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Act I - Becoming The Vampire

New York City, 1913

It was all so simple then. I was just like any other teenage boy living in the city. Well, in all the ways that you would notice as I walked in the sunlight. My parents were not living together, and I was living in a large flat near Times Square, along with my father. My mother didn't exactly leave him in the sense that you would think. She chose to live with a friend of hers, when she found out that she was sick. The sickness wasn't serious as I was told to my face. But soon after, I overheard my father talking with the doctors one day. They weren't sure why she was sick, and could find nearly nothing wrong with her, aside from two small incision-like wounds on her neck. I rarely saw her, but when I did, she seemed to calm down at the sight of me. Other times, she would act much more violently, sometimes even hurting the nurses that attended to her. I didn't know what to think of it all then. The only thing I could think of doing is hoping that she would get better. Oh, the foolish thinking of a child.

A few weeks later, she seemed to recover. She wasn't as violent anymore, and she felt better. After she came home, I felt relieved, just as any child would. The bond between a mother and child is always strong. In my case, I believed that, and knew it to be true. I spent nearly all the time I had with her, when I wasn't at school, or helping my father. Even if I was at the age where I would want to, in a way, break away from my parents, I still felt the safest with them.

The next few days, she slept in my bed during the night. Why, I didn't think to wonder, but still, I felt the love, felt the emotion that pours from my soul when I am near her. I believe that there is a subtle paradise, when a child is wrapped in his or her mother's arms. Both feel safe, and both love each other beyond trivial reason. But even as this whole thing seemed to be without problems, soon enough the problems become a smack in the face.

One night, I awoke, finding my mother standing over me, her figure hidden by the absence of light in the room. She had a look in her eyes that scared me. It wasn't the sort of look that made me think I had done something wrong, but the sort of look that made my skin crawl, and my bones shiver. She leaned over me, her mouth catching the light. It was covered in blood, two of her teeth longer than I had remembered. Then, I didn't know what was going on. As expected, I only knew half of the truth then.

The next second, I see her pulled away from me, and thrown against a wall. The man that stood there, I didn't know, nor had ever seen. He said nothing, but from where he was, he could clearly see where I was. He took one of the decorative swords from the wall, and stabbed it through her heart. She fell to the floor. I wanted to protest this, but my fear stopped me. Turning toward me. He smiled. The same fangs I saw in my mothers mouth, I saw in his. I didn't move, and he somehow knew I wouldn't. He leaned over me, and looked right into my eyes. His eyes were dark red, and as he looked into mine, I fell into a cold abyss, known as sleep.

When I awoke, I found myself laying on a bed with silk sheets, in a room with a raging fire. I looked at my skin. It was pale, almost white. I got out of the bed, and looked into of the mirrors in the room. My eyes had the same red color as that man's had. I also had the same fangs he had. He entered the room, just as I turned to face him.

"Ah, your awake. Feeling better?" He said, a fatherly overtone doting his words.

I was feeling better. At least, better then I had back in that bedroom.

"Yes." I turned away, back to the mirror, then back to the man. "What did you do to me?"

He smiled, and walked towards me as he spoke. "I did the same thing to you as I did your mother. I made you a Vampire, a creature of the Night."

I could believe what he was telling me. The only reason I did, was because of how I now looked. If anyone could argue in this position, it certainly wasn't me. But even as I knew of Vampires, I didn't know as much about them as this man obviously did.

"Vampire? Doesn't that mean I have to drink blood, and can't go out in sunlight?"

"Yes, all true. But that doesn't mean you are lesser than a human, no." He laughed as he spoke. "Far better than them, even."

Above all, their was one question that I knew I couldn't just throw to the wind. The one thing that anyone would likely ask in its situation.

"Why did you do it? I mean, turning my mother, killing her, then turning me?"

He sat down on the bed as I did. "I have a goal that I want to accomplish, one that I cannot do alone. While I do have many others that follow me, I needed someone to share it with."

"What are you planing on doing?"

He stood, and motioned for me to do the same. I followed him, and he answered my question, just as we entered a large hallway, with two staircases leading to the lower floor, and shiny, reflective red walls. "Soon, I will tell you. But there is something you know you must do. I will teach you to shed the fear you will undoubtedly have of it."

We entered a large dining hall, with a fountain in the middle of it. Blood poured from the spouts, and the sight of it made my senses go wild. He took a silver goblet from a nearby table, and put it under one of the fountain's spouts. The cup quickly filled, and he turned, handing it to me. I took it without hesitation. Staring at my reflection in the blood, I put the cup to my lips, and drank it like it was my last. The feeling that it presided my body, mind and soul with was amazing. I felt even more open than I had when I first awakened as a Vampire.

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I like it. I hope to see more.

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Act II - A Devious Dream Destroyed

Early 1933, Germany - Von Blut Estate, fifteen miles from Berlin

I soon learned of things that scared me. Things that even today, make my bones shiver at the thought of it. The "goal" that my Vampire Master, Kristopher, had was something that I found somewhat comforting, and scary at the same time. As the first World War passed before our eyes, the people involved chose to flee Germany, and thus avoid imprisonment. It was only after that Kristopher got seriously involved with the German government. When a new Chancellor took the position, my Master wanted to know his plans, his idealism, and above all, what he wanted to do to bring Germany to greatness. My Master suggested the idea of breeding an army to this new Chancellor, who I later found out, through direct contact, was named Adolf Hitler. After he asked, Hitler inquired about my master's use of the word "breed". While I understood in full, what my master meant, it was obvious that Hitler didn't. My master explained it all. What he was, what I was. He mentioned me, just to assure Hitler that I wasn't going to be a problem. Well, or so they thought.

The army that my Master spoke of, was to be any brave soldier to join the German Military. Any of them that would accept getting bit, and afterward, willing to drink blood. First for the turn, next for the thirst. Hitler, was overjoyed. He loved the idea, and set about his part, reorganizing the German Military. All the soldiers what were turned, were in secret. I almost loathe myself for willingly turning many of these soldiers. It does bring me some peace to know that I killed many of them later, but even then, I still helped kill millions because I was "following orders".

Next, I found myself wearing their colors and styles, and in some ways, liking it. By 1935, Hitler told my Master of a plan, that was to eradicate the very thing that had previously sent the country to the hellhole that Hitler pulled it out of. At first, I had some thought as to what he was planning on "eradicating". His use of the term obviously meant it was something to be done on a large scale.

Even as a Vampire, I was shocked, when Hitler first set up what he called "Concentration Camps". I had heard of these before, places used for keeping prisoners of war. But he had a different use for them. He planned to find every person of Jewish faith, that resided in German territory, and send them to these camps. At first, I thought, likely the same they did. That it was a temporary thing. But then I learned that being at the camps, meant that death was to follow.

Just after I heard this, I felt I must say something. I entered the study, finding my Master reading a book, a blood-fulled glass in his hand. "Why exactly do you think all of this is a good thing?"

He closed the book, and set down the class. Turning to me, he smiled. "Hitler and I think alike in most aspects. In many ways, he has the same hatred for those of Jewish faith, that I do of humans. And while some of the things he has done since that first attack of Poland, I wouldn't have thought of."

"But surely the fact that he is only after the Jews, isn't on par with your goals?"

"In some ways, yes and no. While I would prefer it would be everyone he'd send to those accursed camps, I suppose it wouldn't be fun if he did."

He drank from the glass, and flipped through a nearby open book. Then, he stood, and faced me. "I have something for you. Something that, I think, would fit your appearance."

He opened a nearby wardrobe, and quickly stepped aside. Inside, was a full uniform, not unlike the one that he now wore. But this one was devoid of the usual Swastika emblems and such that adorned his. It was also a light grey color, almost silvery. After I put the uniform on, I noticed that under a large table, was a pool of blood. As I went to lift it, he quickly turned, seeing what I was doing. He grabbed my hand before I could lift the cloth.

"Mind your own business, boy. What's under there is nothing to concern you."

He kept his gaze on me. Even as I knew he was watching, I had to find out this big secret that he apparently had. I jumped over the table. He had a evil look in his eyes, when he saw me throw of the table cloth, revealing what was under it. It was actually five rectangular boxes, each of them with the look of old-style coffins.

