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04-12-2009, 10:26 AM
"Nothing is true; Everything is permitted."

The creed, three simple rule's. The basis of a faction, a faction of the shadow's. They call us assassin's, they call us murderer's ... we fight for peace, but is that so hollow, so trivial a cause? No, it is not. Our enemies think it that way ...

The first of the three maintain's order and ensure's that our kind stay on the right path. "Stay your blade from innocent flesh."

The second is what give's us strength, for it allow's us to accomplish our task's with little difficulty. A blade in the crowd, if you will. "Hide in plain sight."

The third is the most important, the worst of all betrayal's. To break this code is to betray the brotherhood. "Never compromise the brotherhood."

To follow these key rule's is to be a true assassin, to derive your strength from what you truly are. Now my brother, you have entered the fold. Betray it and you life shall be stolen by my blade. As you already know, it is the Third Crusade. Richard and Saladin, leader's of the opposing faction's, fight a war that shake's the Holy Land's very foundation's. They are not our enemies, yet they are the incarnation of what we fight to prevent. Crusader and Saracen alike, neither and both are our enemies.

Remember, there is no greater weapon than to be unseen. Stay amongst the crowd, sheath your blade and walk silent. Approach your enemy, strain your left hand into position and focus. Control the adrenaline, you must compensate for it's adverse affect's. Clench your fist and bring your hidden blade forward, bend your leg's and release your energy. Ensure it is a clean kill, ensure that your blade connect's with their neck.

A masterful kill to be sure, but now you must flee. To stay and fight is to die, so be swift as the wind you must. Take to the rooftop's if need be, just ensure you follow the first of the creed. Kill your pursuer's if need be, but control your blade. Such is the way of our kind, a hidden blade which require's speed and focus to handle. Thrust it into your enemies heart, then withdraw it back into the shadow's. Understand this and you understand our way's, but remember to expect the unexpected. Learn what you can and ensure your cover is not compromised before the blade connect's.

Of course, fleeing is not alway's an option and sometime's the Guard's will surround you from all side's. This is when to draw your blade and bring it to their's, wait for an opening and strike. Defend and counter, do not leave yourself vulnerable. Of course these are basic thing's and I can guarantee almost every kill you accomplish will not be so and that is why our strength can also be derived from being able to adapt. Remember, each piece of your equipment has it's use and that each opponent has it's strength's.

Your hidden blade give's ample opportunities to eliminate your opponent silently, whilst your long sword truly shine's in a sword fight. Your throwing dagger's and crossbow afford's you range, giving you the perfect tool's to strike from afar. Your short sword offer's a more swift strike than your sword, yet make's it difficult to defeat many enemies at once.

The rest is for you to learn, for you to know. Heed these word's of advice, these rule's and you will succeed. Fail and you will become as ill-disciplined as a drunk with a blade. Live on into the dark horizon, as shadow's fall upon the Holy Land ... but remember the most important thing of all.

"Nothing is true; Everything is permitted."


Unlocked Location's;
o>The Countryside / Kingdom>TheMainHighway-EagleTower-RidgeWatch-HadrosVillage

o>Knight's Templar
o>Knight's Hospitalier
o>Teutonic Order
o>Other Crusading Faction's
o>City Guard's (Jerusalem/Acre/Damascus)
o>Normal Citizen's/Traveler's (Get the feeling no one will pick this. :xp:)

Note: You are able to control character's from the game, but you cannot play as them. Sorry folk's, no Altaïr. :D

Rank: (Optional)
Appearance: (Again, Optional)

<My Character>
Name: Hyshïïn Salen
Age: 29
Faction/Affiliation: The Brotherhood
Occupation: Master Assassin
Personality: Silent and Reserved.
x1 Crossbow
x1 Hidden Blade
x1 Long Sword
x1 Short Sword
x15 Throwing Dagger's
Bio: Little is known of Hyshïïn before he joined the Brotherhood and he proceeded to climb the rank's at speed. After attaining the rank of Master, he began to search for an Initiate to train personally. He is devout in his cause and will serve the Brotherhood to whatever end.

04-12-2009, 06:10 PM
Name: Cornado
Age: 32
Faction/Affiliation: Himself
Occupation: Exiled Assassin
Rank: (Optional) None
Personality: Rough, Demanding
2x Hidden Blade
15x Throwing Knives
Appearance: (Again, Optional): Maybe Coming Soon
Bio: Cornado joined the Assassins at 25 and quickly flew through ranks till the age 27, when he achieved Master Assassin. Shortly after he attempted to kill the over all Master Al Mualim after he told him of his plot, which nobody believed him about. He was "exiled"(attempted to kill, but escaped) from the Assassins, and replaced by Altair. He has all but disappeared.

04-12-2009, 07:00 PM
Just because I liked the game so much :D lol

Name: Dezoras Trogan
Age: 15
Faction/Affiliation: Normal Citizen
Occupation: Thief
Rank: N/A
Personality: Has a good head on his shoulders. Doesn't show respect to anyone showing authority. Is known by guards as a young troublemaker.
Equipment: nothing but his two hands, and his feet for speed.
Appearance: Medium length black hair, deep blue small eyes. He wears a black sleeveless shirt, and tight black pants. On his left arm he wears a tight fingerless glove that goes up his forearm over his elbow. On his right upper arm he has scar marks that create a symbol that was put there when he was a child.
Bio: Dezoras never knew his parents, from what he was able to figure they were killed when he was still young. But he doesn't linger on the fact that he didn't have them in his life. He focused on surviving in Jerusalem, and that is exactly what he did. Stole what he needed when he needed it. However he never stole from people who also needed money, only from the people he knew wouldn't miss it.

On occasion he has been caught by the authorities, but never apprehended and thrown into jail. He has seen many of his friends however killed in execution, they were killed to be made an example of anyone else who would think of picking a path of crime. This didn't effect Dezoras very much, since this life style was the only one he knew. You fight to live, you fight to survive...

04-13-2009, 04:32 AM
That's the idea Kyvii, everyone love's the Creed. Pray upon the weak! :thmbup1:

04-13-2009, 01:48 PM
Name: Jack Rama
Age: 29
Faction/Affiliation: Knights Templar
Occupation: Templar
Rank: Master
Personality: Cold, merciless
1 x one handed sword
1 x Shield
Appearance: http://lobbymagazine.eu/joomla/images/stories/knightstemplar2.jpg
Bio: He was born in England, and was called to war as any other man. He defeated superior numbers, almost killing himself in the process, and then got accepted into the Templars. After a year of service, he was promoted to a Master, after seeing the old one die.

04-13-2009, 03:59 PM
Can we add more locations?

04-13-2009, 04:21 PM
Oh I forgot to state something, thank's for reminding me though. It mean's current location's, as more will be unlocked as time progresses. PM to me any idea's for faction's, event's to occur, etc. You will be given credit for any idea's you give, so feel free to be loose about it. :D