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05-16-2009, 01:40 PM
The ticking. The constant ticking. Tick tock tick tock tick tick tockity tick. It never goes away, the impulsive drumbeat dominating every thought and feeling, the unrelenting, inevitable countdown to a time that can never be reached, a period that cannot be grasped, a wisp of instance on the corners of thought, a sliver of light through a crack in the door that is quickly closing shut to me. The door, the door to sanity, sensibility, and a threshold I must cross if I desire to hold to my life, my identity. Yet the door is closing, it is closing shut to me, it is closing shut to me.

Tick tock tick tock TICK TOCK

What is it counting, when will it stop? Is it the slow progression of my last hours in this galaxy, a constant reminder of my wasted years, each second tugging away at the tattered remains of my mind? My blaster sits next to me. Perhaps it can stop the ticking. Bolt to the head and ticking is dead. No. No, thatís not it. Itís ticking for me, telling me something, the incessant reminder of something, something, but what? How must I stop the ticking clock? I know, I know now what I have to do, why it ticks, why the percussion of madness echoes forever throughout my mind, driving me to the edges of mental decay. They all called me crazy, though they know that Bith can hear what others canít. They say Iím imagining things simply because they cannot perceive what I do. They are fools, maddened fools, crazy fools, and the ticking wants them dead. I hear it grow stronger, the ticking, faster, tick tock tick tock, as they walk by. It wants me to use the blaster, bolt to the head and Rodian is dead! Heeheehoohaahoo!


And so do they die, but the ticking does not stop. It only grows louder, I canít make it stop, why wonít you stop, ticking clock, why do you wish me harm? I do as you ask, yet you tick tock tick and I cannot make you stop. I must kill, kill more, it was harder before but now itís simpler, simpler to kill more. Less painful to pull the trigger, yes, so the ticking grows louder. It needs more blood, more blood and I am a slave to the ticking no more! Blaster is my friend, blaster kills again, ticking becomes stronger but not for much longer!


The blood has been spilled, yet the ticking continues. It is not as I thought, I knew it before, blaster to the head and ticking is dead. Only way to stop the ticking now, no way no how can I stop the ticking now if I donít put a bolt in my head and make me and the ticking dead dead dead! Iím scared to die, but scared to live, the ticking does not stop, what must I do next if I should continue on? I was better than this once, better, or maybe, maybe this was always me, I just needed a deadline, a ticking clock, to push me over the edge. Bolt to the head and ticking is dead. BOLT TO THE HEAD, TICKING IS DEAD!


Timeís up.

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I fail to see how the ticking of a clock (whether in someone's imagination or not) has anything to do with music...