"Take one lid off either of those and I swear I'll rip you to bloody pieces."

Tempting the fate, I kicked the lid of one of them with my new boots. Inside, as a quickly found out, was a young boy, wearing what looked like a Hitler Youth uniform. The two bite marks on his neck, and the blood on his mouth, told me the story. I looked that the man that I had, for over the last twenty years, called master. My expression spoke the words I need not. Why?

"Does it matter why?"

I kicked the lid from my path. "Yes, it does. It has to mean more than being nothing! Why did you do it?"

The look on his face was a mixture of pure joy and anger at the same time. "Why do you think? We both know that you aren't fond of what I'm doing. And even as you have been, shall we say, useful in creating the Vampire legions, I can clearly understand that you still have your pathetic, human doubts. Not only that, you seem to think that my allegiance to Hitler means that I share his ideals. I do not. I am merely using him like I so cleverly used your mother to introduce you to Vampires, and then to make you one. Like your mother, I will soon get rid of him, as his use in teaching me how to lead this army is running out." He paused. As he spoke again, he made gestures and emphasized certain words. "And as I've unfortunately seen, you have not been as loyal to me as I had first thought. All those regrets you have, for turning those soldiers, for killing all of those 'innocent' humans, soon won't matter. I was planning on giving you the satisfaction of a quick death, but now I want to give you one that is slow and agonizing."

I wasn't going to take this anymore. I took out the sword that was attached to my belt. He took his own, his expression clearly knowing that I had little chance of beating him at this game. But I took my chances, and kept myself alive. While he tried for my neck, I tried for his torso. My sword went through his body, but not his heart. He pushed me toward a window, the stress of my body against the glass slowly making it crack. I grabbed the sword just as the glass broke, and I fell to the ground. I got up, and headed for the forest.

I didn't care where I would end up now. While I cared little for humans, I liked the world before they began sending it to hell. As I wandered, I knew I was looking for something, or someone to help me with what I wanted to do. If I would find them, before he found me, became the eternal question.

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Rtas Vadum
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Act III - Rise of the Assassin

Darkwood forest, near the Silver Society HQ - Early 1940

I found myself soon after in a forest, located in France, a few miles from the border to Germany. While I had been running from him for two weeks, I was still attacked by a few of his turned Vampires. I only managed to survive their attack because I was clever, nothing else. Had it not been close to morning, I would be dead. I had found a few lost souls who satisfied my thirst for blood. But even then, there wasn't much for me to do. Unless I could find someone to help me, it would be foolish to try and take on my Vampiric father and all of his turned Vampires. My only problem is that I really couldn't just ask someone to help. It was the kind of help that needs to be understood and then offered, not asked for.

The forest I kept myself in was very dark, and kept the sunlight from my skin, and thus kept me from that fate. But I was still lonely. And if I stayed as I was, it would be endless.

I was found soon after by someone, who didn't tell me his name, at least at first he didn't. He took me to a large building, near the forest. It was then that I was told he was from the Silver Society, a organization that keeps supernatural matters in order. I knew in this case he meant Vampires, and this made me wonder why he didn't kill me.

He left the room, and I over heard the conversation he had with someone else from the society. Apparently, from what I heard, this other man was not fond of one of their members directly coming in contact in such a way with a Vampire. He also asked why.

"Why have you brought that Vampire here? Do you know what he could do, Kurt?"

"Yes, I do know. But as I believe, both the Society and that Vampire have similar goals. You know the dealings Hitler is doing to help him win. Delving into the Occult, into ancient secrets and powers. Because of that, if we are to beat him, the best way is to use his trump cards against him."

"You make a strong point. But what have you found out about him? Do you know if he was human? Who turned him? Hell, even his goddamn name?"

"His name is Reyes. He was turned, by the same Vampire that is on Hitler's side, Kristoph Von Blut. While it seems that Reyes acted as a son of sorts to him, Reyes ran after he found out one of the more devious acts that Kristoph committed. Namely, turning a few of those Hitler Youth boys into Vampires. From all this, you can somewhat see why stopping him is within the best interests of any who will."

"What are you planning on doing with this Vampire? Teach it to kill its own kind? Why would he even accept that?"

"In a way, yes. Teach it to know how to kill, along with helping him, help us. He told me he wants to put and end to Kristoph and the army of Vampires that he spawned. We will give him the training to do so."

Rtas Vadum
06-04-2009, 07:23 PM
Act IV - Learning to Kill

Silver Society HQ, March 1940

From then on, it was constant weapons training, every night. Learning how to use weapons, attack with them, defend with them. But I wasn't complaining. I took it all in, knowing that every trick, every movement, and every tactic could help me stay alive. Both my trainer and I knew that Kris would teach his turned Vampires the same sort of things. But his would be up against humans, and as a Vampire, a human is not difficult to hunt down. But a Vampire, however, is. Unless certain methods are used, they will not go down. It isn't as simple as hefting a machine gun and keep shooting until they go down. Most, if not all Vampires posses powers to heal themselves, some faster then others. This is done by consumption of blood, or through that of personal possessing spirits, called familiars. These are only gained when a Vampire drinks every drop of blood from a creature, be it human or not.

I was given weapons, some designed by the society itself, others that where already in existence. After asking them to alter my uniform, I knew that soon it would come to be killing those Vampires that I created, in essence my own blood. But as I saw it, doing so saved the innocent lives, who had nothing to do with this conflict.

I wasn't scared of what I was becoming. While some of the other 'agents' employed by the society were not to fond of being around me, much less conversing with me, I saw no reason to take it to offense. Above it all, I knew that soon lives will be ended because of the goal I had, both human and Vampire. But through their wish to attack and kill me, proves that they lost their innocence long ago. I would not stop until I reached him, until I could say with the highest level of certainty that he was dead, never coming back.

It was in April of the next year that I left the Society's HQ. They had some of their Intelligence Agents track down a list of targets for me, ones that were known to be part of Division 66. Some of them were humans, but like the Vampires, they signed away their innocence when they entered the division. But I knew that for some of them, merely killing them wasn't enough. Division 66, as my Intel told me, wasn't just created for Vampiric research and development. Its other purpose was to research any and all occultist or religious powers, that could be used to help Hitler win. While I knew this was really something that Kristoph had set up, the guise wasn't as obvious to those high ranking Nazi officers whose loyal to Hitler wasn't changeable.

Being my first time, I was told that my best option was to keep my eye on the task, nothing else. The greatest fall of a creature, is when it loses sight of what it wants, and destroys everything in its path to find it, only to realize that it has become what it wanted to destroy. My last wish was to become like Kristoph, to face all he has, and all he would soon.

One thing that worried me, was facing him again. Even thought I knew that the first time, he, like me, wasn't trying very hard. However, It was likely that both of us would be trying our best to kill the other, when we met face to face again.

Rtas Vadum
06-16-2009, 02:29 AM
Act V - The Assassin Emerges

Nuremberg, Germany - Summer 1941

"Keep running, you know he is after us!"

Two humans, one male, the other female, ran down a dark street. Both of them knew they were being followed, but neither of them wanted to be caught. They knew that if they were, they would face death. The rumors of the assassin weren't pretty, and the things that the high officers let slip, the assassin wasn't meaning his kills to be pretty. Unlike the previously heard of Vampire hunters, he did not just target the Vampires. He went after every person involved with the Reich operations. At least those of a Vampiric nature, anyway. While he had clearly established his hate for the Reich's new order, and even left messages alluding to the fall of Nazi Germany, there was no warrants for his arrest, or capture, rather.

"You know I can't run as fast as you, slow down!" The female yelled, her voice showing her fatigue.

"If we slow down, we are dead. If you want to die, then fine, stop. I have to get this information to the office, and I'm not letting that ******* get his hands on it." The male said, not even thinking of stopping. He knew that the commander might have to kill him afterward, but he would rather be killed knowing the assassin didn't know what he knew.

