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05-10-2009, 11:23 PM
I'm a bit of a fan of Watchmen, so I got this idea for a superhero RP which is like Watchmen in that noone of the superheroes actually have superpowers, but is not actually set in the Watchmen universe. Instead, it's set in present day, but superheroes have still had some impact on the timeline.

Superhero/Supervillain Name:
Real Name:
Area of Operation:

Superhero Name: Blackhawk
Real Name: Dave Smith
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'2", muscular. His costume is all black, including a hawk-shaped headpiece, which covers down to his nose. His cape is modelled to look like feathers, and can split in two and work as a hang glider.
http://www.lucasforums.com/picture.php?albumid=366&pictureid=3208 (http://www.lucasforums.com/album.php?albumid=366&pictureid=3208)
Methods: Though skilled in hand-to-hand combat, Blackhawk is a primarily gadget oriented Hero. His arsenal includes wrist-mounted grappling hooks, elecrifiable gauntlets, extendable spikes on his gauntlets, which are used primarily for scaling walls, and his suit is made from a combination Kevlar and chainmail.
Area of Operation: Toronto
Personality: Blackhawk tries to be merciful towards those who cross him, feeling that brutality would make him no better than them. At the same time, he feels that doing the right thing and obeying the law aren't always the same thing. For example, if someone commits a victimless crime in order to survive, or ensure the survival of loved ones, he will not try to stop them. He only goes after the criminals who actively harm, or seek to harm others.

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05-10-2009, 11:51 PM
((Woot! I finally get to join one of Alkonium's RPs from the start!))

Superhero Name: Shade

Real Name: Carla Shere

Gender: Female (I just couldn't find a good name for a guy character...Alkonium already laid claim to it :lol:))

Appearance: 6'4. Lean with a moderate amout of muscles. Her costume is all black except in the center where she has a small silver circle in the space directly below her chest and her eyes which are made to appear dark red.

Methods: Shade is quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat but she does use a few gadgets. Her gadgets include extendable blades in the arm of her costume and two extendable blades can be extended from her wrists in a pinch.

She also has a small poision canister under each hand and they can be used to kill any foe within minutes. Her suit is lined with a mixture of Kelvar and sowed in steel.

She carries two Katana's on her back and she know how to use them. She is an expert swordfighter and each of the swords she carries has a silver circle with a line through them.

Area of Operation: Kyoto, Japan (She has a small room hidden in her house where she is able to upgrade her suit with various upgrades.))

05-11-2009, 02:14 PM
{This looks fun, but there are already two heroes....we need a villian:D}

Supervillain Name: The Warbringer

Real Name: Gunther Voss

Gender: Male

Appearance: The Warbringer/Gunther Voss is tall at a towering 6'8,' His 'costume' is more of a uniform, as he wears a modified black SS uniform from WW2, except he has added his own symbols{A silver skull crossed by 2spears}. Also, he wears a jet-black WW2 period German helmet, and to conceal his identity, he wears a tight-fitting gas mask. The eye lenses of this mask glow a deep red, often inspiring fear everywhere he goes. He then wears the rest of a basic uniform, combat boots, utility belt, and a small pack attached to the back of his belt. His uniform is black with red and silver lining along the edges and across his military pauldrons.

His regular clothing while not spreading terror varies over a large amount of civilian clothing. He has dark hair, and a long red scar that goes from his left eyebrow down to the right side of his mouth. Despite this, he is often inconcspicuos and therefore, not suspected by local authorities.

{Extra:D} Equipment: The Warbringer carries several explosives, hidden in his utility belt and pack. He uses these specially modified fusion bombs to continually sabotage and destroy any buildings he sees a need to destroy. He carries a super-modified STG-44 that he has equipped with a grenade launcher, EMP device, and an incendiary solution{think flame-bullets}. He has knives sheathed in his black gloves, so that with a quick flick of the wrist, he can handle any problem. His gas mask is equipped with a small oxygen tank that allows him to spend a long time underwater in case of an escape. It is also equipped with infra-red goggles and night-vision.

He is a force to be reckoned with.

