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04-06-2009, 09:45 PM
For this roleplay series, I'm asking someone else to RP the Lone Wanderer, as sometimes I've had others give me details about Revan in my Star Wars RP's.

So, to get this started, who is the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101?

TAG Skills:
Did the Lone Wanderer put the FEV virus into the purified water?:

04-07-2009, 07:30 AM
I have no problem being the Lone Wonder I suppose because i'm currently playing Fallout 3 but uhhmm... lol whats the FEV virus?

04-07-2009, 08:29 AM
The Forced Evolutionary Virus, except this time there's a modified version of it which you can use (or not) to infect a certain city's purified water supply and kill anyone with any level of mutation in their bodies. Basically, this will prevent any more Super Mutants, but even those who aren't Super Mutants yet will be killed.

04-07-2009, 11:41 AM
Here's the 411 on Fallout 4: War Never Changes!

War never changes. It seems as if humanity, despite surviving a nuclear holocaust, inevitably contains those who are eager to recreate the same exact nightmare. Whether in the name of justice, God, insanity, or unfettered greed, there are some who demand the freedom of others as a ransom for being spared the threat of war.

Even though the former "Capital Wasteland" has been turned into a paradise on Earth, not everyone has been able to partake of it. There are still some who live in sealed underground shelters known as "vaults", in the name of scientific experimentation.

In Vault 119, its inhabitants have been sheltered from the outside world, not knowing that the Wastes have been transformed. Certain factions intend to keep it that way, for they have financed the vault and its continued operation. Little do the residents know that they are building an atomic bomb, to detonate either in the U.S. or abroad. They are equipped with bio-implant chips that erase their long-term memories, so they have no real knowledge of their life's purpose: to make sure that nuclear arms remain.

One day, the door of Vault 119 is opened, and its hapless "sleeper agents" emerge...

04-07-2009, 12:01 PM
Well since I already said I'd do the Lone Wonder here ya go :P

Appearance: Short Unsettled Auburn hair. Green Eyes, narrow head with a small forehead and concave cheeks. He stands at five foot nine inches, with an athletic build.
Gender: Male
TAG Skills: Small Guns, Lock pick, and Medicine
Did the Lone Wanderer put the FEV virus into the purified water?: Sure why not.
Karma: Mostly Neutral but is on the Good side slightly.
Bio: After the events of Fallout 3 (-shrugs-) Lyon has spent his time wondering around the Wasteland doing what ever he likes. Those his actions tend to help others there are times when his actions have caused harm.

04-07-2009, 12:32 PM
Here's my character:

Name: Tally Dvanova
Age: 19 ("19 lies within the 119, and you have come of age at last!")
Appearance: Light brown hair, blue eyes, slender build, considered a "weakling"
Gender: Female
TAG Skills: Melee Weapons, Explosives, Speech
Karma: Like Lyon, Neutral to Good, though she's prone to theft if absolutely necessary
Bio: Tally grew up in Vault 119, and her brain has been implanted with a CalmChip to regulate her emotions (and also make her long-term memory shot to H-E-double-hockey sticks). Like everyone in Vault 119, Tally has worn a radiation suit since birth, as there is a NUCLEAR BOMB BEING BUILT IN THE VAULT!!ONEONEONE!!! Once the Overseer of Vault 119 opened the door, Tally, like the mythical Eve, stripped off her radiation suit and is now wandering stark naked through the Capital Paradise! She has no memory of working on the bomb, though that's what she'd been trained to do...

04-07-2009, 06:13 PM
I've never played the game, but I love the previews, so here goes...
Name: Samuel Larson.
Age: 24
Appearence: Tall, at least 6'2", blond hair, blue eyes, moderately muscular.
Gender: Male
TAG skills: Rifles, Medicine, and Speech
Karma: Closer to bad than neutral. He will loot, only if necessary, but has been known to shoot the wrong person on occasion.
Bio: Sam grew up in vault 119, Like everyone else he wore a Radiation suit, and has a memory implant in his brain. That memory implant is now busted, as when he stepped out of the vault, he fell and bumped his head. He has no memory of building an Atom bomb, but he can remember things longer than he did before. He is still wearing his HAZMAT suit, it provides more comfort than being naked.