The two, were both officers that worked in one of the Division 66 offices. The male, Trevor Vondrak, was a chemist from Vienna. He was working on a project that involved Vampires, and with a recent breakthrough, he found a way to allow Vampires to walk in sunlight, without any negative effects. The female,Angela Le Roi, the daughter of a french woman and a German father. She is a engineer, working on a lesser project, but still something relevant. By accident, he found out about the assassin. Earlier this day, he left his home to visit a local bar with Angela.

Upon finding Angela at the bar, he bought her a few drinks, before someone else entered the bar, making their pressense known. He turned, only to see a man dressed in a pseudo-Military uniform, but unlike the one he wore, was silver. The man pointed a gun at Trevor, just as he grabbed Angela and ran. The chase was ongoing, but Trevor wasn't planing on dying this night. In truth, he cared more about himself then the girl, but her death would not cause as many problems as his would

He heard Angela fall, and he turned to help her up. When he did, he saw the man holding her around the neck. Trevor cursed.

"Seem to have lost something, or rather someone, have you? I might not be after her, but she isn't as innocent as she looks." Reyes eyed her neck. "She looks good enough to drink, though..." He paused as he smiled. "...And my thirst is not something I like to ignore..."

"Wait, good enough to drink? What the hell are you?!?" Trevor yelled.

"Surely you already know? You must have worked with some of them. After all, that sunlight cure you've created for Vampires, keeps you from lying to me." Reyes tightened his grip, feeling the girl trying to get away.

Trevor wanted to do something to help Angela, but he found himself unable to make a move to do so. He could just run, but even that wouldn't be enough. While it was true that his life mattered more to the Division, her life mattered more to him. As he tried to run at Reyes, he stopped, only to find a gun barrel placed at his shoulder.


"Yes" Reyes said, pulling the trigger. The force of it knocked Trevor to the ground. He lay there in pain. Reyes saw the wound pushing the bullet out. "Ah, Dhampir, eh? I knew it."

Reyes bit into the girl's neck, savoring the taste and satisfying his thirst for blood. From it, he could see it all. Every thought she ever had, about her work, her family, and about Trevor. He drained it all before throwing her body away, and wiping his lips. He strode slowly over to Trevor, and knelt down. He again put the barrel of the SMG to Trevor's shoulder.

"Tell me what I want to know, or I will kill you." Reyes said, pressing the SMG harder.

"Why should I tell you? Your just going to kill me anyway. Do it."

Reyes discharged a few rounds into Trevor' shoulder, doing the same with the other.

"You see, I would just kill you, but as I said, there is something I want to know. And if I killed you now, I wouldn't be able to ever know." Reyes tore off the jacket and shirt that Markus wore. "But there are other ways for me to find out, other than you telling me."

Reyes bit into Trevor' neck. Like the girl, his blood told him everything about Trevor. His work, his family, and everything he had ever done. He had been made a Dhampir by one of the Vampires that Reyes turned. He also found that Trevor' supposed cure wouldn't work. At least not with the technology that Reyes knew could exist, anyway.

"Vampires have no need to walk in the day. We are creatures of the night, and will forever remain so." Reyes said, throwing away the lifeless body of Trevor.

Reyes knew that with every kill, every new corpse, he was getting closer and closer to his goal. But there were times that his goal seemed to be a fool's errand. While many in the Society thought the same, he knew that could be done. It didn't matter what kind of science that Kristoph had working for him, he would still be dead when Reyes was done with him.

Rtas Vadum
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ACT VI - Into The Den

September 15, 1941 - Outside Division 66 Secret Labs, Dresden

"So, you want to tell me how to get inside this place? You know what happens if you do, and if you don't. You'd best make it easy on yourself and just tell me."

"Eat me demon ****!"

"Wrong answer, *******." Reyes said, before he feasted on the man's blood. "Oh that is just disgusting!" He coughed. "Alcohol. Doesn't do a thing for them, aside from satisfying their thirst, and tainting their blood. Yuck".

Unfortunately, the man knew nothing of how to enter the secret complex. However, it was rather obvious he was guarding a door, one that likely led to the base. The information that he took from Trevor, only said that the facility was used for Research, and Development. While on the outside it looked like a ordinary factory, but the majority of the building was below ground. An obvious setup to someone like Reyes, but most normal people wouldn't see a problem with a very small factory surrounded by a large fence.

After he got the door open, he walked down the set of stairs, that he found lead to a checkpoint area, with two guards standing beside a door. The second they saw Reyes, they didn't move, nor acknowledge him. But when he neared them, he noticed the more heavy-set one move.

"Good Evening sir. May I check your Id?" He spoke slowly, and had an air of respect about his voice. Reyes could tell that the obvious fact that this man thought he was just another person to enter the facility he didn't know. Reyes hated to surprise him, but he was the one who walked into it.

"Well, I don't exactly have one." Reyes said, his custom Walther pistol behind his back. He had it in his right hand, slowly pointing it through the space between his left arm and side.

"Then I'm afraid we cannot allow you access, sir." The other officer finally spoke up.

Reyes smirked. He pulled the trigger, hitting the second officer in the head. The second tried to pin Reyes to the ground, but his neck met with Reyes fangs. Throwing the body away, he opened the door, and entered the complex. Various scientists looked up as he entered. Some didn't move, but others abandoned their work and ran. The ones who didn't move, received bullets for their foolishness.

After he dealt with the remainder of the scientists, learning even more about their various projects, he looked over a set of schematic plans for a warship. The blueprint was marked "Bismarck-class: Immortal". Along with it, was a brief report, that seemed to tell about the previous ship, of the same class:

The Bismarck preformed as expected, but was crippled by British forces. Fate of the survivors is likely to be as prisoners of war. The fürher as authorized the building of a second ship, however, this time, it will attack England itself. The fürher has designated Admiral Emanuel Von Stein to command the new vessel, currently in deep water testing. All Vampires of the Division Sixty-Six offices have been placed under the Admiral's command. Improvements have been made to the hull, armament, and other changes noted. These documents are to be placed under secretive storage at the division sixty-six offices.

A few days later, after Reyes had sent the information to the Silver Society, he received his official orders. His next destination was the port that would hold the ship in one month.

Rtas Vadum
07-09-2009, 10:34 AM
ACT VII - Plans Of Attack P1

October 13, 1941 - 11:55pm, port of Gotenhafen

"I knew it." Reyes, said, as his eyes set upon the large battleship in the port. He knew that this wasn't the first one. From the information he took from the Division 66 base, he knew that the battleship Bismarck had apparently sank months before, but a second sat in the water before his eyes. The ship's commanding staff were all Vampires, the very reason he was here. He had reported the information to the Silver Society, and they gave him the direct order to eliminate all aboard the ship, humans included. The ship's fate, however, they said nothing about. What he would do with it afterward, he had yet to decide. He knew that would depend on what the ship's destination was.

"So, the job is eliminate the 2000 plus souls aboard the ship. Good, I like a challenge. In fact, I'll even let the ship leave the port. Once I'm safely aboard it, that is."

He jumped from the wooden crane that he was perched on, and landed softly on the cement dock. He spotted what looked like a low ranked officer smoking a cigarette on the dock. This gave him an idea. He hid for a minute, making sure the officer wasn't going to be joined by another. When no one came, he revealed himself, and slowly walked up to the officer.

"Hey, vhat are you doing around here? You know this area isn't a public one, right?" He spoke with the annoying accent that Reyes didn't like. He was young, a few years older than Reyes looked.

"Yeah, I know. I just like the ship. You work on it?" Reyes said, trying to avoid the fact that he wasn't supposed to be there.

"Yeah, I do. Vhy do you ask?"

"Wasn't there a ship like this that sank? A few months ago?" Reyes asked.

"Yeah. It vas covered up though, as two of these were made. Only one vas made public." He took a long drag from the cigarette before he dropped it to the ground, and crushed it with his shoe. "So vhy are you sneaking around here?"

Reyes laughed. He jumped on the man, biting into his neck. The officer's blood told him his rank(which he was surprised to learn), his schedule, and the best thing of all: when the ship was to depart. He dropped the body, before he stashed his own clothing into his bag. Donning the officer's uniform, he looked down at his corpse. "Rest in hell, human." He said, as he walked up the ramp to the ship.

