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06-01-2009, 12:12 AM
Hi I'm Alpharaider 47, and I'm new to these forums. I've been in a hurry and have not yet had a chance to look further in the forums, but I was wondering if using Kotor Tool, or a similar tool, if there was a way to change a particular melee weapon from two handed to one handed, allowing a two handed weapon to be wielded in both the left and right hand. I was also wondering if there was a way to hold both a lightsaber/sword and a pistol at the same time. If anybody can answer these questions for me or link me to a tutorial or other post relating to this, I'd greatly appreciate it. If I've posted this in the wrong place, I appologize, and will look through the other topics for an answer to my questions. Thanks again!

06-01-2009, 12:44 AM
For the first question: You would have to edit the model files and set the duel ended weapon as a one handed weapon.
Second Question: You would have to make some animations for it (Which is nearly impossible- even for the really good modders here).

If you look on kotor2files, there should be a mod that allows you to wield double handed weapons as single handed weapons. I am unable to supply a link at this time, but its definitely there. Welcome to the forums!

06-01-2009, 01:59 AM
Well I looked at the weapon in question, and it is set up as a stun baton... I tried the dual wielding double weapons mod, however that did not work. So I'm wondering if there is a way of wielding two stun batons. The item I'm looking at is the Covenant Energy Sword mod, if that helps.