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04-28-2009, 03:19 AM
This is for everything relating to the ongoing Bleach manga series. This thread will be following the weekly translated manga for the most part, so anime followers and American release readers may want to avoid this thread for spoilers. However, spoiler tags should still probably be used for plot points just in case. If someone would like to create an Anime thread, then be my guest!

So, onto the talkings! I guess we'll start off where we are now:

So, Ichigo went super saiyan hollow and screwed up Ulquiorra, Yammy is apparently Espada 0, and now we're back to the fight in Karakura town. Soi Fon and everyone are getting their asses handed to them, and looks like the Vizard are going to have to get them out of this.

Also, this was f'in awesome

Why does Halibel just keep getting more awesome?

Also, she has a pretty face ^.^ Not digging the bone skirt so much but hey, whats to complain about.

04-28-2009, 03:50 AM
Ugh! it's gonna be a hassle to spoiler tag everything for lamers like Jeff that only watch the anime :p. Anyway...
Yeah I was actually getting pretty fed up with the Ichigo v. Ulquiorra fight, because I'm sick of Ichigo turning into to new form of hollow every damn time he's about to lose/die. It's Dragonball GT stupid... Super-Saiyan 2... now SS10!!! So it was nice to see it get back to the other fights, but again I thought turning Yammy into Espada 0 when he's been portrayed a blundering oaf was stupid as well. I guess in general I've been pretty disappointed with Bleach as of late. I think one of my general gripes with Bleach is that there seems to be no consequences, so as much as I like Hitsugaya I'd actually like to see him die or at least have someone actually die. Just don't kill Soi Fon <3 <3. Anyway, I'm glad it is getting back to the fight in Karakura town, because I was getting sick of watching super-Ichigo and I wanna see the Vizard enter the fray. Well, I mean they better get into the mix, especially after they did that whole Vizard back-story arc.

04-28-2009, 04:02 AM
Damn you Jeff!

Well, as a fan of Dragonball Z, Yu-Yu Hakusho, and other explosive powerlevel animes I can't say I'm surprised by the story, nor really disappointed by it.

I don't really expect much from Bleach on an intellectual level. I just think the fights look awesome, and actually thought Ichigo's newest transformation was b****in. I'd say the fight was getting old, except that he didn't really fight Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra beat him up, and then he was mercilessly killed.

Thing is, this is important because this would, If I recall correctly, be the first person Ichigo has actually killed outright. I'm not really sure if the Espada are cleansed like normal Hollows, and Ichigo happened to have used Hollow power this time instead of Soul Reaper energy. Either way, it was an important happening regardless of its continued Dragonball Zness. He has always pulled back, purified them, had someone else finish the job, etc. It shows (for really the first time) the impact his inner hollow can have.

It is also important in some ways that he actually lost control to the point of nearly killing both Uryū and Orihime after cutting down Ulquiorra. Maybe cliche, but still a development.

And, as far as Yammy being 0 goes, I sorta mused about that awhile ago thinking "hey, if his 1 went away he would be like, the strongest right?" So, I'm not really surprised by it, but don't dislike the idea enough to not want to see that fight :P

But yeah, enough Ichigo and Hueco Mundo; I wanna see some damn Vizard fightans!

04-28-2009, 03:33 PM
Hey I may end up reading the manga and just starting where the equivalent to where the anime currently is. I've read some of the manga but just didn't keep up with it, from what I have heard it is getting pretty awesome right now though, especially compared to the anime. Only reason I have not wanted to go further than the anime before is because the anime is what I started watching first so I didn't want it to be spoiled. And I like fight scenes better in the anime. :p

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Hid image due to spoiler


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I'd like to see him regenerate those organs he lost :p

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That picture rocks on so many levels... :lol:

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you would think so igy :P

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This is a total fanboy response but here goes:

Halibel = future wife

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So... it's getting good

It's fun seeing Aizen slap bitches around.

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needs more pics. :carms: