View Full Version : .utc file corrupted?

Andrei Gijgorev
05-30-2009, 01:25 PM
I have modified the .utc files for all party members (attributes, skills, feats, ...) and started a new game. Right now I'm at the point where Kreia and Atton join, and while everything is all right with Kreia and T3, Atton's hitpoints are at 120 although I specified "HitPoints", "MaxHitPoints", and "CurrentHitPoints" to be 16. Attributes, Skills, and the whole rest is correct, only the hitpoints are wrong. Anyone's got an idea what's going on? I can't just look what changes have which effect, since I'd have to play through Peragus each time, so any help would really be appreciated.

EDIT: A quick look a the savegame revealed:

Level: 4
CON: 14 (= +2)
HitPoints: 12
MaxHitPoints: 20 (= 12 + 4*2)

Level: 4
CON: 12 (= +1)
HitPoints: 16
MaxHitPoints: 120 (???)

So maybe the problem is that I set MaxHitPoints to the same value as HitPoints, but why does it work with Kreia and T3, but not with Atton?