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Lord Spitfire
04-13-2009, 07:39 AM
Cost of Victory

The Mandalorian war has been raging on for two years, and the Jedi are now in the middle of the fight. Thousands of Jedi followed Revan into the war. These were not deserters, these were not traitors; these were the few Jedi that believed that the lives of trillions were more important than the wishes of a corrupt council. While the war rages on throughout the galaxy, an entire fleet is sent to Draleco, a hugely populated planet in the Republic. The once beautiful planet filled with huge metropolises and at the same time lush forests and great oceans is not a raging battleground. Billions of the planet's inhabitants have died, but with the Jedi helping the battle, there is a new sense of hope for the Republic Troops fighting on the planet. This is the story of the bloody fight between the Republic and Mandalorians on Draleco

Okay, so that introduction is self-explanatory. Draleco is a fictional planet made up by me, and this is the story of the war raging on there. You can choose to be Republic or Mandalorian, and you can fill out your character description like so . . .







Fighting Style:

Side: (Republic or Mandalore)

Occupation: (Republic Soldier, Mandalorian Soldier, or Jedi)

Rank: (For soldiers, from lowest to highest, it goes: Recruit; Private; Lietennant; Corpral; Colonel; Captain/Commando(5 per side); Commander(3 per side); General(1 per side).)(For Jedi, it goes: Apprentice; Padawan: Jedi: Jedi Knight(3)

Here's mine:

Name: Valo Thorax

Age: 27

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Appearance: About 6'2, tanned skin, fit, athletic body but more agile and refined than buff or ripped, longish brown hair, grey eyes, and always wears a black suit modeled off a Sith Assassin's.

Bio: Born on Coruscant, he was brought into the Jedi temple at the age of five. He always pretended to give in to what he calls 'Jedi bull****' but really his beliefs were different than what he was taught. He thinks that a Jedi can use passion, anger, and love like any normal person and still be light sided. Since the war started, he was extremely frustrated at the council's decision not to take part. Naturally, he joined Revan without a second thought. He is charismatic and known through the army for his leadership. He is extremely loyal to his troops and to the cause.

Fighting Style: He is a Jedi Sentinel. He has a silvery blue lightsaber and has a balanced fighting style, mixing in the force with melee combat. His lightsaber skills are based on speed and agility. He uses two blaster pistols he built and upgraded himself.

Side: Republic

Occupation: Jedi

Rank: Jedi Knight (He is the second-in command of the mission. The Republic General is the one in command)

This roleplay is story-based. Write it as you would a fanfic, but you know . . . in a roleplaying way. This shows the horrors of a populus in war, so be descriptive - this is a relatively dark story.

04-13-2009, 08:37 AM
Note: Sorry about the Sev appearance, it's just pretty sweet.

Name: Gerris Kershaw

Age: 24

Species/Race: Human

Gender: Male

Fighting Style: N/A

Side: Mandalorian

Occupation: Mandalorian Officer Caste

Rank: General

Bio: Born to the Kershaw clan of Mandalore, Gerris was meant for great thing's. His childhood was the same as all of his kind, harsh and merciless. He endured, stout at heart, then moved on as was his people's way. His first battle against the Republic saw him leading thirteen men against a three hundred and fifty strong force on Corellia.

Guerilla warfare and immense skill enabled his force's to triumph, though at great cost. Such a stunning victory caught his superior's eye, allowing him to fly through the rank's at such a pace as to achieve General at a very young age. Despite being a youth, Gerris excel's at his work, leading his men to victory after victory.

Fate saw his force's sent to Draleco, a battle in which his future, his destiny, would be defined.


Lord Spitfire
04-14-2009, 04:59 AM
No problem, it's pretty cool and technically since the Clones were cloned off a Mandalorian, it is Mandalorian Armor. Anyways, welcome aboard. Hopefully we'll have some more people joining soon.

04-14-2009, 05:27 AM
I've listed a few rank's of the British Army to help you a bit. Just my two cent's. :D
Lance Corporal
Staff Sergeant
Second Lieutenant
Lieutenant Colonel
Major General
Lieutenant General
Field Marshal

Lord Spitfire
04-14-2009, 07:38 AM
Thanks. I've never been good with remembering military ranks, this helps.

