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Black Knight of Keno
04-13-2009, 06:12 PM
Let me tell you the story of a man who once upon a time was taken from his parents to become something greater. But nobody knew what kind of greatness this man was meant for, as the events of his life came as very unexpected. Prior to the Clone Wars, the man was taken into the Jedi Order and trained as a weapon of light. A weapon who struck down his master and fled from the very same Order who had delivered him unto the greater Galaxy from humble beginnings. A weapon who would go on to become one of the strongest Sith after Palpatine's death above Endor.
A weapon who would go on to rule over half the Galaxy, fight against the legendary Sith Hunters to a standstill and bring three interstellar governments to their knees.
He would be known in the great legendariums of the Galaxy as none other than Darth Tepe; he who came from Light, descended into Darkness and harnessed it to become Gray.

The appearance of the Yuuzhan Vong caused a Galaxy-wide panic and turmoil in a five-year invasion none could have foreseen. The Dominion had remained strong, however, and the Galactic Alliance was forced to swallow it's pride and work with the minions of the Lord they had only a few years prior fought against on a Galactic scale. The Dominion of Lord Tepe diminished in size during the years of warfare as the Galactic Alliance found it's democratic backbone and singularity as the peoples united into the fight against the Yuuzhan Vong.
Once the invasion od the Yuuzhan Vong was crushed and the aliens were driven from the Galaxy on the most part, the Dominion grew it's powerbase once more in a move that brought it once more to odds against the Galactic Alliance. Any world which left the Alliance in search of better treatment or more autonomy outside the Galactic Alliance were approached by dark-clad figures promising wealth and power but at the same time individuality as part of Lord Tepe's Dominion. Within ten years the Dominion had through a "Divide and Rule" command style achieved it's former glory. It ranged from the entirety of the Outer Rim to a few planets in the Deep Core, all systems bridged together with strong defenses and proximity sensors.

A century came and went. The Galactic Alliance weakened and then once more rose as the second Galactic power. The once Imperial sects of the Galactic Alliance broke from the Senate, causing a devastating war which caused ripples of chaos to reach as far as the Halls of Lord Tepe, who still sat upon his throne with his loyal wife Charna by his side. He had not seemingly even aged during the decades, through the miracle of the Sith Hunter machine which gave him nearly the immortality that many people sought. As the Empire and Galactic Alliance fought their war, once more the Dominion gained and lost planets to both sides as planets wished to support one or the other. After several years, the war calmed and the Galaxy became split in three parts, of which the Dominion reigned ultimately supreme despite it's location on the outer rims of the Galaxy.
The Fel dynasty rose into power within the reborn Empire and once more Stormtroopers marched upon the streets of many planets within the Galaxy. Many times Lord Tepe and Emperor Fel met their equals in each others as they matched their wits in political and armed struggles on the galactic map as well as having private meetings during peacetime to play chess or dejarik. It was obvious these men had the utmost respect for each others.

Nonetheless, this did not prevent the Galactic Alliance and Empire from succumbing to the New Sith Order which proposed a new way for the Sith. This was something the Old Sith Order could not stand, despite being nearly wiped out through internal struggles and purges by the Jedi and Lord Tepe whenever they attempted to influence Galactic events. They launched their own war against the usurper order, let by the Yuuzhan Vong armored Darth Krayt. They failed, but the combined efforts of Emperor Fel and his Imperial Knights as well as the Dominion Guards under Lord Tepe eliminated this threat from the most of the Galaxy. Ultimately, only the Jedi stood alone and fell, thus causing the Galactic Alliance to become the current Sith Empire through corruption and conquering. As soon as Darth Krayt took over the Galactic Alliance, he unleashed all the ships he could muster and began a great conquest of the Galaxy, starting with what he saw the weaker parts of the Dominion and the Empire.

