View Full Version : IGF is celebrating 10 years this November!

04-28-2009, 03:00 PM
It's been a long time... And we're still going strong!

We originally opened up in November of 1999, playing Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Today, we're thriving on Jedi Academy and Battlefront 2.

A bit about ourselves (though Lord Jhredmo has been doing a wonderful job of spreading the word in here from the looks of it) ;)

Over 250 Active members, and growing!

Military-style Structure: You'll never be alone with a full Chain of Command of dedicated Officers ready to help and guide you through the club (there's also a Training Program for anyone interested in some day being one of those dedicated Officers)

Full set of Ranks and Awards to completely honor all of your accomplishments. Think you can play 400 matches in a week? There's an award for that! ('grats to Lord Jhredmo for being the only one so far!)

Part of the larger "DJO" gaming network: host to almost 40 other gaming clubs, each supporting different games of all genres

Regular quarterly meetings, many gaming & voice Servers, VERY active Comlinks/Forums, Tournaments, SWBF2 Tactics Database, Member of the Month Polls, Hall of Fame, Elite Teams, weekly Events and Competitions, and much more!

Join today and help us celebrate our 10th Anniversary this November!

IGF Home Page (http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF)
Join IGF Here (http://www.darkjedi.org/club/IGF/enlist)

About IGF (http://darkjedi.org/club/IGF/kb/index.php?id=1509)
Site Orientation (http://darkjedi.org/club/IGF/kb/index.php?id=1296)
Guide to Getting Started in IGF (http://www.darkjedi.org/pages/?8530)