View Full Version : ZC ships added based on tech level - help me out guys

05-30-2009, 09:00 PM
I am trying to add ships that replaces the original ships available to the Zahn Consortuim at certain tech levels. Example: The Skpiray Blastboat would be replaced (by a Skipray Blastboat MkII that has different weapons) at Tech Level 3.
Here is my problem. The new ship doesn't show up at anything other than "<Tech_Level>0</Tech_Level>. Also, both ships appear to be indistructable and not targeted by certain units and space stations.

Can anyone tell me how I could fix this problem?

Could I tie the ship availability to the black market?

Or could I somehow tie the hardpoint weapons changes to the black market like the permanent weapon swap for the disruptor infantry?
This solution would be the best if possible.

Thanks guys for any help you can offer.