When he entered the bridge, he wasn't given attention, which was a plus. He knew what some officers might have been aware that he was in town, but it seemed that none of them were very worried. Why, he didn't know, but the likely reason is that they thought their Vampires would be able to take him down. They were sadly mistaken.

"Vizeadmiral! The admiral wants to speak to you!" A officer called to Reyes. It was a perfect opportunity, but he was going to wait to kill the Admiral, until they were away from the dock. He nodded at the man who spoke to him, and headed up to the Admiral's bridge. The design of the ship was all known to him, and this finding it wasn't to hard. Even if he didn't know the plans for the ship, there were directional posters everywhere. In German, but he knew the language, something he wasn't very fond of.

Entering the bridge, the Admiral turned. One look at him told Reyes that he was, indeed, a Vampire. His eyes were red, just like the all Vampires. His skin was pale, but the warm light in the room hid that from the human officers around him. He didn't yet know that Reyes wasn't really the officer he sent for, or that Reyes was a Vampire like himself.

"Ah, Vizeadmiral. So glad you could join us. You know zat smoking habit of yours could kill you, don't you? Anyway, ve are leaving in three hours."

"Where are we headed Sir?" Reyes asked, masking his voice to sound like the dead officer.

"'Our destination is a matter of secret. It is only due to your rank that I have the life to tell you. Our first target of destruction vill be England. But this ship vill not be attacking the mainland. In France, ve vill board a Zeppelin to attack the Country from the air."

Later, while Reyes was enjoying the officer's state room, he laughed at the plan. "Sounds like a dumb idea. To think that something like that would come out of Der Führer's mouth. Wait..." He then knew. It wasn't from Hitler's. It was from Von Blut. "But why would England be the target? What is it to him?" Reyes had no idea why his former master would hate England. It was obvious why Hitler would hate it.

Two days later, when they were miles off the coast of Norway, Reyes didn't put his officer uniform on, but rather his own. He left the uniform neatly folded on the bed, and left the room. Venturing to the ship's bow, no one seemed to be at their posts yet. Aside from the men at the helm. He knew they couldn't see him, as they were human. Looking out over the vast sea, he felt calm. He knew that a storm was coming, and he could see it on the horizon. It was a junior officer who first disturbed him. A young man, obviously looking for glory by killing. Reyes could see every thought he had, even before the man approached him.

"Um, sir, I have to ask, what are you doing here at this hour? You aren't needed for duty until noon." He said, not noticing the differently colored uniform, nor the weapons Reyes had around his waist. He probably thought Reyes was just another high ranked officer that he hadn't yet seen. All the same.

"Tell me kid, what did you join this crew for?" Reyes asked.

"I...I want to bring some glory to my country. Make it great."

"And you wish to do so by leveling England to the ground? That will bring you and your country glory?"

"Um, sir, isn't it your country too?"

Just after the man finished, Reyes plunged a blade through his chest. "It is unfortunate, but your innocence was thrown away when you joined this group. Lost when you have the wish to kill others for glory." Reyes threw the man's body in the water, and licked the blood off his blade. He turned his head, noticing the faint rays of the rising sun.

"And here, is were I hide." He said, running below decks, finding a hiding place. "Soon, the Admiral, then Von Blut."

Rtas Vadum
07-11-2009, 09:17 AM

OCTOBER 16, 1941 - 6:25 pm, 20 miles off coast of France

"It is very lucky for me that the commanders of this operation are Vampires, so they would act in the night hours." Reyes said as he watched men making preparations to leave the ship. Luckily, they had not yet landed, and such he was able to stop them all from leaving the ship. Since the previous night, he has disposed of the few men who found him, but they were all low ranking officers, and no one that would be missed. He had not only disposed of their bodies, but knew what they knew, which wasn't much. That, along with having their name-plates would make a fine display for the Admiral, once he met him before the barrel of his gun.

Reyes had been sneaking around the ship all day, keeping out of sight. His goal at this point was to find out what he could, but he couldn't just walk around like he had. Then, no one had noticed his difference from the real officer. But now they would, and that was something that would make the slaughter harder, since they would be armed, and thus not want to fail to kill him.

"What do you think happened to the Vizeadmiral?"

"I don't know, but the Admiral doesn't much care. He knows that something is up, but he doesn't want to say what. I think it has something to do with that Vampire assassin that attacked the secret base in Dresden a few months ago." Another, supposed senior officer said.

"What happened there? Did he kill everyone? Or blow the place up?"

"He not only killed and drained everyone, he blew up all the buildings close to it. How he did that, I don't know. It was likely the store of explosives they had there."

While the mood aboard the ship wasn't panicked, Reyes could tell that many of the officers knew something was up, they just didn't know what. Like the conversation he had heard, much of what they knew was speculation. The Admiral knew he was here, he just didn't know where. This presented a slight problem for Reyes, as at this point many officers were walking around on deck armed, and thus a bit harder to take them down. But no matter, bullets wasn't the real problem he would have to face.

It was around midnight that Reyes chose to act. Unlike other assassins that would silently kill the occupants of the ship, Reyes wanted to play with his foes. After he revealed himself, they came to him like moths to a burning flame. Some he stabbed, others he threw overboard. Many of the humans he fought acted like they too were immortal. "Too much to hope for" Reyes thought to himself as he shot, stabbed, and fed from the courageous humans who wished to kill him. Many of the higher ranked officers were more courageous and in various ways smarter, but in the end, they too met their end.

After Reyes swept the lower decks, he returned topside, to find the Admiral waiting for him, standing on the center of the bow's swastika. Behind Reyes, a fire raged, threatening to send the ship to a watery grave. Both the Admiral and Reyes knew that it wouldn't however, since the sea was beating against the ship so much, spilling water over the decks like the hull was only a few inches high. The Admiral had a sword in his hand, one similar to the one that hung on Reyes's belt.

"Here it ends, Assassin. He told me you might try this, even to see what you could do. I am impressed, however, I still am not fond of the fact that you had to kill hundreds of my men to prove your worth to my master. But no matter. He as instructed me to end you. And as I am loyal, I will do as he orders." The Admiral flourished the sword, finishing at a posed stance.

"Fine, fine." Reyes slowly pulled out his own sword, the metal scratching against the sides of his sheath. He did not flourish his."But before we start, there is something I feel we must each do."

The Admiral scoffed. "And, what might this be?"

"I think it only proper to introduce ourselves. If only to know who may kill you, and who you might kill. To some this is a trivial thing, but nothing is worse than not knowing who ended your life. Or the life that you gracefully took"

"Very well. I am Emanuel Von Stein, Commander of the Bismarck-class Battleship Immortal. The command was given to me by Der Führer himself." He closed his eyes for a few seconds, opening them again, just before Reyes made his introduction.

"Interesting resume. Reyes Von Blut, the Blood Assassin. A Vampire created by Kristoph Von Blut, I now partially work for the Silver Society, helping end this meaningless war that your masters have started, over belief, not solid reasoning." Reyes flourished his sword, then reversed his hold on the grip. The next move they made was the same. They ran at each other, and jumped. A dozen feet over the ship, the two fought. Their swords clanging as they hit. It was clear to both that neither of them had no intentions of losing.

"I see you are not like Kristoph's other fledgling." Emanuel said, smirking.

"Other fledgling?" Reyes said. He knew of those Hitler Youth boys that Kristoph said he had plans for, but this "other" seemed to be more than a little boy turned Vampire.

"Of course you wouldn't know, how silly of me."

Reyes caught Emanuel's sleeve, creating a large hole in his jacket, and a gash in his skin. The Admiral didn't flinch, but Reyes knew he felt it. Their blades met again, this time locking. Each tried to overpower the other, with unsuccessful results. Reyes punched Emanuel in the stomach, and ramming him down on the deck, coming close to breaking through. Reyes set himself softly on the deck, and watched the Admiral slowly stand up.

"You know, in a way, I almost don't want to kill you. But as it is, my orders aren't retractable, nor something I will disobey." Reyes slid a finger down the edge of his blade, and licked the blood from his fingers.