--- --- ---

And this is where our story begins. The year is 130 ABY. Darth Krayt has as the leader of the Galactic Alliance, albeit much more like a Sith Empire than an Alliance, launched an invasion of the Empire and the Dominion while his minions scour for the last remaining Jedi and wages a smaller scale war where his minions go against both Imperial Knights as well as Dominion Guard and other force user sects prominent with the Dominion.

You may be of any side, but I beg of you to not use any known characters from the comics happening in the Legacy era, but I am open minded if you are seriously that good or know the character that well to have the individual as yours to control. Any characters from the comics are NPCs otherwise.

For those of you who have been around a tad bit longer and wish to join in, I should lay the groundwork for you. This RP is a loose continuation of the Sith Dominion trilogy which began and ended in the Star Wars Roleplaying forums on the Jedi Knight section of LF. Any characters who were part of the RP then or their descendants are free for grabs with the permission of the original RPers and if you have a good reason for them being part of the RP now. For the backstory, links ahoy:
Chapter I (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=168017)
Chapter II (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=171129)
Chapter III (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=175825)
The outdated wiki for the trilogy. (http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Galaxy_Very_Very_Near)
Reading those threads and wiki articles isn't necessary or adviseable, but if you're a backsrtory buff, there you go.

--- --- ---

The following is the basic profile skeleton. I expect everyone to fill one and you are free to add to this skeleton new section as you see fit. In order to join, I expect a rather good grammar and a good length of paragraphs, although the number of paragraphs doesn't matter in itself. Personally I just can't bother with reading someone posting a page of text per post. Just try your best and thou shalt have forgiveness (or a dagger through your back, depending on the situation).


Black Knight of Keno
04-14-2009, 02:13 PM
Name: Gastus Dantes
Age: 24
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/Goshman/Chars/Art/Star%20Wars/JacenCaedus.jpg
Affiliation: Sith Dominion
Bio: Gastus Dantes is the first member of the fourth Generation in the Dantes Dynasty of rulers. He is a direct descendant from Lord Tepe himself and according to some has the same kind of in-tune relationship with the Force as his still living ancestor. His father was not a very force sensitive man and makes his bread shunning the Dominion and working as an honest merchant under the Galactic Alliance flag. As so it's needless to say his father was not the happiest camper on the scene when Gastus announced he would begin training as a Dominion Guard.

Gastus was hindered by one thing, however. He was born blind, but did receive the gift of force sight through miralukan blood from his mother's side. The young man's eyes wouldn't open for the first year and as they were forced open it was revealed they had not developed as they should have and the only way of seeing for the boy would be indeed through the force. Gastus has never covered his eyes, despite the danger of being teased, because he has a naturally intimidating look which is only enhanced by the eyes, which have been colored a deep blood red.

Due to family ties more than anything, Gastus was accepted into the Dominion Guard and concentrated on lightsaber and force training as the rifle training. Lord Tepe had other plans for him however, and drew him out of the training after only a few months, bringing the boy to the Palace and training him to become not just another Dominion Guard, but a true Knight of the Dominion. He was trained to fight against anything which threatened him, the Dominion or the Dantes family. After turning 23, Gastus was Knighted as one of the selected few members of the Dominion's elite soldiers and became a trusted operative under the Lord of the Dominion. As so he was soon sent off to the Galaxy to track down the minions and operatives of Darth Krayt in order to eliminate the threat of these new Sith.
Other: Wields a double-bladed lightsaber with red blades

--- --- ---

Name: Rosha Te
Age: 51
Species: Togruta
Gender: Male
Appearance: http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a116/Goshman/Chars/Art/Star%20Wars/Togrutajedi.jpg
Affiliation: Grey Jedi, New Jedi Order, Sith Dominion
Bio: Rosha Te was once a respected Watchman in the New Jedi Order, having been discovered at an early age and taken under the wing of one of the Council members. He traveled with his master around the Galaxy since he was ten and observed many events which would only grow his belief in the essence of a Living Force. During the decades which went on prior to the emergence of the New Sith Order, Rosha became the Watchman over a system which was partly controlled by the Dominion and as so was forced to cooperate with Dominion officials every now and then. Despite the Togruta seeing the Dominion as inherently a bad thing in the Galaxy as well as an oppressive entity which should be disbanded, the interaction with Dominion Guards and officials leavened Rosha's views on the matter.