Methods: The Warbringer is completely unpredictable, as he works both covertly, and he also wreaks havoc in the open, switching between the two constantly. He is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, but is also an excellent shot. As a villain, he is not limited to collateral damage, so everywhere he goes, he leaves a trail of bodies and destruction. Because of this, he is often seen as a madman, but this is not the case, for he also has years and years of education under his belt, and is extremely calculating.

When he gets lazy{fairly rare} he just calls upon the classic back-up, henchmen. His personal terrorist organization known as the "Black Hand."

Area of Operation: Warbringer works on a world-sized field. In other words, he strikes where he wants, when he wants, and whatever he wants. This is made easier by his organization, the "Black Hand," which is terrorist in all ways but name.

{Hope you allow him:D}

Cyborg Ninja
05-11-2009, 10:44 PM
Superhero Name: Deathblade
Real Name: William Wilson
Gender: Male
Appearance: He's 6'2 and muscular. He has a red costume with black around the rings of his eye mask. He has black running partly down his arms an legs with a belt on his waist. The suit is a modified ninja suit with the mask looking more distinct.

Methods: He masters in hand to hand combat and is an extremely skilled swordsman. He has a decent shot as well. He never uses gadgets however he does have a few tricks in that belt of his. Inside his belt are smoke bombs and small tracers. The only other weapon he has is his mouth, since its constantly running.
Area of Operation: New York

05-12-2009, 10:13 PM
Supervillian Name: Azreal

Real Name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Appearance: Picture (http://gamethu.vnexpress.net/News/Hinh-anh/2007/07/3B9ADD0D/1..jpg)

Equipment: An retractable wrist blade, two automatic pistols, and an assessment of throwing knifes.

Methods: He is an assassin who does his job to the utmost perfect. He studies his targets, learning who they really are and understanding how they think before finding the proper opportunity to strike. Once he has struck the killing blow he will always escape along a path he has planned out well and always loses his pursuers through his mastery of parkour. He is an expert in martial arts, though he rarely every needs to use it.

Area of Operation: Primarily the Middle East, although he does take up assassination contracts in other countries such as the United States, Russia, China.

05-13-2009, 03:45 PM
I must say, this looks appetizing. I'll join, A) Because I need to start getting back into the gist of things. B) I find this RP quite, 'pleasing', comparatively, that is; a few others catch my eye, but this one stands out a bit more.

Superhe...uh...Supervill...hm...Supermerc Name: [Local/East Asia] Nazo; [Jobs/Underworld] Bábochka; [Abroad/U.N.] Golden-Boy; [Personal/Nickname] Descryer.
Real Name: Jack Lazarus (Last name is fake for protective purposes)
Gender: Male
Appearance: 6'7", lithe. Butterflys (http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2200/3526758061_7d7745a0e4_o.jpg).

Equipment: One of Jack's aliases include the title 'Bábochka', which means Butterfly, and for good reason. For Jack is very often seen with small golden butterflies flitting about him, but in fact, the butterflies are artificial. They flit around Jack and create a form of electro-field/echolocalization ((I spelled it that way on purpose)) that the sensors in the Jack's back receive. This makes Jack very well aware of his surroundings and thus this makes it very difficult to ambush him. The electro-pulses are received in the helmet's display, which allows Jack to know what's behind corners - for the most part. The suit is primarily bioengineering based, like the butterflies, and is based off of animals in the wild, mainly spiders. The sensors pick up the electro-pulses the butterflies emit and are as such, Jack is able to visualise the surroundings as a 3D-map, within a reasonable area. Some restrictions still apply though, such as a lack of any vision whatsoever if his sensors, or butterflies are knocked out, or destroyed, and the suit is blood-transfusal based, making extraneous activities dangerous (running and fighting excluded).

