He has requested that you meet him at his estate." The man paused. "While we understand that you are here for negotiation's only, the Magister has asked that I take possession of your lightsaber, until your meeting with him is over."

She thought it an odd request, but nonetheless, she took it from her belt and gave it to the man.

"Thank you. You may call me Dante"

As she entered the transport, she could feel every single being on the planet. Almost all of them had a notion of the force, even if they didn't know how to use it. Long since the completion of her training had she learned the power of Force Sight, but this was the first time that she had used it on such a force sensitive world. When the transport stopped, she was lost in thought. It was only when Dante tapped her on the shoulder that reality hit her in the face like a wave.

Walking thought the halls of the Magister's estate, she marveled at the style of almost everything. The walls were pure silver durasteel, with red lit spec-light trim. Even though she preferred the stylings of the Jedi Temple, the Magister's taste was becoming her own.

When she and Dante entered the Magister's chambers, she was surprised to see a young girl, just about the age she was when she first started her Jedi training, sitting in a chair next to the Magister. The second the Magister saw her, he stood, and she got a true look of what the man looked like. He had pure white skin, silvery eyes that shined in the light, and midnight black hair. He wore a open long jacket that looked like her own Jedi robes, but only his was made from what looked like Drexl leather.

"Ah, the Jedi arrives. Please sit." He said, gesturing her to sit opposite him. She sat, and he did the same. "I would like you to know that I accept your Republic's offer, and that i will join the Republic. But I do have questions, ones that i do hope you can answer."

"Of course. I will answer them the best i can." She said, almost to willing.

"The Republic wishes to have a presence on Chromion V, doesn't it? Exactly what sort of presence?"

She straightened herself. She wasn't told much of the Republic's Military operations, but she was told that Chromion V wasn't a Military or Navy concern. "The Republic only wishes to have trade routes and such, and the allowance of Republic citizen's to visit worlds within the Republic's domain."

"Ah. Then there we have no problems. But the other matter is slightly more personal. You know that my species has a affinity with the force, many of them leaving the planet to become Jedi. That i do not mind. But my daughter, is one such that has force sensitivity, as I can likely say with some certainty you can feel already. Politics on this world isn't like it is in the Republic. Here it is only males of my species that engage in politics, not females. I know that she, being my offspring, has the option to rule the planet following my death, but I would rather she become something greater."

Jenni was following the Magister's request, but still, she had to say it, just to make sure. "Your asking me to train your daughter as a jedi?"

"Would it be a problem?"

Jenni knew it wouldn't. In fact, she had been asked time and time again by other Jedi as to when she would take and apprentice. It seemed that the one for her was the daughter of this Magister. Even as she wanted to decline, she would rather not.

"No, of course not. Being a Jedi Master, i have the ability to train others in the ways of the force."

It was then that the daughter stood. Jenni did as well. The girl had the same silvery eyes as her father, but her skin had more color to it, and her only hair was near the back of her head, in a pony-tail.

"So you agree to train me?"


A while later, as Jenni found herself back in the cockpit of her ship, she felt the girl's untapped power, almost pouring off her like water. It was thrilling. Exactly what the Council will say about her appointment, she didn't know. But somehow, no matter what they say, she felt that she made the right choice.

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Chapter II - Her Training

"The Force, is a energy of sorts, that when you are in tune with it, allows you to do almost anything. While many uses of the Force are things that can be taught, there are certain things that some Jedi can train for endlessly, and never truly get it. While some Jedi have different views on the Force, I am merely telling you how I see it." Jenni said, as she and Renae sat cross-legged, facing each other. As they spoke, they kept their gaze on each others eyes.

"So the you can do almost anything with the Force? Like what?"

Jenni turned to a holo-book sitting on a nearby table. Keeping her gaze on it, it flew up off the surface of the table, and slowly floated over to Jenni's waiting hand. The book then flew out of her hand, and landed on the table.

"Many Jedi also have the view that the Force is only to be used for dire situations. If my old master saw me do that, he would have yelled. Never liked me doing it." She looked at Renae. "You want to try it?"

"How do I do it?"

"Simple. Focus on it. Know what it is, and know where you want it."

Renae raised her hand. The book shook, and flew into Renae's hand. She then unclenched her grip, and watched the book fly back onto the table. "Does the weight of an object matter?"

"It only does if you think it matters. If you don't think it matters, you could lift a Republic cruiser with the Force, and throw it where ever you wanted it."

For the most part, Renae's training went smoothly. Jenni did notice that she was a quick learner, mostly never needed further instruction beyond the basics. When it came to lightsaber combat, it only took Renae a few months to learn the style her master used, and only two months to perfect the style, allowing her to beat Jenni in their sparring matches. After, Renae sought instruction from other Jedi to learn a variety of styles, going on Jenni's advice that knowing more than one would help her in a fight.

Renae was like all the other Jedi that followed the Jedi code, but also like those who found it to be a bit incomplete. Renae didn't speak her concerns of this, thinking that wouldn't be a good endeavor to change how the Jedi act. She did think that the Force was something to be used, a view that other Jedi had, but not something that anyone ever said in front of the Council. It bugged her that the Council never considered some ideas, calling them "too radical for Jedi". Again, she kept these concerns to herself.

On most of the missions that they went on, Renae's goal was what she was ordered to do, nothing else. Even if she had to use somewhat unusual tactics to achieve her set goal, she was determined to attain her goal, no matter what. Being open-minded about it, Jenni simply went along with it, since most of the time, Renae's plan didn't involve any sort of deceitful act.

Nine years after she arrived at the Jedi Temple, she gained the rank of Jedi Knight. She knew that this was rank that allowed her to chose an apprentice, but she chose not to. Jenni never pushed her into it, but only remarked that Renae would be a fine teacher. Renae couldn't exactly say she wouldn't be, but she felt that in time, she would want an apprentice. When that would be, only time and the Force would tell.

It was after her knighting that she wished to know more of the Force. Like many Jedi before her, most thought that delving into the lore of the Sith meant that a Jedi who does so, is going to become a Sith. Renae admitted to herself that the Sith seemed more in touch with the Force, and there code was more complete than the Jedi code. She noted that the Sith also believe that the Force should not "be with you", but rather serve you. Renae couldn't help but agree with this, as it actually made sense without hours of explanation. After reading about various Sith worlds, she had a wish to visit these worlds some day, if only to learn what she could. Little did she know at that point, soon enough, she would.

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I am loving this story so far.

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Chapter III - Mission To Manaan

Renae sat cross-legged, her mind elsewhere. Since she came to the Academy, she had been feeling something, something that she could not place. It was a darkness that she could not equate with the Sith. Something that didn't have power as a goal. But it was faint, but more and more, every time she went to her room to meditate, it was vastly different. Whatever she did, it did not keep it off her mind for long. What bothered her wasn't the fact that she felt this, but more so that she could not tell what it was. It could be some old Sith, a War, or something that she couldn't event think of. But those things she did think of, worried her. Not only her, but when she mentioned these things to her master, even Jenni seemed worried. Why, Reane wasn't told, but she could feel that her master could feel it, just as she did.