When the Admiral stood facing Reyes again, his face was scarred. His eyes were bleeding, and were glowing red. The jacket the Admiral wore was torn, and thus he tore it off, throwing it on the deck. "You maggot. I grow tired of this." The Admiral pulled two mp40 smg's from the back of his belt, and pointed them at Reyes. He smiled as he saw Reyes did nothing to prevent the bullets tearing into his clothing and flesh. Within minutes, the triggers on the smg's clicked, letting them both know their clips were empty. Reyes smirked as he slumped onto the deck, laying in a pool of his own blood.

The Admiral laughed. His blood curling laughter echoed into the night sky. "This is it? This is all the 'Blood Assassin' has? PATHETIC!" The Admiral turned toward the deck railing. Even if he had failed in reaching the secured port in France. He did do one thing that he was ordered to do: Kill the assassin. The attack plan was a fake from the start. The idea was to trap Reyes on the ship, and then kill him. Both things the Admiral had done, and it was over. He'd knew it was actually the assassin masquerading as the ship's captain the second he saw him enter the Admiral's bridge.

"Its all over. There is no other to oppose my master."

"Are you sure about that?" Reyes said, before he plunged his sword through the Admiral's chest. He coughed up blood.

"How...." The Admiral said, through the blood pouring out of his mouth, eyes and nose.

"Like you said. I'm not like any other." Reyes kicked the Admiral in the face, which knocked him over the railing, and into the water, sealing his fate. He hit various things on the way down, slicing his body up like paper.

Rtas Vadum
07-15-2009, 12:50 PM

October 17, 1941 - 8:50 PM, 25 Miles Off Coast Of France

Reyes stood on the charred hulk of the Immortal, looking out on the open sea. He had no regrets about what he had done, nor will he ever regret it. The time since he first left New York all those years ago felt like a non-stop moving-picture that he was forced to watch. It was only here that he felt it was finally over, even thought he knew that the game that he chose to start had yet to see its seen it's end. Only here, after he disposed of the Admiral, is where he felt that he truly had control of his life. Some would say that he made his choice years ago, minutes before he left the Von Blut estate. But he believed otherwise.

Even before Reyes left the Estate, Hitler and Kristoph created an image for the German army and navy that forced fear into the minds of those who wished to oppose them. The ones who still stood after seeing them, signed their own death certificate. The very symbol that adorned many of the uniforms, helmets, and other things concerning the German's, it now did the same as the entire package. Even the ship had the logo emblazoned on the deck, both at the stern and bow. Now, both of the symbols were covered by blood, due to being recessed, creating a channel of blood, which seemed to echo the memories of those who have and will lose their lives because of a pointless war.

The fires had went out during the day, and most of the remaining officers were disposed of by Reyes or they were the ones who took Reyes' hint, and took their death, either using their own sidearm, or the water. If any more of them were still below decks, Reyes did not know. But it was likely that if they were, they would either be hiding, or on the way up to try their luck. More false hope given by the hysteria of a supposed thousand year empire. Far to daunting a task for a human.

Looking into the water, he saw a reflection that would have scared him as a child. Even though he was, by humans standards, only just beyond legal, the image he presented gave those who saw him a reason to get away, a reason to fear him. His eyes, previously blue, shined red when he felt the anger boiling his blood, or when he'd just fed. His hair, lightly tended to, was black as the night sky. None of these changes bothered him, nor did he ever wish it would change back.

Many times he had wondered exactly why he wanted Kristoph dead. At first, it was because he didn't like the fact that he was being cast aside for the Hitler Youth boys he thought would serve him better. But that didn't satisfy the emotion. All it did was bring in more questions, such as 'is that really the reason?'. Logic told him that it made no sense, because he didn't even know the boys, and had no care for them. Then he thought of what Kristoph had did over thirty years ago. It was really the deaths of his parents, which he knew deep down that Kristoph caused, that made Reyes want him dead. That aside, he treasured the gift that Kristoph had given him, the only thing that Reyes could genuinely thank him for.

"The question now, is where I go from here." He said, looking down at the swastika that he stood on. His main problem, was the fact that the ship was, without shadows of doubt, unable to move. While Reyes knew how to man the controls, he also knew the engines where non-operational. He did have the option of swimming, but that was not the smart choice, since his skin and water did not like kissing.

The reality of the situation hit him like a truck. The only thing he could tell himself was that he wanted the ship to move, but that wouldn't do any good. He sat on the deck, again looking out on the surface of the water. "Might as well be a rat in a watery cage, surrounded by a million catfish."

A vibration in the hull made him jump to his feet. "What the hell was that?" He looked around. Nothing. His eyes, nor his senses, said nothing about anyone around him. Running to the deck rail, he nearly collapsed with laughter. The ship, as it seemed to Reyes, was moving. Why, he couldn't exactly tell, but he did remember something Kristoph said about him being able to move objects with his mind. While that did explain the problem, Reyes knew that Kristoph likely wasn't referring to a large ship. Running to the bridge, Reyes checked the compass. It said he was heading west, back towards Germany.

When he returned to the bow, the speed of the ship had increased. He howled with laughter at the thought of the people who would see the devastated hulk float by. Where Reyes would stop the ship, he was going to leave up to time.

"Kristoph, I'm coming for you. The time to end this pissing match is now."

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08-09-2009, 10:28 PM
Act X: The Sacking Of Berlin

June 6, 1942 - Near The gates of Berlin, Germany

"So, its the time, is it? Berlin will fall once the impending armies reach these gates. And with it, the Order Of The Third Reich falls." Circe loaded a clip into her pistol, and slid it casually into its holster. She turned to Reyes.

"Yes, it is. But we both know that Kristoph isn't going to be the one to fall today. Nor will Hitler. It is only Berlin that will fall to those who wish to obtain it."

Reyes and Circe had been given orders to reach the Reich's governing buildings before the human armies arrived. They already were, thought they knew the humans wouldn't arrive for another day. They would use this night to capture Kristoph and Hitler, if possible. Reyes had his doubts about this, but not exactly about capturing him. It was about the escape plans that he knew Von Blut would have. Then there was the legions of Vampire soldiers that would be guarding the gates. However, they would be their target practice this night.

As they raced toward the complex, their long-ranged sight told them that most of the complex was guarded, either by patrolling guards, or by mounted machine guns. Another challenge. They found some cover, but knew that sooner or later the bullets would have to start flying.

"So, any plans?" Circe could think of nothing herself, and didn't fancy getting shot to bits.

"No, but I'm going to see how fast they are on their triggers." Reyes said, before he hurled himself from cover, and grabbed his Walther.

"ARE YOU INSANE?!!?!" Circe yelled after him.

The second the gunners spotted him, they opened fire. Reyes took out two men with his Walther, but that was when a storm of bullets tore of his arms and gravity dropped them to the ground. He merely smiled as the rest of his body was blown open or apart before the remains fell to the ground. Many of the soldiers laughed at what they thought was stupidity, but it was more like insanity, like Circe said. She however, was not about to copy Reyes in anyway. She sat there, almost cursing Dimitri for sending her with him.

"WHAT THE HELL?" One of the German soldiers shouted.

Circe looked back, only to find the fragments of Reyes' body moving. The pool of blood he was laying in seeped back into his body, restoring each piece. A few seconds later, it was complete, and he opened his eyes. His red eyes shown like fire in the night, causing many of the soldiers to try and shoot him down again. This time he raised his hand, pulling the panzer-shreck from his back, and fired it until it was empty. The damage left nearly seven guns destroyed, along with their operators. Their gateway into the complex had just been made.

"I'll tell you later. For now, lets get to the gardens. I want to see what surprises Von Blut may have laid for us".

As they reached the middle of the gardens, they were suddenly surrounded by nearly a dozen black shadows. These shadows took bipedal forms. They were Vampires as far as Reyes could tell. Ten of them were turned by Von Blut, and the last two, by Reyes himself. One of them stepped forward. This one wore a black SS uniform, with silver detailing and trimmings. He had unevenly cut black hair, and the same normal silvery eyes that Reyes had.

