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04-04-2009, 01:57 PM
After searching around I finally found the files that were missing for Kristy Kistic's PVC Dancer's outfit. If you go to her website you'll only find the updated uti.files. However... if you go to Filefront's site you'll find all the files for that mod. Now, I downloaded all the files and installed them into their proper place and guess what? I still can't get them to work! But at least now I can see the icons in the equip item list when you play the game whereas before I only saw them whited out. However,when I try to use them, the game still defaults to the original dancer outfit. I've checked and double checked that everything installed properly and there were no errors when I used the TSL Patcher and checked the install log. Everything there showed no error messages. Has anyone tried to install this mod and can tell me how to get it to work? From what I can see the texture files are there,the uti's are there,the MDL and the MDX files are there, but no cigar! Can anyone help? I would really like to use this mod.

04-04-2009, 05:15 PM
If I am not mistaken it doesn't actually replace the default dancers outfit in game. Last time I used this mod I had to use KSE to give me the outfits and then you can equip them on your NPC's and PC.


Edit: From the Readme:"The items are NOT placed in game. At this writing I have just gotten to Telos in TSL, so I'm not going to place anything at this moment. Perhaps in a future update. (I started modding the game and stopped playing - hmm.)"
Also from the Readme:"Cheats: (or use tk102's savegame editor - preferred method - although it may not see the items if they are in a sub folder.)"

Hope this helps


04-04-2009, 07:39 PM
Hello Eefluxx. Yes, I read that too and I did use the KSE editor to add them to the game. According to the items in the 102's inventory it shows them to be there. When you go to the game it shows them in the equip menu as well. But when you equip the outfit,(and the item icon does show up that your PC is wearing the new outfit), then you exit that menu and go back to the game, it's the same outfit as before and nothing's been changed at all! I also installed the mod that allows Visas Marr to wear them. But I don't think that could be the problem. Something is wrong somewhere and I can't understand why it's not working. Where did you download your mod from? Could it be that I'm missing some files somewhere? I downloaded mine right from Filefront.com. I know it may seem to some people out there that I'm harping on this because this is my second post on this subject. But it kinda bugs me when something I try doesn't work and this is the best way to learn about these things.

04-05-2009, 06:07 AM
just try to reinstall them to the override. ive had some similar problems too(with my own modding), but they have always been caused by my mistakes. Just extract all the files somewhere and paste them into you Override.

04-05-2009, 01:45 PM
Hello Drunkside! I'm gonna try dumping every file from both mods and see just what happens. Since I've started a new game and haven't even reached Peragus yet, I've got nothing to lose! I'll let you know how I make out.Thanks for your input.