A year after her knighting, she and Jenni were given a mission. They were to go to Manaan, and secure the trade of Kolto between the Selkath and the Republic. While the Republic had a strong feeling that the Selkath would agree to the trade, they wished to secure it for the Republic. For both Renae and Jenni, both of them could sense that this move by the Republic had to be a sort of foresight on the Chancellor's part. Exactly what the Chancellor thought was coming, they both didn't know. But they did know what they were asked to do, and they were going to do it. But being that the Selkath were a rather neutral sort, it seemed to be an easy mission. But then, most missions Jenni and Renae had been on, seemed easy at the start, but mostly ended with a lightsaber in someone's face.

When they arrived, they were both informed by the Selkath "greeter" of Manaan's laws. Reane thought most of them were rather trite, being that they all related to the Selkath's neutral behavior. Taken to the Selkath High Officals, the talk was very quick. Lay out the Republic's wish to trade for Kolto, wait for them to decide, and find out they agree. While this was expected, both Jedi did not expect them to be walking back to their ship within an hour's time after meeting with the High Officials. Somehow, even as simple as this was, and was supposed to be, both Jedi felt that more was going to happen on this planet. What that was, neither of them knew, but Renae kept her hand wavering near her lightsaber.

"Did you think this was going to be this simple Master?"

"I hoped it would, but something doesn't seem right."

After Jenni spoke, they noticed a pair of darkly dressed male's standing by the entrance to the docking bay, which held Jenni's ship. Both of them kept walking, just waiting to be noticed. Some Jedi would sneak up, but these had different ideas.

As they approached them, the two males turned. Drawing lightsabers, they snickered. One of them, pulled down his hood and the mask that covered the lower half of his face. "Tell me Jedi, why do you think you were sent here?"

"How would you know why we sent here?" Jenni said, drawing her rose-red lightsaber.

"Easy. We know why, because soon enough, this galaxy will be split in half. We also know that for the next fifteen years, two wars will break the galaxy. Who will win these wars, I don't know. But i do know that you both will be a part of it. Well, you would have been."

The second he stopped talking, both of the Dark Jedi ran at Renae and Jenni, stopping only when their strikes were blocked. The one who went for Renae seemed to be somewhat off in his attacks. Most of them were sloppy, like he wasn't even trying to actually fight her. Where she was using every single attack move and stylistic motion she knew, this Dark Jedi was only matching her strikes, not caring much if he was stuck by her blade.

This continued until Renae had the Jedi against the opening in the docking bay, his back facing a large fall into the water. She had her blade to his neck. While he still had his lightsaber in the hand that remained, she somehow knew he wasn't going to attack her with it again.

"If you know anything about what is soon to happen, tell me or I will kill you!"

"You know exactly what it is."

"ENOUGH WITH THE CRYPTIC GAME! I want an explanation, not a damned lecture!"

"The war you know about. What you don't, is what you will have to do to win it, and get through it to the second. In time you will accept that the dark side is the path of all those who wish to know the force truly, like the thinking that you have deemed truth. Even if you kill me, here and now, it doesn't matter. The damage is done with my death. Your anger i can feel. Start your true path with my death, I care not. And before you even think of mentioning it, redemption is overdone, and not something that I would ever wish upon someone who knows the truth, like me and you. Take your power from my death and become something that your father wanted for you-"

He was cut off, by Renae slicing off his head. She used the force to push his body into the water. Even now she could feel it. Her training told her to stop. But she didn't. While she knew that the current threat was over, the war still lingered on her mind. As did what the Dark Jedi said about it. What she would have to do to win it, and get through it to the second one. She told herself that when the war would arise, she would want to fight. Anyone that would have the same goal, she would fight beside them. When the war comes, she promised herself to do as her heart told her, even if the Council, or the Republic, say its wrong.

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Chapter VI - The Mandalorian War Begins

Within weeks of Renae and Jenni's return to the Jedi Temple, it seemed that even then things were starting to spiral out of control. Various reports were sent to the capital, from outposts in the outer rim. They claimed attacks on various worlds by "armored soldiers". Subsequent reports stated that these soldiers were Mandalorians, a human-like species. At first, the Chancellor denounced these as minor threats. But most knew that he feared engaging in a war. While the Jedi High Council were asked for their opinion on the chancellor's choice, the Council decided not to comment. A week later, information came that the Mandalorian soldiers weren't please that the Republic was hesitating in fighting them. The Mandalorians would laugh as they took worlds, as they destroyed and conquered them.

It was then that the Republic acted. The Chancellor engaged the entire Republic fleet, and sent out commission orders for all able soldiers to enact their service. While many soldiers thought that the Mandalorians would be push-overs, they soon found out that they didn't fight until the commanders told them to stop. Their commanders never told them to stop, until all opposing soldiers were either dead or dying. They fought, until the death. Because of this, the Republic's ability to fight them, became slimmer and slimmer each them they met the Mandalorian's in battle.

Desperate, the Republic openly asked the Jedi for aid. As some in the Republic senate expected, the Council did not state whether they would aid the Republic or not. They merely asked for time to examine the threat. Not only that, but they forbid any Jedi to join in the war effort. This angered many Jedi, whose only wish was to defend the Republic they had been told for all their life, that they, as Jedi, were sworn to protect.

However, as their always is, one Jedi wished to defy the Council, and aid the Republic anyway, believing, as well as knowing that without the Jedi, the Republic would fall. This Jedi, was Revan. She, as well as her longtime friend Malak issued a call to the Jedi order. Any Jedi who wished it, wished to honor their chosen mandate and protect the Republic from the Mandalorians, would get their chance. The Republic Navy and Military welcomed the support that Revan brought, bringing hope to the soldiers who had lost their faith months ago.

When Revan entered the Temple, she expected, that the Council would be against what she was to tell the Jedi. But nevertheless, they still allowed her wish to speak. The very minute that she walked through the halls of the Temple, wearing the armor that would make her appearance famous, some Jedi refused to hear her, others followed her with great interest.

"Sisters, brothers, fellow Jedi. What i wish to ask of you is a great task, something that may lose you your life. But i do not ask this of you lightly. I ask you to follow me to war, to win this war for the Republic. While i know many of you think that the Council is right, that they have a wisdom higher than all of us, it would appear to me that they aren't fully understanding the situation. While their are things that need to be planned, the one thing that must not be planned in a time of war is when to act. The time to act for you, my fellow Jedi, is now. Any of you that wish to protect the Republic, any of you that wish to bring a new age to the galaxy, will chose me."

A male Jedi stepped up. "Why are you asking the Jedi to go to war? We act as peace-keepers, not soldiers. There is no point in going to war. We don't even know why they are doing this yet."

Revan shook her head. "You don't know, or the Council hasn't told you? The Mandalorians prize honor above all else. They are doing this to gain honor. They are killing our soldiers, and possibly, if they are not defeated soon enough, well, soon enough they will be killing our friends. Or would you prefer it to happen?"