"I never thought I'd get to meet you, the Blood Assassin. The reason I am what I am. My name is Markus Von Blut."

"Interesting. You must not want to kill me all that much, since you've been so kind as to introduce yourself. Why exactly did you take his name?" Reyes wasn't very fond the last name he had assumed, but as his name seemed short without it, he always used it.

"I took it because you did. Even if I serve Kristoph, I still think of you as my maker, which you are." Markus pulled his sidearm from its holster, which prompted Reyes to do the same. Time seemed to stand still, waiting for the beginning of the contest between the master and the misguided servant.

It was Markus who shot first, the second each of their barrel's hit the others forehead. Reyes fired seconds after, causing both of them to fall backwards. Circe gasped, and the other Vampires simply laughed at the scene that played out before them. Reyes jumped to his feet, as Markus back-flipped onto his. The both smirked as they fired round after round, every one missing the target of intention.

"So tell me, did Kristoph teach you this, or was it one of those pathetic officers who don't know a dammed thing about using a weapon?" Reyes had a subtle feeling that Markus wasn't really trying to kill him. He was ready for him, if that was his intent, but if Markus would change sides, he would be an valuable asset in the coming fights.

"It was Kristoph, and oddly, you fight just as well." Markus grabbed a mp40 from his side, and filled Reyes with bullets. Reyes nearly keeled over laughing, as they all watched the bullets being pushed from Reyes' flesh, and dropping to the ground.

"You should know that both of us are above that sort of death."

The next time Markus spoke, it wasn't through his mouth. "Tell me. I have ask something that you may not accept. I have no intention of killing you, as you may have already guessed. However, we would have to deal with the others, as it wouldn't be fitting for any of them to let Kristoph know so soon."

Reyes answered the same way. "I can deal with that. In fact, that is what I was hoping you would be after. So, how do you propose...?"

Rather than answering that unsaid question, Reyes simply nodded to Circe, the three each fired round after round at the remaining Vampires. Several of them tried to run, but those were the fools that Reyes chose to feed from, each of them falling quickly. The few that Circe dealt with gave her a hard time, thinking that she, being a female, wasn't even a challenge for them. She proved the four wrong by decapitating two with her bare hands, feeding from one, and breaking the last's arms and legs, before she twisted his neck. She then fed from his still warm blood. The five Markus dealt with went down quickly, because he knew all of their moves, and knew exactly how they would act. They played right into his hands, and he removed theirs.

When finished, the Markus provided Reyes with the in-tell that Kristoph would be held up with Hitler in the Chancellery building, and that was their best bet to find them.

When they entered its main hall, they were met by humans that tried to take them down. "A foolish move" Reyes thought, as he and Markus mowed them down with Machine gun fire. Reaching the main chambers, they found no one. All the offices were checked, along with nearly every room in the building. Markus had thought they would be here, causing Circe to doubt that he'd really changed sides.

"You moron! You're probably leading us into a trap!" She yelled at Markus like she was his sister.

Reyes didn't think the same, however. "No, he was telling the truth. It is likely that they left hours ago. Hitler's advising Council probably went with him, so they could still control the country."

"Do you know where they would've went?" It was Circe who asked, still slightly unsure of Markus' intentions.

"Yes. I do know. Kristoph likely offered Hitler sanctuary in his own house. The Von Blut Estate, fifteen miles from this very building."

Circe was slightly puzzled about what Reyes had just said. "I have to ask - Exactly how do you know where his house is located?"

Reyes turned to her. "The reason is known to many, even though you may not know. Kristoph is the reason I am a Vampire." Reyes paused, looking out one of the broken windows into the dark night sky." Because of that.....I used to live there."

Rtas Vadum
10-09-2009, 03:12 AM
Act XI: Raid Of The Von Blut Estate

October 31, 1942 - Von Blut Estate, 15 Miles from Berlin

The Von Blut estate held memories that Reyes would rather let fade into his endless history, than face. But like the pain he faced so often, he knew that the only way to face demons, was head on, with reckless abandon. The estate had a large battalion of troops outside it. All of them, were Vampires. Recently turned, and had been Vampires for at least a year. They knew what they were doing when it came to fighting, and where specificity trained to take Reyes down. They would fail.

When Reyes and Markus entered the courtyard, at first, the soldiers that surrounded them did nothing. However, it was clear to Reyes that they had plans on shooting. Knowing this, the second they started hurling bullets at the two, all the Vampires could see was two black blur's flying around the hail, none of the bullets touching one of them.

When the hail finally stopped, the soldiers waited for the dust to clear. As it did, both Reyes and Markus stood firm, a loaded panzer-shreck in both their arms. As the soldiers began to run, they were thrown into midair as the volleys of rockets exploded behind them.

"Child's play." Reyes thought. These Vampires didn't even fight like Emanuel did, or like how he knew Kristoph would fight. They were sloppy, even though they had the training to use weaponry, and knew enough to find cover in a hail of bullets. But, their down fall was the fact that they didn't take into account that Vampires can take more damage than humans.

After we took care of the guards outside, we were joined by a number of human soldiers, most of them mercenaries that were recently hired by the Silver Society. They were simply men that were motivated by the promise of money, and the ability to kill for that money. While to them, the job seemed simple, they lacked the knowledge that they were working for, and with, Vampires. I could tell that some of them had thoughts, but none of them thought to voice their concerns, if they had them. They knew their way around weapons, and that is what we needed. While we didn't really need them for help, they did serve to assist us in removing the large number of soldiers from the various rooms of the Estate.

“Where do you think they are hiding?” Markus asked Reyes, as he looked over the same bookshelves that he had poured over endlessly as a fledgling Vampire.

I looked around, and sniffed. “He's hiding in the labs below the mansion. But unfortunately for us, there is only one way down, since the main access route was caved in.” Reyes cursed to himself as he remembered the auxiliary entrance to the labs.

“Well? Where is this auxiliary entrance then?” One of the mercenaries asked. Obviously, he had no idea of the danger of the route he seemed eager to take. Though it was true that if any of them died, it wouldn't matter as much if it was Reyes or Markus.

“Tell me, you ever seen old sewer pipes before? The are a number of them below this mansion, and one leads to the labs. This one is a curving tunnel that isn't as forgiving as it would seem. Sure, it sounds like it will be as simple as a playground slide, whatever that is. But it isn't.”

“How far does this pipe drop? It isn't a long vertical drop, is it?” Markus wasn't like the mercenaries, as Reyes could see him trying to rationalize the situation.

“Part of it is, which is the worst part. The problem isn't that it is vertical, but what lies at the bottom. The problem lies in the large fan that spins slowly, but can still dice you up of you aren't quick enough.” I walked over to a bookcase, and scanned the books. One of them was fake, a switch that would slide something in the room back, giving us the access-point to the pipes. He slid his hands across a row of books, and within seconds his hand stopped at a red book. He pulled the book out, and he heard the sound of massive gears moving. Turning, he noticed the wall map disappear, revealing a circular hole large enough for them to enter.

Reyes walked up to the hole, then turned to the Mercenaries. “Any one of you that does follow, will receive your payment in full, should you be alive when this is over. Anyone that does not follow, and chooses to leave now, you get nothing.” The second he stopped talking, he back-flipped into the hole, and disappeared. Markus followed suit, after a slight nod to the mercenaries.

The tunnel was large, unused by anyone for a number of years. Both Reyes and Markus wondered if any of the mercenaries would follow, but if they didn't, it would only save them from having to watch them be cut up by the fan blades. When they saw the blades, they each had to find amusement in the fact that it was that moment that they heard a few of the mercenaries scream as they entered the pipe.

When they passed the fan blades, time slowed, and their boots hit the ground, just as one of the mercenaries dropped beside them, chopped into pieces. They waited, finding that only seven of the twenty men either choose to enter the pipe, or survived the fan blades.

The room they were in echoed old tombs and crypts. It was lit by torches, some of which the mercenaries took for light. Reyes and Markus didn't need these, so they walked ahead. The path they took seemed to go on forever, but Reyes knew they didn't.

“I thought you said that these lead to labs, not a crypt?” Markus barked.