By the time of Darth Krayt's bid for power, the Togruta Jedi Master was seen as a Grey Jedi amongst his peers and equals. He had relations with the Sith Hunter organization, the Imperial Knights as well as the Dominion which he had once been very distrustful of and would thus become the first stop for many Jedi that were going into hiding once Darth Krayt began to hunt down and purge the Jedi from the Galaxy. This also made him a trustworthy contact for many force-based organizations in the Galaxy when contacting others or gathering up for one cause or another. Rosha traveled back to his homeworld of Shili and hid himself in the wilderness due to the Sith coming after him and his knowledge of the Jedi locations. He once more began wearing old traditional Togruta garments with the Togruta sash and and ornate akul-tooth headdress being the first to be adopted into his garments, as this not only disguised him from those who would have studied his old appearances and came after him with that as a basis, but also to gain access to Togruta colonies all over the planet, thus enabling him to skip from city to city without much effort.
Other: Wields a single curved hilt lightsaber with a forest green blade and a electrum finish on the hilt.

04-15-2009, 10:42 AM
Name: Rellis Thren

Age: 26

Species: Human (Sith Hunter)

Gender: Female

Appearance: Image: Rellis Thren (http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/2800000/Lucy-lucy-kate-hale-2818567-299-450.jpg)

Affiliation: Sith Hunters

Bio: A daughter of Jahara Tal-Thren, Rellis grew up calling the older Sith Hunters 'Uncle' and 'Aunt'. Both of her parents were strong in the Force and Rellis inherited that strength as well. When she was younger, she looked exactly like her mother, but her hair has darkened into a darker reddish brown in recent years.

Reibe began training Rellis after the girl's eighth birthday. Shortly after she turned fifteen, Rellis learned of the Sith Hunter Machine and became curious. Two years later, at seventeen years of age, she successfully located the machine and went to see it. As soon as she locked eyes on the machine, she fell into a Force-induced trance in which she saw the pain and suffering of everyone who had ever gone through it. When the trance ended, she recovered her senses and found Reibe standing next to her.

"So much pain for so worthy a cause," Reibe told her. Then she asked Rellis if she felt she was ready to undergo the procedure. Rellis was hesitant at first, but Reibe promised to help in every way she could. Honored that Reibe felt that she was ready for this, Rellis entered the machine. Her physical appearance was then locked in at seventeen and would remain so for hundreds of years to come.

Rellis continued training under Reibe until she turned twenty, at which point Reibe declared her a true Sith Hunter and called her 'Sister'. With her training thus complete, she went on several joint missions with other Sith Hunters. More recently, she has been given missions on her own. She is now twenty-six years old.

Other: Rellis has a single, dual-phase lightsaber. The primary blade is full-length and dull orange; the secondary blade is half-length and bright green.

04-16-2009, 09:11 AM
Name: Dakran Ardles
Age: 28
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Grey Jedi, Galactic Alliance Remnant
Bio: Born on Coruscant to a family of wealthy doctors, Dakran was assumed by his family trade and become a doctor however when the family brought in an injured Jedi women into their home when she suffered a blaster wound she obtained from protecting the family getting mugged on the way home from an opera (batman style). Whilst staying with the family, the Jedi sensed a great deal of power from then seven year old boy. She was able to convince the family that the life of a Jedi was right for Dakran.

He entered a generic life of a Jedi. Being trained in the style of the old order, he was introduced to the force by various different masters before being picked by Jedi Master Knox to train. The next eleven years of his life was consumed by training and missions for the Jedi Order. Everything went swimmingly until Dakran was instructed to learn force lightning. Though a dark side move, Knox believed his student was strong enough to resist temptation. And at first he was, however the more Dakran used it, the closer to the dark side he crept.

