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(song lyrics courtesy of Tool)

The diminutive Jedi Master still had regular things to do like prepare a meal and clean up after himself. Sure there were dozens of Padawans who would gladly take these pressures off his hands but such a thing was hardly to be an active part of life, the thought of having others running around doing small personal tasks on his behalf was just silly, he wasn't any sort of invalid. Plus he quite enjoyed chopping vegetables and mixing sauces to a relaxing melody.

Pure as we begin
Pure as we come in

Music was soothing, one of the most enlightened endeavours of sentients. And it was interesting to contemplate the meloncholy often found.

Pure as we begin
Pure by will alone

The earliest sapient cultures develop music right alongside religion, astronomy and housing construction, these integral elements of civilisation are so closely tied you can barely pick them apart in the mind's eye.

Pure as we begin
Here we have a stone
Gather, place
Shelter turned to home

The most ancient artefacts of musical instruments, diatonic scales, religious sanctuary and complex structure can be found within centuries of each other among histories spanning hundreds of thousands of years.

Pure as we begin
Here we have a stone
Throw to stay the stranger
Swore to crush his bones

With warfare right in there with them.

Move by will alone [/ we're not alone]

Thus the art of culture is learned.

Spark becomes a flame
Flame becomes a fire
Light the way or warm this
Hope we occupy

Spark becomes a flame
Flame becomes a fire
Forge a blade to slay the stranger
Take whatever we desire

It was as if as subject to their own poor destinies sapients held no concept of consequence, but all is not what it seems. Some always know. Someone is always watching.

Move by will alone [/ we're not alone]
Pure as we begin


It was interesting. As he listened, continued chopping vegetables, the Master smiled to himself as if answering the lyricist. Yes, he thought, someone like me is always watching.

Just then he sensed something. The approach of something dangerous. Something wrong.

Pure as we begin
Move by will alone
Leave as we come in
Pure as light, return to one

Sometimes prophecy was in the strangest places, he thought. There was a knock at the door.
He put down the knife and sighed. Walked over to the door, pressed the entry key.
The door slid open.
A Padawan was standing there looking perfectly innocent, just a regular, youthful human. Full of life, wanting to become a Jedi Knight.
"Master Yoda, may I speak with...oh I'm sorry. I'm interrupting something..."

Move by [we're not alone]

"Felt your approach I did. Return to the training hall, be there shortly I will."


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This is a songfic and I said from the start I've no great love for them. However, when I ignored the lyrics to the song, I decided it wasn't a bad story. Kinda made me wonder if the Padawan was Anakin. Almost felt like that's what you were hinting at.

I did like how the song had a calming effect on Yoda. In that, you wrote as I asked you to, and for that I thank you :)

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It was originally going to be a young Qui Gon but I felt this would confuse the message and edited it out.

Hand a gun to a teenager and it is very exciting, they admire it. Hand one to a war veteran and it is just a tool, they almost ignore it. Hand one to an old man and he is saddened, it is not at all a pleasant thing. This final would be enlightenment.