04-08-2009, 07:57 AM
I know absolutely nothing about Fallout 3, but as the guy above said, it sound's cool . . .

Name: Sev Kershaw
Age: 23
Appearance: 6'1", Brown Hair, Brown Eye's, Athletic Build.
Gender: Male
TAG Skills: Sharpshooting, Weapon's, Eyesight, Accuracy and Hiding(Sniper Cover)
Karma: Neutral, Leaning Toward's Good.
Bio: Sev is a wanderer of sort's and never had the experience of being in a vault at all. He doesn't really recall his childhood, but beyond that there's not much to say. He usually wander's around as a Survivalist, helping people wherever he can. The harsh time's have taught him valuable skill's, making him one of the best Marksmen in the Wasteland's.

04-08-2009, 09:45 AM
alright a run down on Fallout its a post Apoplectic world set in 2077 i believe, after world war three and a nuclear disaster basically levels the whole world. A company created Vualts to secure people from the nuclear fallout. After a certain number of years Vualts opened and people started to rebuild the population. Plus now you have mutated animals, and zombie like people called Ghouls to deal with.

04-08-2009, 11:17 AM
Oooh...this looks interesting, I shall give it a shot:D

Name: Schmidt Thorwald

Age: 25

Appearance: 6'6, dark hair, green eyes, very broad and muscular built

Gender: Male

TAG Skills: Close-combat, heavy-weapons, and explosives

Karma: His Karma is literally all over the place, ranging from bad to nuetral, and sometimes, to good.

BIO: Schmidt Thorwald is a member of an Elite unit of Special Forces that were assigned the unique assignment of killing off mutants, the order they recieved from Vault 111. He was practically perfectly bred for the task, dehumanizing those he exterminated, and doing it perfectly to Vault 111's orders. As times changed, and the Wasteland began to become transformed from hell to heaven, he began to be out-of-work, seeing as no one needed killing....yet. He remained active, moving on personal contracts, and strangely still wearing his Vault-tec Radiation Heavy Armor. He is currently walking around the numerous vaults and towns, seeking some form of work...

Hope you allow him!:D

04-08-2009, 05:36 PM
i also forgot to mention that World War Three was the Cold War, just that the nuclear weapons were launched.

04-08-2009, 06:31 PM
Oooh, that's pleasant:D Of course, everything has gone a bit better now, yes?:D

04-08-2009, 06:43 PM
Not really, no. I've read some things on the series, I just haven't played the games.

04-08-2009, 06:55 PM
well Washington D.C. where we are starting is called the Capital Wasteland, and it's almost like fighting a civil war. Enclave vs. Brotherhood of Steal. Enclave= your basic baddy while Brotherhood of Steal= your basic goodie

04-08-2009, 08:56 PM
Everything posted so far is correct, and all characters accepted! Back to our story...:)

04-08-2009, 10:06 PM
wiki is your friend (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallout_(series)) ^_^

Brotherhood of Steel Armor (http://media.photobucket.com/image/brotherhood%20of%20steel/SanitysEclips3/screen04B.jpg?o=48) / Symbol (http://media.photobucket.com/image/brotherhood%20of%20steel/Raiden395/BOScopy.jpg?o=12)

Enclave Amour (http://media.photobucket.com/image/fallout%203%20enclave/raziel657/fallout%203/ss82.jpg?o=6)/Symbol (http://media.photobucket.com/image/fallout%203%20enclave/Yaneth_Korinos/FO%20RP/FO%20Game%20Pics/Enclave_Symbol_Fallout_3.png?o=1)