Reyes snarled as he looked around. “I only entered those labs once. It is possible that the section used for that purpose has been converted back into what you see here, or time has done its damage to it. But forget that now, lets find him.”

Minutes later, they entered a large room, one the held a number of coffins, all of them bearing the name of the occupant. Many of them were old German kings and nobles, and other famous Germans from past eras. An alter at the back of the room had two coffins beside it, and a black robed man, his back to Reyes and Markus. The man began laughing as he noticed their approach.

“Here is another piece of my puzzle that you uncover.” The man turned, revealing himself as Kristoph Von Blut. He had short, neatly trimmed black hair, very pale skin, pure white irises surrounded by blackness, and various tattoos on the exposed parts of his body. “All the corpses in this room are those of whom that I took from. Their fame, money, power, whatever they had that I wanted Just like the Reich Minster here” He guested to the coffin on his right, that bore the name 'Heinrich Himmler'.“and the Deputy fürher here”, He guested to the coffin on his left, that bore the name 'Rudolf Hess'. “Mein fürher, thinks that these two men went missing months ago, but their time of death, was mere minutes ago. Due to this, I take a merger of both positions, and rule the beginnings of the German Empire.”

“It won't last, and you know it. All Empires fall, there is no Empire in history that has ever lasted very long” Markus said.

Kristoph laughed. “You do speak truth, traitor. All Empires in the past history of humans have had their rise, and their glorious fall. But you lack the knowledge of an Empire, ruled by Vampires, centuries before humans built anything.” He turned his attention to Reyes. “And here are the tables turned. Years ago, you lived here as my fledgling. And now you return here, with then intent to kill me. I can't say I don't understand why, since I know what I did to bring out your hatred for me.” He laughed.”But the part I did not expect, is the reputation you've built for yourself. They call you the 'Blood Assassin', a cold heart-ed killer that has more corpses to his name than any King, assassin, or Monarch before you. For that, I feel I must applaud you. My expectation of you was much less than what you've accomplished. The destruction of the Immortal, the Division 66 base, and the various other projects of mine that you halted. Minor setbacks, but they were really tests, for me to see how resilient you are. And from what I've seen, you have surpassed all the expectations that I never thought possible after you chose to leave.”

“I see that I've please you, even though I wasn't acting on your will. Tell me, what are your plans now?” Reyes wavered his hands hear his pistols as he spoke.

“I think, from what I've said, it would be obvious. But for the sake of it, I will tell you. I plan to make an Empire, one that will surpass that of any before it. You might've been the Prince in my new Empire, but it this point, you cannot be. I have selected another for this duty, someone I feel will take this role with pride.”

Reyes drew his pistols, and unloaded the clips, as Von Blut darted around, a black blur, every one of the bullets either missing his body, or tearing holes in his robes. When Reyes stopped shooting, Von Blut again stood before the altar, but he was now laughing. “A noble attempt, but something that has caused the death of all who tried that. But I have no wish to fight you now.” Kristoph snapped his fingers, and the sound of scrapping stone took their attention, as Kristoph disappeared in black wisps of smoke. Behind Reyes and Markus, a small coffin rose from a pit. The coffin was made of black wood, and bore a silver cross on the front, with a 'Z' overlaying the cross. When it opened, a young boy stepped out. He had pure white hair, skin, and eyes, surrounded by blackness. His clothing was pure white leather, aside from his gloves, boots and belt.

The boy exhaled, and the air that escaped his mouth was as visible as cigarette smoke. The second the boy noticed the Mercenaries that had just entered he room, he jumped past his kin, and pounced on them, feeding on their blood. The sight of him feeding, the animalistic movements he made, was enough to make the Mercenaries not want the money anymore. But in the end, all of the Mercenaries that had followed Reyes and Markus down into the crypts, met their death at the hands of what they thought was a mere child.

When he finished with the Mercenaries, he entered the burial room again. This time, his mouth and chin where covered in blood. He laughed as he walked toward Reyes. “Brother!” the boy yelled as he ran towards the two. Reyes noticed the knife he held, and dodged it, grabbed the boy's arm, and threw him into the stone wall behind. When the boy got up, he wasn't crying, but he seemed angry that his trick didn't work.

“Who are you?” Markus asked.

The boy's anger was apparent in his speech. “I'm Zane. Von Blut made me a Vampire, and I'm going to take my place at his side.” Again, he tried to cut or stab Reyes with the knife, but this time, he left himself open, and he was again grabbed, and thrown into another wall.

“This game is getting boring. I quit. But that doesn't mean that I won't see you again, brother.” Zane said, as he disappeared in wisps of white smoke.

Rtas Vadum
10-09-2009, 06:01 PM
Act XII: Fall Of Hitler

November 20th, 1942 - Location Undisclosed

Both Kristoph and Hitler resided in a secret bunker, both enjoying the luxuries the bunker offered. While it was true that they had lost Berlin, they'd received communication from various Military bases around the country that the German military still held control of other parts of the Empire. Though Hitler was appreciative of the protection that Kristoph and his Vampires had given him and his officers, he was furious at the fact that they at lost Berlin.

"All because of that whelp you spawned. You told me that he would not create a problem. Now that he has, what do you plan on doing?"

Kristoph laughed. "You have to realize that if I were not here, you would be dead at this point. And my other fledgling will not cause a similar problem, that I can assure you."

"Yes, that fact I understand and as I have pointed out many times before, appreciate. However, there is still the fact that we have lost Berlin, and many other outposts aren't faring well against the invading armies. Many other transmissions have reported that they've been attacked by Vampires, most likely ones in the employ of that accursed Silver Society. If I had the ability to do so, I would destroy the place."

"I've dealt with them for years now. A constant thorn in my side, from them moment that I heard of them. And as it always is, their trump card against me is there because of something I did." Kristoph drank from the glass of blood he held.

"I think that it may be time for you to leave."

"You can't possibly be serious."

"If I wasn't I wouldn't have said it." Hitler threw his glasses on the table, and stood.

Kristoph laughed, and his eyes changed. His Sclera's turned to black, and the iris turned white. "You think I'm going to leave? To just throw it all away? Now why would I ever do that?"

Hitler got right in his face. "You forget your place! I run this Empire, not you. Even if it is true that without you, I would be dead many times over. However, without you at this point, I think that I might survive longer than if you stay. "

Pinning the chancellor against a wall, Kristoph emitted a deep growl. "You think the help I oh-so-willingly gave you was for, you? If that is what you think, then you are foolish. You should have understood that someone like me, a superior in both mind and by nature, is going to betray you. It is only the when and were you should've spent your precious time figuring out." Throwing him against a wall, Kristoph growled, bearing his fangs as he slowly stepped toward Hitler.

"Kill me, and you have no idea what fate will befall you. Every officer in this bunker will kill you on sight once they learned of my death."

Kristoph shrugged. "What, will they shoot me? You should know that it takes more than that to kill a Vampire. Not only that, you seem to forget that a few of the "officers" you seem to think will avenge your death, are my Vampires. Because of that, they are loyal to me, and me alone."

Nothing else was said between the two, as Kristoph advanced. Both of them looked into the others eyes, both knowing the others impending fate. As the blood dripped onto the floor, Kristoph threw the former chancellor's body away, and wiped his lips. "Ah, so that is what you've been keeping from me. A number of underground factories that stand ready to produce arms, and a newly built shipyard and dry-dock? I will make generous use of those in your, absence."

Two officers entered the room, the both of them Vampires turned by Kristoph. They regarded Kristoph with a salute, and stood at attention. Both of them said nothing about what they assumed had just been done, but their expression clearly looked for answers they didn't think would come.

"Its time for new leadership, and a new aim." Kristoph paused, trying to think of the thing he truly wanted. "Yes, its time to take some of this planet for ourselves, In eterneum. Firstly, I want each of you to turn the loyal soldiers and officers that are willing. Any who refuse, dispose of them in your chosen way. Also, send word to our loyal Vampires, they are to keep the humans in their base in line. Like yourself, if they do not cooperate, make sure they are killed. When this is done, report back to me".