Several Jedi left at this point, walking away, shaking their heads. Revan smiled. "Just as i thought all of you would act. I won't say much, but any tragedy that you have heard that the Mandalorians have committed, it is true."

Renae stood. She walked up to Revan. "I think that what you are saying is very simple. And not only that, i believe it." She turned to the crowd of remaining Jedi. "You say that you serve the Republic, the one the Jedi say that they serve." She shook her head, letting out a shrill laugh. "But all i see, are Jedi not standing up to protect that Republic, but standing down, waiting for the High Council to let you know what the truth is. To admit that Revan and the Republic is right." She turned to Revan. "I however, will leave this Temple today. I will accompany you Revan, to war. I will fight alongside you, proudly."

Revan smiled, and Renae took her place at Revan's side. Turning back to the crowd, Revan smiled. "Any one of you who have it in you to follow in Renae's footsteps, i will show you respect. I would proudly fight alongside you."

After this, Revan, Renae and Malak left the Temple. Renae knew that she made the right choice, the one she told herself time and time again she would have to make. Her goal was not a product of the dark side, but a product of her training. A product, of the want to protect the Republic. To be something, that if she had stayed on her home planet that she couldn't otherwise. To be something that her father could be, above all, proud of.....

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter V - Becoming A General

Like all of those who enter into a War, I soon learned that it changed you, just as the power of the force did. As I learned to fight, to combat the Mandalorians, I felt the 'change' happening, even more than before. While some could call it inhumane, It felt good to end the lives of my enemies. To cut down the Mandalorians as they came at me. Many of the soldiers that fought alongside me, owes their lives to me, all because I was willing to make the move that they felt they shouldn't. They thanked me afterward, every time. I needed no thanks, as it was all orders, all what I knew I was supposed to do.

I also became proficient in many of the same things that Revan was, namely fixing all manner of mechanical devices, fighters, or our ship's on-board systems. One thing I was quick to learn was ship-to-ship combat. Almost like my lightsaber, the control sticks felt natural in my hands. Not to mention the various tricks I devised to lose enemy fighters, or make them fly straight into a asteroid field. Some, but not all of these space campaigns were won because of me. I had my niche in planet-side combat, and helped win every single battle or skirmish i was involved in.

As we won battle after battle, took back planet after planet for the Republic, all of those who were loyal to Revan began realizing what war does to a person. I, like others, was able to use this change for my benefit. But above all, I kept my goal the same - protect the Republic.

It was after the famous Battle of Taris that I was granted the rank of General. While Revan was the one who ended the conflict, she rewarded me with not only the rise in rank, but my own fleet, flagship, and a number of soldiers that were placed under my personal command. I felt even more loyal to her at this point. It was here where I knew it truthfully and could tell myself this truth honestly. If she would walk into an abyss, I would follow with no hesitation, unless she told me to do otherwise.

The next major battle I was involved in was one that made something clear to me. The Mandalorians were breaking. Unlike how they had been at first, where we had just about defeated them, their mistakes became more and more costly for them. They lost countless soldiers, ships and supplies because they didn't expect us to know about their plans. But both me and Revan, as well as all of the people the various fleets knew, that the war would not truly end, until the Mandalorian leader, Mandalore, was killed. Revan told me that this was something that he had learned in the years of the war. That if you kill those who give influence, who inspire, you break their followers. In the case of a war, kill the leaders, and the soldiers become easier to kill, as they aren't as aware without their commanders.

Throughout the whole war, every battle, every fight, every attack, we all knew that it was coming to a close. Namely because of the dwindling locations that the Mandalorians had for resupply, the worlds we took back from them. We nearly chased them into the blackness of the unknown regions. But as Revan expected, Mandalore wanted to go out fighting, not hiding, waiting for death. The only problem is we didn't know where this last, and final effort would be. But then, near the planet of Malachor V, Revan ordered the fleet that I commanded, as well as the one the Exile commanded, to trap the Mandalorians there. We did as told, and I was given specific orders to stay a certain distance away from the planet. Revan's fleet was delayed out system, and soon I began to understand that it was possible for us to lose, here, now, at the end. The battle went poorly at the start. We were almost caught unaware by the Mandalorian fleet. Three ships out of the eight in my fleet were destroyed within the first six hours of the battle. It was then that the General, Lilith, contacted me. Her message consisted of two words. "Brace yourself." I had no idea then what she meant, but I ordered the ship further away from the planet. Just after I turned from giving that order, I was just in time to watch a massive implosion around Malachor V. Ships were sucked into its gravity well, crushed. I felt a terrible pain, just as I had before. Only this time, I felt like my body was changing a chorus of screams into burning pain. I fell to the deck-plates, writhing in this unspeakable pain.

Just as it started, and seemed to last for several lifetimes, it stopped. I stood, and looked back out the bridge view-port. I was treated to the sight of floating debris of destroyed ships, corpses floating in space, and engines dying. While my fleet was unharmed, I felt slightly different. I could no longer feel any of life from near the planet. I could tell Lilith still lived, but something was different.

As Revan arrived, she was pleased to see that we had done as ordered. And as the next dawn arose, it arose on a broken galaxy, screaming for the healing that was to come. Or so it thought. Within the next week, I was asked to accompany Revan. She told me that she wanted to take a large portion of the remaining Republic fleet, to scour the edges of the Galaxy for any surviving Mandalorian fleets. Later, I found out what Revan was really after. Once she found it, it started us on a path that, we knew, we had to take.

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great chapter. I want more.

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Chapter VI - The Lines are Drawn, And Sides Chosen

I was aboard Revan's flagship when she told me of what we were really going to find. An alien relic, one that she knew would greatly assist the next phase of her plans. The Star Forge, a gigantic space station, that was more than that. On my first view of it, I, like the rest of the officers aboard the ship, marveled at the size of it. Once we were able to board the station, those who were strong in the force, found themselves somehow corrupted, more willing to understand the dark-side. Both me and Revan shared this distinction, but we had more control, unlike the others. Malak was the same, but awhile before our return to the Republic, he began showing the same corruption. He tried to edge Revan into using the Forge to its full capacity, to find out everything the station was capable of, not just using it for the creation of massive fleets. Revan refused, not citing a reason for doing so. In Malak's eyes I could see something that I hadn't before. It was something that I made a note of, and wished I had expressed to Revan.

The fact that this station could produce large fleets faster than any known shipyard could, made it a great asset to the new Sith Empire that Revan began building, even before we were to return to Republic space. From the ships produced by the forge, I had a new fleet, and a new outlook on many things. Like Revan, I chose to create my own armored robes, similar to hers, but still of my own designs. It was here that we knew what we now were. Not me, Revan or Malak had any kind of misgivings about it.

When we finally returned to Republic space, we did so with the notion of all Empires. To conquer the galaxy. But unlike those of the past, Revan wanted his Empire to first conquer, then unify the galaxy against a threat that she learned of just after the end of the Mandalorian War. She knew that it could not be done if choices were given, since many worlds were loyal to the Republic, and would not surrender, if merely asked.