Note of Interest: Primarily the modern heroes that Jack has come into contact with are a more freestyle group, relying on less advanced means of doing what they do. But being based in such a technological hotbed as Japan, as well as having made friends from all walks of life, and from all corners of the globe, have given Jack a rare opportunity to use such advanced technologies, thus his primary reliance on his "gadgets". This reliance is often exploited by those who seek to usurp Jack from his place of international esteem, as Jack is neither tactful, nor skillful in any other field of heroism, or villainy than that of gadgets, and technology. For instance, if Jack were caught without a weapon, other than his hybrid combat style, he would have no means of defense, other than his protective suit. But that's one thing Jack makes sure of, is that he always has a weapon. ~ End Note

Other equipment include various armaments, including his favorite sniper rifle, the TB-40 (http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs44/f/2009/109/7/4/TB_40_by_GundamGPO3.jpg), and magnum, a .50 Desert Eagle (http://fc05.deviantart.com/fs23/f/2008/031/5/e/Desert_EAgle_by_JohnnieWooker.jpg). Besides this he has various small explosives, trackers, grappling equipment, scaling equipment, and medical gear, as well as ammunition for a vast, and wide array of weapons. On his thighs are concealed sidearms (automatic pistols), small, so as not to be seen, and powerful enough to make a difference in case he's caught off guard, or weaponless. He also carries a folding kick ax, in case things get really hairy, but he isn't all too good at using melee weapons, and prefers not to use them but only for emergencies, like weaponless situations.

He isn't prone to just going in with a sniper and handgun though, he has been very well known to use various other weapons and implements, if the need arises.

Methods: ~ "'He works for the highest bidder. Or the prettiest lady. Either way.'"; Is the common saying among those he works for. He isn't too adept at hand-to-hand, although he does know a self taught hybrid form of fighting, including: Combat Sambo, Aikido, and Krav Maga, with some self-styled Wide-Arm/Classic Pugilism thrown in, and also knows a less combat oriented form of Tai Chi, which he primarily uses in his spare time for relaxation and for warming up and stretching before going to work. His lack of 'skill' in hand-to-hand, even if he does have such a strange and wide array of combat knowledge in that field, is because he's never been in one place too long, thus he lacks the foundation or stability required to fully learn any certain form, thus the hybridization/combination of said forms; how he incorporated so many can be linked to his travels and jobs worldwide, allowing him to at least glance the basics of the fighting styles' he's incorporated into his repertoire of knowledge. His knowledge of Tai Chi however, is far more practiced and formal, and if given time, and the opportunity, he could easily incorporate it into a working fighting style. But knowing Jack, that'll never happen.

Jack is mostly a user, and wielder of gadgetry, and technology, not in the least weaponry. He is a professionals' professional, and is not to be taken lightly. He is primarily a distance operations expert, or to put it simply, a sniper; although he has no qualms about going into heavy situations head first, guns blazing, thus making him very versatile, thus the reason why he is so sought after by the Underworld, and top Governments alike. His years of working in urban environments, as well as forested (both tropical and temperate) areas, have made him adept at traveling efficiently over terrain, which gives an almost 'lightfooted' aspect to his character. His years of travel has also given him a vast array of knowledge, from different languages, to hidden locations, as well as nasty little secrets that many would, well, kill for. After all, if one can't find work, then they should at least try to make it.

His one great strength is his knowledge of Kinesics, which gives him an added insight into the human nature, and helps him predict potential outcomes, or even develop extremely accurate assumptions out of vague details, and body language given off by people.

Other than the usual banter, Jack is just one man trying to do what he does best, and his methods are all related to a simple clarity of his surrounding.
Area of Operation: Primarily Tokyo, and most of East Asia; Jobs are taken Abroad, either through Underworld contacts, or U.N. associates.

Personality: Despite the above saying, Jack is neither a chauvinist, nor greedy, and isn't at all what most would expect of him. He has seven basic and essential rules: 1) Be a gentleman to all forms (young, old, & in between) of the fairer sex. 2) Show utmost respect to elders, and aid them when and if necessary, regardless of whether they can pay for services or not. 3) Show kindness and love to children, especially those of greater needs (the poor, orphans, and the homeless and hungry). 4) Never turn a blind eye to the less fortunate. 5) Avoid confrontations, and resolve issues diplomatically (if said situation is not job oriented). 6) When work isn't available, make it yourself, despite how dangerous it could be. 7) Go to church every Sunday.

