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05-31-2009, 09:47 PM
In the beginning...were the Spirits. And the Spirits created the Worlds...and in their own image, Man to walk upon the Worlds. The Spirits watched from afar as Man grew and became curious; a thirst to discover the far side of the horizon blossomed in his breast. As Man grew, he explored; as he explored, he grew. He grew until the worlds were full.

When the worlds could no longer sustain him, Man created the Frames and in his multitudes, in the Frames he lived. And in the Frames he rotted.

Seeing the stagnation of Man in his ignorant self-incarceration, the Spirits took pity upon their creation and returned to him in corporeal form. Shining a light into the future, the Spirits showed Man the Alpha and Omega of the worlds and set him upon the path to his destiny. Thus speaks the legend.

The Spirits are still with us. We, the people of the Exodus are guided by their serenity and wisdom. Through the Terminals, we hear their voice. By their prescient sight shall we achieve our destiny.

May the Spirits aid us. May the Spirits save us. May the Spirits lead us home.

In their deception, the cunning Spirits have brought their Frames to the Net of Worlds, created in the center of the Chain to hide them for their own purposes.

Now, all Hell has broken loose as the Mechanical Messiah has come to the Net. But the Spirits have the mighty Protractor to help them.

Several Frames unknown by the Messiah still dwell in the Net, and it has come time for them to leave. However, with Infernals, Harkbackhood defectors, and Empire followers, the Net is in great danger of collapsing.

There is no unification in this broken web of lies.


1. You may be anyone, a citizen, a Legate, a Spirit, and be any of the three factions. Or create a different faction if you want.

2. Nothing drastic/godlike. Creating a base and fighting is tough, and this RP is intended to put the real life in Sponge into words.

3. No killing others unless given permission.

4. You may not control other characters besides your own. However, allowing a little flexibility, for example talking about another's expression, is okay.

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I hope we have some Perimeter fans out there! This is an alternate reality RP, by the way. I am going to hold off posting my character until I see if anyone is interested.