The one threat to the whole thing, was the Jedi. Revan's choice to strike at them was what made it the Jedi Civil war, along with the fact that, we too, used to call ourselves Jedi. And the fact that at this point, the line the divided the factions of Jedi and Sith had blurred to the galaxy. Asking any random person lead to the idea that it was only Jedi that existed - but with differing ideals.

One of the first things that Revan sought to do was to repeat an attack on a well-known shipyard, one that produced ships for the Republic. It had been done years before by the Mandalorians, who stole ships from the yard, and then proceeded to attack the Republic with them. Revan nearly did the same, only taking the shipyard for the use of the Sith Empire. A well known admiral, who had previously served in the Republic Navy was the one who gave us the codes, which allowed us to bypass the perimeter sensors. After this, it was farily easy to take the shipyard, as the Sith Military and Navy strength was a significant match for the few Republic soldiers stationed there. After this shipyard was ours, we all knew what was going to happen next. The first in a series of attacks on the Republic. The first target that we attacked, came at the behest of Malak.

Almost like the shipyard takeover, we had the codes that bypassed the sensors. But unlike the shipyard, Telos was to suffer the fate of orbital bombardment. While Revan wasn't the one who gave the order, there were certain admirals that still hated her for allowing Malak to do it. I later learned of a Jedi Academy on Telos, which I knew was the reason Revan didn't stop Malak from completing the attack.

By the time that the bombardment was over, the video feeds that I received for documentation revealed the damage that our ships could cause. The surface of the planet was almost uninhabitable, aside from small sectors, and the atmosphere was reaching the point of becoming toxic to humans, as well as some aliens. While I wasn't directly involved with it, nor felt any remorse, I never thought against it.

What happened next was something that, in a way, I was expecting, but didn't want to see happen. I was stationed above Korriban, my fleet orbiting it. I had just returned from overseeing the excavations in the Valley of the Dark Lords. Entering the bridge, my first lieutenant, told me of a message from Revan. Eager to know what it was about, I ordered her to play the message. I saw a holo of Revan appear, and she took her mask off.

"Renae. What I ask of you now isn't an order, but it is a task that I urge you to accomplish. The loyalty you have shown me since that day you left the Jedi Temple, has been nearly unparalleled by any other. You also know that, while Malak is a strong Sith and a great Military commander, I know that soon he will do what all Sith inevitably do. It is likely that you have seen the times that he has disagreed with me on my use of the Star Forge. Should he betray me like I expect he will, he will understand in time why I chose not to use all the functions of the station. What I wish to ask of you, is to keep loyal to me. Even when the report comes to you that Malak has replaced me as the leader of the Empire I have created, never falter your loyalty. Should I return, I expect that you will know before I."

With that, the holo disappeared. I later received the report that Revan spoke of. It said simply that Revan had died aboard his flagship, after it was boarded by a squad of Jedi and Republic troops. When I read this, it also referenced a number of turbo-lasers that came from an unknown direction. I slammed my fist on the comm terminal. I knew it was Malak that fired those shots.

Weeks later, I was given news that the fleet under Malak's control attacked another planet. This time it was Taris, the same world that I helped save during the Mandalorian Wars, and the battle that gained me my rank. But after that, I felt something. Something that was familiar, but I had no idea what it was. I knew something big was going to happen soon, and when it did, I wanted to be involved.

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter VII - Phoenix

A year after the bombardment of Taris, I heard news that the Sith Embassy on Manaan had been under investigation by the Selkath authorities. While I was tempted to go there and find out why, something told me not to. The other part of the report said that the Supply of Kolto on the planet had been, corrupted. The cause of this was apparently from a secret Republic mining station near the Hrakert Rift. Which, I thought was rather sly on the Republic's part, until I read that the Selkath government was also behind it. Aside from that, it also said that a adult female "Jedi" might have had something to do with it as well. This part intrigued me. Why a Jedi would be involved with such a destructive event, is something that is beyond me.

Once I was able, I contacted the Embassy, trying to get all the info they had on this "Jedi". The reason I was interested was that this Jedi seemed familiar. How so, I could not tell.

"Yes, General? What information do you require?"

The officer was male, and obviously not fond of talking to a superior. "I want any further information about the female Jedi that you have. Her ship, her appearance, anything."

"Ah, the Jedi. Her age isn't known, but she apparently wore dark robes, and carried a purple lightsaber. The ship that the Jedi and her companions used was named the Ebon Hawk, believed to be a former smuggling vessel."

"Ebon Hawk?" Renae had heard that name before. Not only that, she had known it to be used in the Mandalorian War. The ship was apparently stolen, and later ended up in the hands of an Exchange boss on Taris. His name eluded her, but the Jedi must have stolen the ship just before the planet was destroyed. "Officer? Did this Jedi have any droids with her?"

"Droids?" The officer checked his reports. "Yes, two of them. One a Utility droid, the other a Combat droid."

"Do you know the Combat droid's designation?"

"Yes. HK-47".

My legs nearly gave out. That was the droid that I'd helped Revan create, along with creating my own HK model. If this Jedi was indeed Revan, or just a Jedi that had bought the HK unit, I could not be sure. Either way, this Jedi now seemed alot more interesting. "When the Ebon Hawk left the planet, where was it headed?"

"That I do not know. The ship had some sort of on-board tracer lock."

I silenced the video comm. I called for my lieutenant. She timidly entered the bridge, expecting the worst, as always.

"Yes, My lady?"

"I want you to check the Sith data-banks for any mention of this Jedi" I pointed to the display of the Jedi on my terminal "Anything you can find."

Awhile later the officer returned, with the information I wanted. Apparently, the Jedi had been captured by the Leviathan, Malak's flagship. I nearly fell to the floor. The only reason that Malak would do such a thing, is because he believed that Jedi is a threat to him. This told me all of it. I now knew. Revan wasn't dead, as previously thought. I also knew what Revan was doing. Just like before, she was after the Star Maps. Intel also told me that she had previously been to Tattooine, Kashyyyk, and of course Manaan. I didn't need any more information to know where she was going now.

I approached the captain. I had the same evil look in my eyes that I always had when my thoughts centered on Revan.

"Korriban, My lady?"

"Yes captain."

"Might I ask why, mistress?" He asked, knowing both what I was and wasn't going to do.

"Revan is alive. I intend to see that her throne is given back."

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Chapter VIII - Dark Uprising

When I arrived on Korriban, I knew that there would be problems. Exactly how these would start, is the only thing I didn't know. As I found it, many the new students who had recently been accepted had been killed. Only three of them were left, and everyone knew which of the remaining students had killed the other two. I knew that this was Revan, but the last thing I sought to do was telling the headmaster about this. Should Revan be chosen for the final test, I was going to make sure that Uthar or Yuthura didn't complete any plans they may or may not have had for Revan, whether they knew who she was, or not.

Uthar questioned me as to why I was interested in Revan, which I simply told him that I was contemplating taking her for my apprentice, which satisfied his curiosity. If he was to be told who this student was, the information would not come from my mouth. Revan's possibly, but not mine.

