View Full Version : Several scripting and module editing questions.

06-01-2009, 12:04 PM
I want to make a mod for KOTOR 2 where there is a person in an existing module (not a raw one. I want to add a creature to a module where the original module and the new module would have no differences except for the new creature). Then I go into a fight with the creature (I know how to do this) and then has certain remains (I think I know how that works too). One of the materials gained from the remains is an armband that can warp you to a different module and back (don't know how to do that). Then in the second new module, I still need those module switchers that take you to a different module when you go to a certain area. So, summarized, the questions are:

1. How do I add a creature to a module, with everything else there functioning like the original and then replace it with the original one?

2. How do I make an armband that can warp me "there" and "back?"

3. How do I make module switchers to custom modules?

Thanks for the help.