Anyone joining this from now on can take one from your list. I would put it in my post, but it would be weird to fit all into one parantheses. :p

04-14-2009, 07:49 AM
Not a problem, need anything else then just ask. :)

04-14-2009, 08:50 AM
Name: Johra Ulgut

Age: 19

Species/Race: Zabrak

Appearance: His skin is light brown, lots of horns, clear blue eyes. He has a light brown Jedi tunic, and his robe is dark brown.

Gender: Male

Bio: He was born on Coruscant, and was quickly found and adopted by the Jedi. He was trained at the temple on Coruscant, and because of that he has been able to visit his parents alot. When they died, just after he was made a Padawan, he was crushed and almost fell to the Dark side, but his friend and master Valo Thorax saved him (Hope that is okay). He is Valos apprentice/padawan.

Fighting Style: Form VII (Juyo, the most vicious form of lightsaber combat, chaotic and offensive)

Side: Republic

Occupation: Jedi

Rank: Padawan (To Valo Thorax)

Lord Spitfire
04-14-2009, 09:01 AM
It's fine that you're my character's apprentice, as long as you're aware of the fact that they're almost the same age. :p

Anyways, thank you for joining this. Hopefully we'll get some new people coming in.

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Oops! :sweat: Changing immediatley:sweat:

Lord Spitfire
04-16-2009, 04:00 AM
No problem.

Hopefully some more people will join this fic soon.

The Betrayer
04-17-2009, 11:31 AM
Name:Rascaloh Trablo





Bio:Rascaloh Trablo is one of the smartest commanders in the fleet. Being born to a wealthy banking family, Rascaloh had no problem rising up through the ranks of the Republic. His potential was first seen by superiors at the Battle of Serroco, where Rascaloh and a small squad of soldiers under his command were able to disguise as Mandalorians and assassinate a key figure in the Mandalorian Army.

Due to Draleco's strategic importance, Rascaloh has been sent along with his flagship, the Inevitable. He now is on command of all the Republic war effort in Draleco

Fighting Style: Deceptive Tactics, Espionage and Flanking Maneuvers. Rascaloh is also a master of the double-bladed vibrosword.

Side: Republic

Occupation: Republic Soldier

Rank: General

04-19-2009, 05:00 AM
Name: Eras Valdar

Age: 24

Species/Race: Human

Appearance: Height of 6'2; wavy black hair; classically handsome; scar across one eye (like Anakin's in Episode III); deep brown eyes; light, tanned skin; well built and muscular; very agile. Intense and serious personality and cool, calculating demeanor. Wields a green lightsaber.

Gender: Male

Bio: A member of the Jedi Order, trained in lightsaber combat and the ways of the force, He is a Jedi Guardian and relies on brute force and relentless attacks to slay his foes. He was born on the Jedi planet of Dantooine and was detected in the force at the age of three, at this age he began his training. He recieved his Knighthood at the age of 17, the youngest Jedi ever to be knighted. He did not take up a Padawan, even on the Council's urging. He had always sensed a corruption in the Jedi Council and has questioned them several times, he was known to argue with the Council countlessly. He believes a Jedi should embrace his emotions instead of discarding them. When approached to join the Mandalorian Wars by fellow Knight; Valo Thorax, Eras jumped at the chance, being a loyal supporter of Revan he enthusiastically participated in the Mandalorian Wars. He quickly became one of the legendary figures of the Wars and close friends with Valo. He was dispatched to Draleco by The Revanchist to assist General Trablo and Valo Thorax in the battle. Like all the Jedi who followed Revan, he was deemed 'traitor' and made an outcast by the Council (who made it clear that if he ever returned, he would be arrested and expelled from the Order).

Fighting Style: Form Vi (5.1): A custom style created by Eras personally to perfect his lightsaber combat and skill, it is a combination of both Shien and Djem So (with his own personal polish and finish, of course) which he named Eras' Xar.

Side: Republic

Occupation: Jedi Guardian

Rank: Jedi Knight

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