I kept away from Revan, making sure that she or none of her companions set their eyes on me. But as I watched her, every second I could see the persona of Revan oozing out. From the conversations she had with other teachers or students in the academy, or the staff. I could see it now, all of what she would soon do. All of what I would make sure that she would acomplish.

"General Kauvo?" A sith officer said to me, after entering my room.

I turned, facing the officer. "I would assume you are here because the student I asked about has been accepted for the final test?"

"Yes my lady. Master Uthar and Yuthura has taken her to the tomb, and I would assume that the test is almost over, given what I have seen of her progress."

Rather than speaking again, I ran for the Valley. While I was sure that Revan could deal with Uthar and Yuthura herself, I'm sure some help couldn't hurt. As I entered, I noticed the damage to the tomb's entry hall, and the three Wraid corpses. Just as I came upon the central hall of the tomb, I heard the converstation unfolding between Revan and Uthar.

"You took a great risk in acquiring the artifact. You used your mind and your power... no peaceful meditation, no pacifism."

I knew he spoke of the Star Map. That, and the Sith Ideal that power goes above that of meaningless thought in the face of an enemy. Useful, but ironic coming from someone who I know gained his power through deception, not raw power. Namely since his old Master still lived, as far as I knew.

"Sometimes you must fight in order to achieve. This gives you your passion, this makes you stronger. This is what makes you superior."

More prattle from the weak. He talks of superiority to someone who will soon kill him, whether he knows it or not.

"That is the lesson we teach with that part of the final test. Do you understand?"

Just after Revan spoke, I entered the room. Both Uthar and Yuthura turned to face me.

"What are you doing here?"

"Easy. I'm here to reveal a truth that both you and Yuthura would surely deny. One that you both can't accept. One that the "student" over there, has already accepted."

Uthar spoke first. "What do you mean?"

I pointed at Revan. "ASK HER. She will tell you a truth that the entire academy has been branding lies. Namely, that she is someone that...." I gestured to the four of us."...we all know, but only two of us in this tomb are willing to fully accept."

Both of the two Sith master's turned to Revan. Yuthura spoke this time. "What is this, truth?"

"I am as I once was, and forever shall be. The very reason the both of you are on this planet, the very reason the Mandalorians were defeated. I am, Darth Revan."

Once again, with that declaration, she chose her destiny. Her outlook, and above all, her true path. I was to stand by her through it all.

"So now you know. What are you both to do? Try and kill us? Because surely you have understood by now that my allegiances stand with Revan and Revan alone."

As I had expected, they both drew lightsabers. Me and Revan drew ours, both ready for them, knowing that they were already starting to break, to weaken. Yuthura chose me. I matched every single move that she threw at me, blocking every strike, every attack, parry. I could tell that she was in the least adept at lightsaber combat, but not very fluent in the near graceful motions that I made, of which she had trouble blocking.

Her first mistake to think that I was weak. To think that a Sith General was such, yet still weak. The first time our sabers locked, I knew it was the part where both of us tried to dampen the others morale.

"I never thought I would face a famous general such as yourself in combat. While you are very good, I can tell that you aren't going to win this." She said, letting the lies begin.

"Is that what you are telling yourself? That I cannot beat an insignificant Sith like yourself? A Sith that has history, yet no act to her name that could be considered great? You know what I have done, while I know nothing of your achievements. But before you begin describing them, know that I have no wish to hear them."

Her second mistake led to her death. She tried to stab at me, and by instinct I swung my blade at her arm. Her saber flew out of her hands, as I severed her other hand. She felt to her knees, as I plucked her saber from the air. With a swift motion I sliced the sabers across her neck, severing both it and her lekku. I saw no reason to see her grovel for mercy, as she likely would have done. I dropped her saber, as I saw Revan slice Uthar in half.

We both deactivated our sabers, and approached each other. Within that simple look, I could see the same fire in her eyes I remembered.

"Lady Revan. You return at last. I am Renae Kauvo, one of your loyal generals."

"I see you have done as I asked, as I expected. Tell me, do you still have your fleet?"

"Yes my lady. It is currently orbiting the planet."

Revan turned, leaving the tomb. I followed. "Do you still have the access codes for the Star Forge?"

"Yes, Malak sent me the updated codes three days ago. He knows nothing of my loyalties, as you likely prefer."

"I want you to send your fleet to the Star Forge. Make sure they do not merge with the Forge's defensive fleet, but to orbit Lehon. You, however, will accompany me."

"As you order my Lady, I will do as you wish."

After we cleared the Academy of those who would not accept Revan, I informed my lieutenant of the new orders, and left the planet, aboard the Ebon Hawk. Many of the crew members were not fond of my addition, which I did not take much notice of. Some of them however, had questions. I answered them, but they did not share the same ideals on the various events I told them of. Many of the companions Revan had chosen had a strong love for the Republic, even if they couldn't do much to save the ailing democracy. Only HK-47, Revan's personal Assassin droid, shared my views.

"You know what is going happen, once you get to the Forge's viewing platform, right?" I asked her, expecting her to have a seething hatred for the man she used to call a friend.

"Of course I do. I've known it since I met Malak on the Leviathan. There, I could sense it was possible to beat him, to enact my revenge, and take back my Empire. But being the coward he is, he chose to run, like he always does. Even before, rather than the outright challenge, he chose the indirect method, and attacked me from afar. And I can likely say with some certainty that he won't fight with his own power. Some how he is likely to use the Forge against me. But no matter, The Empire will me mine, once his body breathes its last breath."

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Chapter IX - The Light Dims For The Taken

"Bring Bastila to the Torture hall." Malak barked at the Sith Officer, who was escorting two Sith soldiers carrying the limp body of Bastila Shan. They brought her to one of the secluded hallways within the Rakatan Temple. Malak followed them, knowing that Bastila would fall quicker than she thinks.

"Would you like me to summon the torture droids, Lord Malak?" The officer asked, as the two soldiers secured Bastila to the stone slab.

"No. I will...persuade her with my own methods. Leave us".Malak said, pointing his hand twoard the door.

Malak knew just as many who knew Bastila, that she was impulsive, and easily angered. From what his spies had told him, she seemed to be just as he himself was, feeling that the dark side was hiding just behind the next corner, just waiting, silently. Wanting to be felt, used, and above all, accepted. Malak first accepted the dark side after the Mandalorian Wars, when he and Revan were searching for the Star Forge.

The fact that Revan was still alive meant that he still had a viable threat in the galaxy. It was likely that even she knew what would happen at the end. While it may be true that Malak had bested Revan by attacking her from afar, in combat could possibly be a different story. Even if Revan might have lost the memory of the power she once had, whether she would once again regain that knowledge at the end of this tiresome game, isn't something Malak could foresee. His only worry was that Revan would somehow regain the lost power, before the fight that would inevitably occur.

As Bastila stirred, Malak slowly walked over to her. "I think you know why I haven't killed you. You are only useful to me alive."

"You said that as if you think I would actually join you. I would never use the dark side" Bastila said, keeping to her convictions.

