View Full Version : trickjumping potential in jko and jka

06-01-2009, 06:47 PM
Here's what can be done in ET. Their default speed is 320ups so it's same as default quake 3, but they also have a speed booster. Our default speed in jka and jko is 250 so we move slower. However, if you have force jumps points in it makes you jump higher even if you don't use any of the force bars (just tapping jump) than their default jump.

So when you convert maps if you resize the map to a ratio of .9 .9 .9 on X Y Z, you get a pretty good conversion using their jump maps in jko and jka.


Here's the kind of stuff that can be done. The who made this is named "jake", but I believe he also goes by the name flame in other youtube videos.

Also this one