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04-11-2009, 06:07 PM
Greetings All-

I was in Beta for SWG, and was very active in a large guild up through the first three years of the game. Yes, back before there were speeders- and you actually had to walk everywhere. As much of a pain as that was, it also held good memories. People teaming up, more senior players running escorts for lowbies wanting to get in on the Tuskens. Even attending one of those meetings they were doing all over the country. I was a hybrid, which I loved. Combined Fencing Mastery with Pistol Mastery, smuggler for some feign death, and one line of Teras Kasi for the self healing. A rather self sufficient, able to solo allot, kind of dude.

I check in every 6-12 months, reading the official forums- nothing nothing had changed. I left after the many many changes that just watered down everything that made the game great for me. Anyway, in the last nine months or so, it seems like fighting is back to being more strategic again, crafting is back to being more interesting, so on and so forth. I just have noticed a much improved tone. Have things finally settled down? Better game now? My old account has been bouncing all over the place with relatives. I can reclaim it, along with an Elder Jedi and BH- anytime. Just was wandering if those vets that also remembers the days walking around everywhere, are again feeling good about the game.

With Kind Regards-

04-14-2009, 01:56 PM
I thought I best chime in so you dont think you've been ignored hehe. I actually stopped playing a while back, but the game was getting much better around the beginning of 08 if that helps? :)