"That is what you believe, but soon enough, you will" Malak said unleashing force lighting, not caring much about Bastila's cries. Even when he stopped, she seemed un-phased.

"You think torture will turn me Malak? You are a fool" She said.

"Torture? No dear Bastila, you misunderstand." He carefully touched her face as he spoke. "This is but a taste of the dark side..." He turned walking away from her. "...When you finally swear your loyalty to me, it will be willing!" He violently turned twoard her on the last word, his cape whirling around.

"Never!" She said, her words solid, clear that she wasn't going to as Malak expected.

"Such resolve in your words. But I can clearly see the truth in your heart. The dark side calls to you Bastila, and you hunger to taste it. The only thing holding you back is your worry of what you may become if you accept it.You will soon realize that the dark side is not solely as the Jedi would tell you. Choose you become my apprentice, and all its power will be yours!" Malak said, unleashing a more powerful form of force lighting upon Bastila.

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Chapter X - The Rakatan Temple

Renae walked with Revan to the large stone structure. Renae remembered this as the temple that they had both seen the last time they were here. A group of Rakata stood around a small fire, and turned as we approached them. They were a species that has similarities to our own. They apparently had an affinity with the force, but it was lost to them. Why, is what I had no reason to figure out. A few of them scowled when they saw me with Revan.

"You must enter the temple alone. That is the way of the tradition, and I will not allow otherwise." One of the Rakata shouted at us.

I nodded to Revan, and started back to the Ebon Hawk. It was then that I darted from sight, and two of Revan's other companions walked up to her. Jolee, a sort of self-exiled Jedi Master who has the 'neutral' philosophy, which means he isn't really a Jedi or a Sith. And Juhani, a Cathar Jedi, that I found, like Revan, to be wavering on the borders of light and darkness. Not like Jolee, she was of the sort that could be related to a scale. Tell her the right thing, and she tips.

Revan and the two entered the temple. As the force shield closed behind them, I took out my lightsaber. The Rakata never saw it coming. As I slaughtered them, I felt it. A power that came from an approaching g-wing shuttle. "Bastila" I thought to myself. "She has chosen Malak, and thus the dark side. I wonder.....?"

I knew the force field was a no-go, so I chose the option that was more fun. I leapt up onto the front of the structure. A break on the right side allowed me to jump over it easily, landing in a balcony of sorts. I saw Bastila walking away from her shuttle, stopping in the doorway to the next open-air room. Revan, Juhani and Jolee entered the summit. They looked surprised to see Bastila. Juhani and Jolee even went as far as to assume that Bastila was still on their side. However, it seemed that Revan knew better than them.

"You used to be Revan, Master of the Sith. But no longer. You are only a shell of your former self."

They fought, and it was disgustingly obvious that Revan's intent, wasn't to kill Bastila. It was likely that Revan wanted to do the same as Malak did. When the fighting finally stopped, I could sense that Bastila's intent had changed.

"It seems that your power is not lost to you after all Revan."

Revan laughed. "Now you see the power of a True Dark Lord. The power of Darth Revan."

"I see now that my destiny doesn't lie at Malak's feet. Nor at yours. It lies by your side."

Yes. I knew it. Bastila was on our side, while Jolee and Juhani wanted to dispute that.

"Don't do this kid. The dark side only leads to more death and destruction. Its not a path you want to forsake yourself to so lightly, not now. Not again."

Revan turned. A fire burned in her eyes. She extended her hand. Jolee grabbed his throat as he was lifted into the air, and thrown into the stone walls of the Temple. Juhani ignited her lightsaber, and charged at Revan. She was caught, and thrown backwards. "You both don't understand. You never will" Revan said, as she helped Juhani to her feet.

"But the Jedi...hold more truth in the force than the Sith. Chose the light, I know that is were you belong Revan."

Revan laughed, as she held the emitter of her lightsaber to Juhani's chest. "It doesn't. I belong here." The saber ignited, and Juhani's scream echoed into the skies.

Jolee yelled "NOOOOOOOOO!", When he watched the young Cathar fall.

It was here that I chose to enter this one-sided conflict. After I dealt with the trivial matters, I got to Jolee before Revan made her move on him. The look on my face scared him. "You walk the path of neither the light, nor the darkness. However, you are still a Jedi. Yet, you are nothing." I paused, watching him trying to muster up the courage to attack me."Then I will make you nothing." I took my saber from my belt, spun in through my fingers, and ignited it, then sliced off his head in a swift motion. As I turned, I saw Juhani crawling on the stone floor, trying for her fallen lightsaber. I pointed a clenched fist at her, and lifted her into the air. Throwing her over the side of the Temple walls, I quickly heard a faint splash. "Wonder if that Cathar hates water...." I thought to myself.

"Who is this?" Bastila asked. It was obvious that she wouldn't know me, as she was just a padawan learner when I left the Temple for the wars. I'd only laid eyes on her once as a Jedi. I never thought I'd meet her under these conditions.

"I am General Renae Kauvo, Commander of the Angelic, and its fleet."

"Your part of the Sith fleet?"

"Yes. However, unlike many of the remaining Generals, my loyalties lay with Revan, not Malak."

When we left the temple, the blood that seeped into the stone gave it a reason to be a place of darkness once again. From this, a new age would be forged. The sky of this ancient world ran red, the rock ran dark. An age that begins here, will put Darth Revan into Galactic Supremacy, and I was to accompany her until she saw fit that I go my own way.

"Bastila! Your alive! We were so afraid that when Malak got his....wait, wait a minute. Where are Juhani and Jolee Bindo? What happened inside that temple?"

"The Jedi Council has failed Carth. Darth Revan has been reborn." Many faces took a look of shock and horror. Like they didn't know?

"No, we serve the Republic, not the dark side. You are no better than Malak."

Revan laughed. "You don't stand a chance against all of us Carth. And, while your loyalty to the Republic is stagnant, you cannot speak for the others." Revan looked toward the others. Canderous spoke first.

"Your Revan, and I'll follow you anywhere. Light side, Dark side, I'll be at your side. Mandalorians don't have great love for the Republic anyway."

HK-47 and T3-M4 had no choice, they would comply with Revan's wishes, whatever they may be. Mission and Zalbaar, however, weren't to keen on the obvious fact.

"No, I don't believe you've gone over to the dark side, Not yet." She obviously couldn't accept facts, like I could. Zalbaar seemed to want to take Revan's side, but this wasn't his real choice. It was because of his life debt - the moronic ideal that allows those who save Wookies to protect them for life. Shows you just how weak they can be.

"You don't have to help the Sith Mission, not while I'm here. I see now it was a mistake for you to enter that temple. First Saul, now you. I should be an expert on betrayal by now."

"Yes, you should. That, and you should pick you companions better. You knew, didn't you? Even on Taris you should have known. Known, that this was the out come that I was pushing for this entire time. I never wanted to be celebrated by the Jedi and the Republic. Never wanted a superfluous medal which means nothing. What I want has been the same, since I first entered Republic space with a fleet to conquer it. I am Darth Revan, and I will not fall again."

