View Full Version : [Tutorial] Making your own Soundset files (.ssf)

06-01-2009, 12:44 PM
Since there were no tutorials for this, I was trying to make a new soundset by myself, without instruction. Because it works, I'll show you how.

Tools needed:
TLKedit by stoffe
Kotor Tool by Fred Tetra

First of all, open the dialog.tlk (in your main folder) with the TLKedit.
I recommend making a backup of it, because, sometimes, some things get screwed up.

Click on "New entry", and write the name your soundset should have later in the "Text" field. Remind the number of your new row, because you need it later. Save your file (you must have both Kotor Tool and your game closed to save succesfully).

Then open Kotor Tool, click on "Tools" in the toolbar, and select the ssf Editor.

There are several slots in the ssf file, like 3 different attack grunts, the die sound, and a lot more. Set the number for these slots to the entries un the .tlk files that contain the sounds. (I opened other sound files, and copied the numbers from there to one mixed sound file.) After that, save your ssf file in the Override folder.

Then open the "soundset.2da" file. (BIFs/2da Array/soundset.2da)
Just copy one of the other files, and change those things:

Put your new entry's number from the tlk file there.

Put the name of your new ssf file there.

The save the new 2da file in the Override folder.

I recommend checking the "look in Override for 2da files" function in Kotor Tool under the "Tools" tab, when you select "Options". If you check that, you can use the new soundset without a need for a edit with a GFF editor.

If I'm wrong with anything, tell me!

Anyone who tested already?

07-02-2009, 03:36 PM
I'm going to try this out. Just have to get TLKedit. I'll tell you how it goes later.