Many don't understand why he is the way he is; are his motivations personal, or external? A majority of people speculate, or just don't know, while only a few truly do. This could also explain one of his aliases, Nazo, which means Enigma. His motivations for being on the "Morally Grey" field of play, is unknown, but what is known is that whoever he works for, will have a very essential counter weight to tip the scales in their favor...if he really is working for them that is. After all, he does like making his own work.

Ok, I'm done! I do understand that this character is a bit much, and isn't even in the category of hero/villain, but I understand, and am willing to compromise, if you feel my character is a bit too out there. Just tell me what you do, or do not like, and I will see to it that it is changed to your preference Alkonium! :whtsmile:

05-13-2009, 04:30 PM
Actually, that guy sounds pretty interesting. Think I should wait for a few more people, or should we just start?

05-13-2009, 07:53 PM
I think we should start, we have a lot of excellent characters, so I imagine we're itching to go:D That may just be, though:D

05-14-2009, 12:50 PM
Still want anyone? This looks pretty interesting.

05-14-2009, 03:02 PM
Sure, feel free to join.

05-14-2009, 03:53 PM
Superhero Name: Midknight
Real Name: Frank Carson
Gender: Male


"Everybody is guilty of something, only some are more guilty than others"

Midknight is nocturnal, preferring to stalk his prey by night, bringing justice to the underworld and criminal gangs of Pacific City. Publicly, Pacific City Police tout him as an avenger, a guardian of the city. Behind closed doors, however, the corrupt, rotting PD are just as afraid of his tactics as the criminals. He is not above killing his enemies - in fact, it is believed that he kills them to prevent them re-offending.

His harsh methods towards crime have caused him to be ostracised by other heroes, even causing their paths to cross on several occasions. Those who have seen him in combat believe him to be a master martial artist, with impressive physical strength.

Area of Operation: Although he spends most of his time in Pacific City, Midknight has reportedly been seen as far afield as London and Moscow, and is believed to keep a sizable vehicle pool for almost any occasion.

05-15-2009, 05:53 PM
Yay, a super hero rp.
SuperHero Name: Dementix
Real Name: Sam Kardem
Appearence: Tall, muscular, has red eyes. Wears a cybernetic suit, has a grey helmet, using spikes that induce paranoia. on his right arm, he has a robotic extension, allowing for more strength, and a stiletto is attached for quick use. His left hand is covered in a glove, which can spew out a gas that induces unconsciousness. He wears long semi-military boots. He also has a belt, which holds a pistol.
Methods: Dementix, a modification of the latin word for maddening, to drive mad, and etc; uses a suit that, when activated, sends impulses to a persons brain, driving them insane, temporarily. But, the draw back is that he can only use the suit for a minute at a time. then he needs to recharge it. So he uses his Mace or his modfied British SMG. They also help with his menacing apperance when he uses teh suit. Another draw back, anyone with in ten meters is affected, good or not, unless they have something blocking their... I can't tell you, that might make it easy for you villains.
Area Of Operations: Chicago, IL

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05-23-2009, 12:45 PM
Name: Zeron

Real name: Unknown

Gender: Male

Methods: Zeron doesn't care what time it is. He and his criminal empire can strike at any time of the day or night. Depending on what mood he may be in, he will either kill someone or spare them on a whim.

Equipment: Explosives strapped across his back, one SOF Combat Assault Rifle that he can carry and fire with one hand due to extensive training with the guns.

Area of operation: He works around the world and this has brough his organization into conflict with both shade and black hand terrorist cells on numerous occasions.

Personality: Zeron is has a conflicted personality, one moment he may be a roaring lunatic and the next he may be a polite gentleman. This makes him extremley unpredictable and even Shade has trouble trying to predict what hes going to do next.

Appearance: 7'3 and he's built like a tank. He has massive muscles and a black steel mask and body armor covered with a layer of Kelvar. He has an ammunition strap that runs across his chest. He greatly intimidates his henchman without meaning to most of the time.