It seemed to me that Revan's declaration was to much for Carth. "Run for it Mission, go, go!"

"To late, Twi'lek" Revan stabbed her through her chest, and she fell. Zalbaar roared, but never even threw a punch. I grabbed him by the throat.

I stuck my lightsaber into his chest, then let go. Quickly making a circular motion, and we watched as he was dismembered. I laughed as I said "Never liked Wookies."

"Come, its time to get to the Star Forge, and deal with the usurper." Bastila said to us. We boarded the Ebon Hawk. It would only get more interesting from here to the end.

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Chapter XI - Boarding The Star Forge

As we walked up to the Jedi who had already secured the docking bay, they all looked relieved to see us. Which I thought was odd, but then, Jedi were never very good at foresight, lest not when it requires using the power outside of their temples.

"You made it! The Star Forge is under attack from the entire Republic fleet. Its victory will mean nothing if Malak gets away Come on, before they-" The young Jedi was cut off, when she was sliced in two by Revan's lightsaber. The other Jedi moved to attack us, but failed miserably. A couple of Dark Jedi entered the bay, their intent to dispose of any Jedi they might find. All they found was, death.

After dealing with a number of Battle droids, produced by the Forge itself, we entered the second deck of the Forge. It was here that Malak had chose to send every single Dark Jedi, Apprentice, and soldier he had to try and take us down. Another testament to his weak order. He would rather show his power through others, than show it through himself. When we got sight of the number 4 launch tube, we were faced with a number of "chain-gun" turrets. I dealt with them easily. The door to the Command Center was locked. I thrust my lightsaber into the large door. It burned the metal, and I cut a large hole into the door. It would be some time before the Forge activates it systems to repair the door.

In the Command Center, the opposition was thinning, and we met Malak's top Dark Jedi in the Holographic Command room. They were eager to take down Revan, and become Malak's new apprentice, I could tell. They would not receive this honor. One, because they would die by our hands. And two, because Malak would soon lie dead at Revan's feet.

"Bastila, you were a fool to betray the Master!"

"The only fools are those who still follow Malak. Open your eyes and see the true Dark Lord has Returned!"

The Dark Jedi laughed. "Revan is nothing! Malak earned the title of dark lord by defeating his Master. I will now prove myself by doing the same!"

There were three of us, and three of them. One for each of us. The one I fought was skilled in using two lightsabers, but seemed unable to defend against my attacks, despite his advantage. Nor was he used to using the force during the fight. He may have had a strong connection to the force, but he was of the sort that preferred straight lightsaber combat, without use of the force in the process. It was what lead to his demise in the end. His sabers were destroyed by my own. Then, as I crushed his wrists under my boots, he began pleading to me for mercy.

"Please, don't kill me. Have mercy!"


He closed his eyes, saying "Forgive me"

"If it is forgiveness you want, get a new religion." I sliced his head off at my last word.

Bastila stayed in the command center, to best use her Battle Meditation. Me and Revan continued on. We met Malak at the entrance to the Viewing Platform elevator.

"I tire of this game, Revan. You have been a thorn in my side from the moment I seized the mantle of Dark Lord from your feeble grasp!"

Revan laughed."And I will take it back from your feeble grasp. The Empire will be mine again, I can assure you of that much."

"Ah, and I see you've gained a powerful ally. I've expected that you would take her side, General Kauvo. I've sensed for awhile that you're loyalty never was toward me, but Revan all this time."

"So you knew. What, does that fact matter now? Here, before you, is the endgame, Malak, and you know that. Its either going to be you, or Revan. And I would bet my entire fleet, that Revan is going to win. I don't care what sort of tricks you pull, it won't matter."

Malak ran for the lift, and Revan followed. Behind Revan, the door closed. "Oh now what...."I thought to myself. Usually, a door locking before you was never a good thing. Namely when there was a large area behind you for someone to sneak up and attack you. That would be why I grabbed my lightsaber, spun it between my fingers and ignited it. It was then I heard the voice.

"General Renae Kauvo. Formerly an apprentice to Jedi Master Jenni Rozzes, now the Commander of the Sith Fleet, Angelical. You have quite the reputation behind you, both as a Sith, and a Jedi."

From behind the droid generators, a Sith emerged, wearing a version of the armor worn by most of the apprentices. His, however, was black, with a pale yellow trim. The person wearing it, I knew. He was a Jedi who trained alongside me before the wars. His name, was Samuel Marquis. I considered him a friend then, someone I could put a lot of trust in. He'd even chose to leave the Jedi mere minutes after he watched my display before Revan. I found that he was rather jealous, since he seemed to get more and more distant as I climbed up the ranks. When I gained the rank of general, it was the last straw for him. He left, and I only saw him again once Malak took over, completely overtaken by the dark side, unlike me. And here, he had the mind to kill me. Not a chance in hell.

"So I see you fell, just as I did, Renae. But lucky you, you still have the Angelic and its fleet. And what do I have? Nothing but the force."

"That is where you are wrong. You think I was seduced by the dark side's power? That I had no choice in the matter? I had the choice which you were denied. I chose the dark side, knowing that the power was mine to control, where for you, it controls you."

So many Jedi had fallen before my boots, all of them thinking that I was the ignorant one, whereas I was the one who was aware of everything I saw, every movement they made, I was quick to react to it. Most of the time, in a sort of way that I am the one to stay alive, and they fail to realize my chosen movement, which forces their own death upon them. With Samuel, I didn't think it was going to be any different. I held no feelings for him, not as a friend, nor the possible feelings of love. His death would not put regret into my mind.

The fight was, pathetic. As a Jedi, I had sparred with Samuel many times. He lacked the graceful movements I always made, along with the speed that I had naturally. Then there was the fact that he, like many Sith before him, used his anger to try and overpower me. A tactic that would work in some instances, but in this one, I could see his moves before he made them.

"You know, I was never really jealous of you. Even if I seemed to be, I never was. Its only now that I see the fact that you got the end of the saber that kept you alive every time. Whereas I got the one that threw me into my own personal hell. And rather than controlling the power, like you did, I chose to let the power control me. Do you know what I've learned because of that? Nothing."

He took Malak's lesson harder than others. Even the famed Darth Bandon, Malak's former apprentice, did not seem to be as enthralled in the dark side as Samuel now was. This aside, I held no pity for him. I had nothing to do with his choices, only with mine. I would not take responsibly for his actions, for not once did I goad him into following me. He did it because he saw, in a brief moment of foresight, what I'd become.

"You expect me to care? Expect me to just let you go? Expect me, to show you mercy, pity, and, the most absurd of them all, friendship, here, and the end of this tiresome game. I will not."

It was then I made the strike that put him on his knees. A large gash, carved out of his chest. He held it like a child, unwilling to let go. But I would not be merciful. I would not ever, pity him. And most of all, I would not show this man friendship. I would only show him, death. I didn't hesitate as I spun my saber, and again, making the cut that forever severed his mind from his body. When it fell, all I could hear was the constant rise and fall of my breath, and the low murmurs of the machines around me. It was then that I felt it. A surge of energy.