The officers left, and Kristoph glanced at the typed reports that his spy had been sending him. His 'mistake' was apparently more aware of their many possible locations than Kristoph thought. While it was true that the boy wouldn't become a wrench in these new plans for quite some time, it was also true that many other of the Silver Society's agents were present in Germany. Some of them couldn't be tracked, while others were tracked nightly by his legions of Vampires. Even if the society's agents didn't openly advertise their affiliation, many of these agents aren't human, making it easier for his legions to track them.

"Dimtri Frost. The very Vampire who I valued as a friend, years ago. Now he works against me, sending his own soldiers to foil my plans. As if Reyes being against me weren't enough..."

Rtas Vadum
10-13-2009, 06:43 PM
Act XIII: New Dangers, New Love

January 5th, 1943 - Silver Society HQ, France

"Of course, that would be his aim, as that is something that he is known to want. I'd thought that he just meant it figuratively, but at this point, I don't think he at all means it as a joke."

Dimitri sat at the head of the long meeting table, next to Reyes and Circe. Their discussion lingered on the information that they had taken from the remains of the mansion, as well as the information that Reyes and Markus 'extracted' from anyone they caught. Their main problem in finding exactly where Kristoph was hiding was proving to be a problem, since his tracks had been covered very well.

"You mean that you know him?" Reyes seemed disturbed about the fact that it was only here, years after he was recruited for the Society, their leader says that he knew Von Blut.

"Yes. I don't know much about him as a human, or if he ever was. But I do know that even when I briefly worked with him, he had these ideas similar to what he has been doing for the last decade. I'd thought their might be more motivation behind his actions, which these suspicions where only strengthened when you gave me the information you had, especially when you mentioned his name."

"Exactly what 'work' did you and him do?" Circe seemed to feel the same about Dimitri's revelation as Reyes did.

"I don't know if it could really be called work, but we ran a underground operation that I am not fond of remembering I was part of. Even as he took pride in it, he always yearned for something greater. It was a simple thing, ruling over the dark underworld of London. We did dealings that again, I'm not proud of, but I was part of it. This was years ago, even before the publishing of the famous Bram Stoker novel."

"About this 'Apocalypse' idea, exactly what did he tell you about his plans for it?" Circe asked.

"Well, at the point that he told me this, it was only ideas, not even plans. Much of it relied on finding a way to allow Vampires to walk in daylight, which was impossible. After that barrier was broken, it was the simple matter of rallying the Vampires who like the idea, or coerce humans into it, turning them in the process. The fact that the Division 66 labs contained research about various things that could possibly allow Vampires to move during the day, which I don't know if they would really work."

Reyes listened intently, and owing to the fact that he knew more about the various methods they had tried, he actually played with the idea of being able to move in daylight, removing one of the threats to his life. But then, if it did happen, he would have to remove whatever device or element that gave Vampires the resistance, as he thought that Vampires were creatures of the night, not the day. But it was one of the plans he'd found that somewhat could make it all a reality. It described a sort of material that would bond to skin, and make it impervious to anything that would hit it, namely sunlight. The plan was one that was dated 1941, but a second one, that shown a similar set of information, made it seem that it was in development. Reyes pulled the second print from the leather case, and scanned it.

"What about this?" He passed the print to Dimitri.

"It seems legit, dated late 1942.....My god. This would....no." Dimitri stared at the page, almost unwilling to believe that he was staring at a fix for the Vampire's inability to withstand sunlight. Exactly if it could really work, he couldn't possibly fathom. A part of him wished he could test it, but in many ways, he, like Reyes, thought of Vampires as creatures of the night.

"Do you think that could work?" Reyes's question brought Dimitri out of his stupor.

"My knowledge of chemicals is vast, and the one said here I don't recall, but looking at composition, it does seem likely that it would work. But I think that this would likely have been the plans for the prototype, and not the perfected design." Dimitri paused. "If the finalized version of this bonding material does work, then it is somewhat safe to assume that he has already begun to take over. It would be wise to stay sharp if any of you leave the compound."He spoke to the Society's agents, many of them nodding in agreement.

"Markus. You will work with Reyes and Circe, from this point on." He paused as Markus nodded. "Do you accept this appointment?"

Markus agreed, and sat down in the chair next to Reyes, across from Kurt. Reyes acknowledged his fledgling with a smile, before turning back to Dimitri.

"However, with this, you must truthfully say that you will never turn your back on either Reyes, the Society, or the members of it."

"My loyalties at this point are to the Reyes and the Society. I will not serve those who threaten humanity ever again."

Dimitri smiled. "Very well. That will do."

Reyes cleared his throat. "Do you have orders for me?"

Dimirtri laughed at the interjection. "You do know that the orders you have are ongoing, and the objective of them has, of course, not changed. But I think at this point, at least until we can obtain more information from our scouts and spies, it would be best for you to rest. After all you've done, no matter the mission one might mention, be it the removal of all the officers and scientists, the destruction of the Division 66 base, or your glorious display with the Immortal, I would say that any one of these would have earned you some time to yourself. But you have successfully completed all three, along with various others along the way. You have earned rest. That is my order for you. Circe included." Dimitri stood. "This meeting is over."

Later Reyes sat in his room, staring at the nearly bare walls. His room wasn't like this when he'd first arrived. He had bought various things since, and either brought them to the HQ or sent them there. Most of the things were art species, cheap, but things that Reyes thought was very well done. Some of it did include sculptures, however those were few. There were a few things in the room that he'd taken from the various places he'd visited in the previous years, not all of which was art pieces. These items were things like swords he'd taken from his enemies, pieces of uniforms or firearms from the Vampires of Kristoph's legions, along with various other trinkets.

At this point, all the things he'd done was allowed to catch up with his racing mind. Not one thing could he truthfully admit that he would ever regret, as he had no reason to. Unlike a few of the other agents, his body wasn't riddled with scars, which for them served as a reminder of what they had done. For him, the only reminder of the things he had done was his memories, along with the penetrating fact that he was the one who pulled the trigger, moved the blade, hit the switch, pushed, pulled, and above all, killed all who he had a reason to kill. Again, regret wasn't something he felt he needed to do.

Circe was a sort of taboo for him. One, she was female, and that was an attraction for him that he couldn't help but suppress, even as he could admit the truth to himself. And two, she was a Vampire, making it easier for them to relate to one another. Even the first time he saw her, it was the starting point for him to open his heart to someone other than himself. On their various missions, he found that she was a sympathetic listener, just as he was when she spoke of her past. But through it all, neither of them seemed to seriously go for the other, even when it was obvious to more than just themselves that they had a unique connection. If they ever would state their true feelings, it was only time that would ever let such a thing happen.

Circe entered the room, closing the door behind her. "I hope you don't mind, I'm feeling a bit lonely." She only wore the white shirt and pants as usual, but her pants rode low on her hips. Even though she saw Reyes looking, she made no attempt to conceal anything, even though it was only her lower undergarments.

"Oh no, sit down." He motioned to the bed he himself sat on. "Whats wrong?"

"Well, I feel that there is something between us, even if we don't know it. Everyone here knows that you've done more for the Society than any other, including me. Some of them also think that I'm more involved with you than we let on. Are we?"

Reyes was slightly taken aback by this. He did indeed think of Circe as a good friend, a wonderful and trustworthy partner, but a higher relationship with her never really crossed his mind. In a way, only now he could see that it was possible, and the only choice to be made was if they both wanted it to continue on this course. Reyes mused on the fact of whether he might love Circe. He liked her in many ways from the moment that he'd first seen her. Even if her beauty, along with his own, could be considered grotesque, that hardly mattered to either of them.

"Do you want to be? I think that in many ways, I could love you."

She put her arms around him, and he responded in the same way. As they read each others thoughts, they found themselves unwilling to hide a thing, and thus understood each other, without needing to say a word. Reyes had never needed to deal with such emotions before, but in many respects, he found them the same as the ones he had on a regular basis. Only these, weren't as much of a threat.

"I...do love you...Reyes"

As she spoke, the feelings swelled. Even if he wasn't exactly sure how to deal with these emotions, he liked the feeling they were giving him. Where they would take him, however, he actually wanted nothing to stop either of them from seeing.