View Full Version : The Imperial Guard - A Sith Guild Now Recruiting

Prosev Kovo
06-01-2009, 03:52 AM
Hello fellow SW:TOR players!

We are the Imperial Guard.

Our legacy began about this time in the development of SWG. From the beginning, the basic tenants of the Guard have been a guild based on respect, perseverance and dedication. We utilize a military structure and provide a place where a person can be a part of something larger than themselves.

The Guard will seek to be community leaders at both PvP/RvR and PvE. We also provide an environment where those players who choose to, may participate in RP. By no means is that a requirement for membership with the Guard, but it is a tradition we have found to be very rewarding for our players.

We are also here to be a part of the community and enrich it. You can expect to see us hosting events, actively participating in other guild's events and generally making our server a funner place.

Our site has much more information on our guild and what we expect from members.


I would encourage any interested party to visit our website and see what we are all about and to learn what you can expect from us should we find ourselves on the same server.

Furthermore, (if after reviewing the site) you have interest in joining our elite ranks, follow the "Apply to the Guard" link.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to playing along side you all.

Prosev Kovo
The Imperial Guard