As I entered the Viewing Platform, I saw Revan standing over Malak's corpse. One of his arms were missing, and his jaw-piece was broken, and in pieces on the durasteel floor.

I knelt before Revan. "Greetings, My Lady Revan."

She took the mask that hung on her belt, holding it gingerly in her gloved hands while she stared at it. "It is time. The reformation of the Sith Empire, My Sith Empire, will come very soon. And you will be the one to help me."

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Chapter XII - Reformation Of The Sith Empire

As the galaxy turned its eyes to look at the victors of the Rakata Prime battle, many cowered in fear. They realized that the Republic was broken, the fleet destroyed, and Coruscant open for the taking. Darth Revan's rebirth gave many a fright that they would never recover from. Many thought of her as a ghost at this point, something to be endlessly feared, even if it was from a blade's length away. Her first action was removing the Admiral's that Malak had appointed, sentencing them to death. I received an Admiral's rank, for my, as well as my fleet's, services to her Sith Empire, during the Rakata Prime battle.

This time, the Sith Empire's entrance was not marked by the blasts of turbo-lasers. It was, quieter than last time. All the new leaders, Governors, and Prime Minsters that had been inducted since Revan's fall, didn't argue when the troops landed. Not one.

Revan's next action, was one of demoralization. She gathered the leaders all worlds with in the Sith Empire, and called a meeting in the Senate chambers. When they entered, they caught sight of her standing in the Chancellor's podium, with him, and me at her side.

"What I wish to show you is a measure of something that before, you thought was folly. This Sith Empire will flourish, that I will see to personally. And all of you who would have thoughts about a Republic Reformation, this display, is for you."

She lifted the Chancellor off the podium, has he held his neck, trying to draw breath. She drew her arm back, and the sound of bones breaking echoed within the chamber. The Chancellor fell into his office, and I engaged the holo-viewer, pointing it at the office. Revan jumped from the podium, landing just behind the crawling man. She laughed as she slowly trailed his pathetic crawl. Revan looked twoard the camera.

"Here, is for all of you who dare dream of a new Republic." She said, and again, the Chancellor was lifted to his feet. He was able to get a look into her fiery eyes, before he lost his mind.

Sometime later, Revan summoned me to her Quarters within the Sith Academy. As I quickly strode along the stone halls, I felt it again. The same sort of feelings that I had years ago, which didn't bother me, but it seemed to be a sign that something else was on the horizon. Something far worse than the Mandalorian War, and the Jedi Civil War. What it was, I couldn't begin to fathom.

"Lady Revan? You asked for me?"

She stood from her meditation, and faced me. "You know of the reason behind my campaign against the Mandalorians, and the Jedi, do you not?"

I knew. Just as I had felt before I entered the room, as I had felt during my training. "The True Sith?"

Revan removed her mask, and smiled at me. "Correct."

"Do you think they will pose the threat to the galaxy in the coming days?" The mention of them, was exhilarating. I had been waiting, ever since the Mandalorian Wars to face down an enemy that called them selves "powerful". Whatever they called themselves, didn't matter. All that did, would be that they were against all I stood for.

"No, not yet. Many facets of the galaxy will need to change before they make their move. But, for them to make their move, they will need incentive. Their incentive, will be me."

"I'm afraid that I don't follow, Lady Revan."

She laughed, like a coo of a child. "I will go to meet them. They are not exactly like Sith, but something different. Something that can be called Sith, but not to their face. They will not harm me, as they will see me as valuable, something they will want to understand. Like all Sith, they prize power above all, but not in the sense of most. They would want me to join them, simply so they can understand my power. But the reason I needed your presence, was because I have a task for you."

I bowed my head, and crossed my right arm against my chest. "Your will is my blade. Tell me how I must use it."

"I am unsure if their leader will lead their fleet here in the coming years to begin another war. But if they do, I want to be ready. After I take my leave, you shall lead the Sith Empire. Your first task will be to authorize the construction of a massive fleet. These ships are to be hidden on or above worlds within our control. If any worlds slip from that, let them be. After the fleet is completed and hidden, you are to allow the Forge to fall into its state of dormancy, and leave it. Along with this, you may find it useful to seek out one of your old friends. Her whereabouts are unknown to me at this moment, but I know that she will be a asset to our cause in the years to come."

Just as Revan turned to leave the Academy, she stopped. "And Reane, remember whose choices got you to where you are. Never forget who made them."

That was the last thing she would ever say to me, at least for another ten years. Did I hate her for leaving? No. She had a duty to fulfill, just as I. Above all, my only wish was to do just as I said I would, back in the Council chamber all those years ago.

I was going to fight alongside the woman called "Revan", until the cause she fought for, the cause I fought for, was won.

Darth SINner
10-09-2009, 11:50 PM
Very nice. I love this story.

Rtas Vadum
10-23-2009, 06:52 AM

A single ship in the orbit of Korriban, kept silent and still, as another ship left the planet, jumping to an unknown location. Aboard the orbiting ship, a man stood watching the sky from the bridge window. He had many thoughts on his mind, most of them referring to someone he had plans for, someone who he wanted to both hurt and help. He wore what looked like a full suit of dexl-leather, accented with silver lines and jewelery, along with an ornamental cape which hung from his belt. His belt also held a lightsaber, which seemed to be made of a red and black unknown metal. His eyes shone red in the darkness of the bridge. He smiled, showing that his canines were a half-inch longer than they should've been. His thoughts centered on the occupant of the ship that jumped, along with another, that remained on the planet below.

“Master? Why do you chose her? What about her is so special?” The one who asked the question had a similar outfit on, yet his looked more like Sith Robes.

“She has something. Something I've only seen in her, and myself eons ago.”

“What are you going to do with her?”

The “Master” looked down at the console before him. It displayed records that he had taken from the private databases of the Jedi Council, and the Sith Empire. All of it was concerning the female Chromian he was interested in, Renae Kauvo. The information from the Jedi Archives told him of every task she completed as a Jedi, the things she trained in, lightsaber forms and such. The list was impressive, as it seemed to denote that she had trained frequently in every lightsaber form, even the incomplete Juyo, adding her own touches to it, making it complete. The data from the Sith Empire told him that she currently held an Admiral rank, that she had a personal flagship of her own, which was named the Angelic, along with the fleet she commanded, the Angelical. This portion of the data held numerous references to the battles she took part in during the Mandalorian war, and her actions during the Jedi Civil War. “Yes, she will be perfect.” He thought to himself.

“I'm going to make her powerful. Even more than she already is. She will be hesitant to accept, but in the end, she will crave the power. Crave the freedom that it will give her. Tell me, is there a reading for the destination of the ship?”

The Nav officer checked his display. “An exact location trace is impossible, but the ion trail suggests the Outer Rim, Master.”

“So it is Revan, then. I would imagine that Malachor V will be her first stop before entering the Unknown Regions. Enter Malachor V's coordinates into the LightDrive, and make the jump when ready.”

The man sat in a large silver throne behind his console. “And do not make us late to meet with Lady Revan. We have much to discuss, she and I.”