During a mission to the outer rim, Knox was shot by mercenaries who wanted to claim a bounty on the Jedi. Enraged and fueled by his hate, Dakran stalked his master's killers to the Hutt's palace where he proceeded to purge the palace of it's criminals. After three hours, all that remained in the palace were the slaves who Dakran set free. It wasn't until he stepped outside the palace which he had turned into a blood bath did he realize what he did.

Seeking some advice, he revisited his past, hoping to get some council for his mother however when he found her he was disturbed to know that she had left his father. What hurt him even more was that she disowned him when their conversation was interrupted by her new family. He grew extremely angry and it took all his concentration to control his feelings. He disowned his mother and retreated from her Coruscant estate. Though he was emotional damaged, he realized what he had to do.

He entered a self imposed exile until he could control the dark side within him. After spending many years training and self discovery, Dakran has returned to the known galaxy, surprised to see war has once again gripped the galaxy.

Other: N/A

Black Knight of Keno
04-17-2009, 10:32 AM
Welcome steven. We need more folks though...

Come on, we won't bite. Promise.

04-21-2009, 03:49 PM
What's wrong, Tepe... three players not enough for you? You're delaying this too long; I'm coming up with new characters to torture you with... for example, a sister to Gastus :p

Name: Alena Batel

Age: 21

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Appearance: Image: Alena Batel (http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_lSxy4S7hgW0/SP65lqCCjrI/AAAAAAAAB38/DFp8s2zjjY4/s400/juliannehough.jpg)

Affiliation: Appears to fluctuate, but her true affiliation is Sith Dominion

Bio: Only a handful of people high within the ranks of the Sith Dominion know that the woman called Alena Batel did not carry that name at birth. At birth, she was Deitra Dantes, younger sister to Gastus Dantes. Unlike her elder brother, Deitra inherited her father's eyes and was thus able to see perfectly. However, this also diminished her dependence on the Force and so she was not as skilled in use of the Force as her brother.

By far the wilder of the two children, Deitra ran away from home at fourteen years of age. At this time, she took on the name Alena Batel. During the next six years, she accepted training from Jedi and Sith, and even from the Sith Hunters. Having thus sampled all three paths, Alena returned to the Dominion and revealed her true identity to Tepe and Charna. They politely informed her that they were aware of who she truly was and that they had a use for her.

The Alena Batel identity was fully established at that time with the aid of some of the Dominion's most talented slicers, all traces leading back to Deitra Dantes were eliminated, and she was presented as a freelance spy and assassin. She has several arrest warrants on her head and a few bounties as well, but Charna trained her intensively in six months to utilize the Force in methods of distraction and evasion and so she has never been caught.

What the majority of the galaxy does not realize is that Alena Batel only pretends to be freelance. Every single job that she takes comes directly from the Dominion.

Other: Alena wields a single lightsaber, dark green blade; also carries an assortment of poison capsules, a nine-inch knife, and a functioning replica of a DL-44 blaster pistol her father gave her at thirteen years of age when she announced firmly that she would not become a Knight of the Dominion.

Black Knight of Keno
04-21-2009, 04:11 PM
Pfah. Fine. To lure the rest of you moral beings into joining, I'm going to carve a kitten into small tiny bits and mail the pieces to each and every one of you until you join the RP :P

04-21-2009, 11:31 PM
Keno, I betcha if you start this thing and us few who've actually joined it start posting such greatness as has never been witnessed by the young eyes of those around us, their eyes will pop clean out of their heads and a few may join. I'm gonna try and get in touch with one more person, but if this fails, I'm going to start demanding that we get this thing rolling anyway :p

Black Knight of Keno
04-22-2009, 10:45 AM
Well, it would somewhat mellow out my bloodlust to see their eyes pop out of their sockets


I'll start this maybe today or tomorrow-ish

Blessèd Sith
04-25-2009, 01:32 AM
I only just got Writer's request <___< Work has consumed my soul.

I will, when I'm not dead from work, take a further look into this -- I literally have not been on the computer in at least a week. Sadness. u_u