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[The timeline for this series is five years before KOTOR, during KOTOR I and II, and two years after KOTOR II.]

Along time ago in a galaxy far, far away on the planet Tatooine.

Episode I: "Deserted"

"Day Six, holo log entry number two.
It has been six days since our shuttle crashed on this barren desert world the inhabitants call Tatooine. Upon our arrival the town was attacked by a raid of mercenaries looking to pick up easy credits, some food, and some women (no doubt for unscrupulous acts)."

"Torla and myself fled the city into the open desert, where the suns were mercilessly beating down upon us and we had no transport. Our commlinks were damaged and lost during the confusion of the raid, and we had little to no water left in our supplies. We managed to avoid detection by a Tuskan enclave and made our way into a cave somewhere in the dunes."

"Day Seven, holo log entry number three
It has been an entire week since Torla and I have been on this barbaric planet, and our supplies have ran out. Before my entries take a grim turn, for which they will I must apologize for my prideful behaviour in my first entry. I was happy to get off that backwater planet Dantooine, and finally get some real adventure in my life. Sure I knew there would be some competition, Czerka corporation was constantly beating down our door looking to "buy" us out but we wouldn't sell, no how, now way...and we won't be leaving this cave, not until we see friendly strangers in the area otherwise we will remain here until we die."

A young man in his late teens - early twenties held a datapad that relayed information in the form of a holograph, it was someone's holo journal. The young man was Owex Stari, he was about five feet and nine inches tall, and had light blond hair and green eyes. He tinkered with the device. He was accompanied by HK-51, a former assassin droid now an intelligent bodyguard.

"Hey what gives, it stopped playing!" he cried.
"Upon examing the datapad, it appears to have suffered a shor in its circuitry." HK-51 noticed.
"Can you repair it HK?" Owex asked.
"I must ask you Master Owex, if it is reall appropriate to be reading the personal thoughts of strangers?" HK-51 inquired.
"This guy was in trouble HK, which is why I want to finish reading the journal so I can find out 'what's up'."
"I can tell you 'what's up' Master Owex. That man and his human female associate 'were' in danger but they are not anymore." HK-51 stated.
"What do you mean?" Owex asked.
"What I mean is that this cave, the one where we found that holo-journal in is empty much like the dunes. I've observed the entire perimeter of this cave while you pryed into the deceased's journal, there is no trace of any bodies human or otherwise and there are no clues other than that journal."
"That doesn't mean that they're dead!" Owex argued.
"With all do respect Master Owex I am afraid that I will have to rebuke your argument. Since there were no bodies discovered in this cave, living or otherwise it is only logical to assume that the beings that once stayed in this cave are no deceased."
"They could have wandered off into the dunes and gotten picked up by Tuskens or something." Owex suggested.
"While that is possible, the author of the journal seemed insistant on remaining within the boundaries of this cave so it is unlogicial to assume that they would have willingly gone out into the dunes." HK-51 assessed.
"So maybe they didn't leave willingly, maybe they were forced out by someone." Owex presumed.
"It is unlogical to assume that any rational being human or otherwise would travel through a desert wasteland to harm two stranded beings." HK-51 said.
"Well whatever, I'm still not convinced." Owex said.
"That Master Owex, is not a surprise." HK-51 declared.
"Maybe...maybe that Czerka corporation had something to do with all of this." Owex suspected.
"Honestly Master Owex, all of this excitement will only get you unnecessarily worked up. With all facts known, it is more than likely the two were the unlucky victims of a Krayt Dragon." HK-51 assessed.
"A Krayt Dragon? But there aren't any bones lying about." Owex commented.
"Master Owex, Krayt Dragons are not known to not chew on their victims' bones." HK-51 added.
"We're going back to town." Owex declared.
"Thank the maker, finally a rational decision from this boy." HK-51 said.
"We're going back to Anchorhead to get some answers." Owex said as he placed the datapad into his bandolier.
"But you can't take that with you Master Owex, it doesn't belong to you!" HK-51 chided.
"It's alright, they're dead remember?" Owex replied.

Owex and HK hopped into a landspeeder and headed for town. They passed by herds of banthas and spotted some rogue dewbacks skulking about the desert. Finally the speeder arrived at the gate to Anchorhead town.

"I'm going directly into that Czerka office and demand some answers." Owex affirmed.
"Master Owex, wouldn't you feel better after cooling off in the catina with a nice glass of Juma Juice?" HK-51 asked.
"I am a little thirsty, we can stay for a minute or so." Owex stated.
"Finally...time to cool my circuits.

Owex and HK entered the Anchorhead cantina, it was dark and smoke filled some portions of the bar. There were patrons of all shapes, sizes, and species inhabiting the bar. Owex and HK sat at a booth nearest the entrance and a Twi'lek waitress waited on them.

"Can I get you anything sir?" she asked in basic.
"A glass of Juma for me, a some oil for him." Owex said.
"I will have those orders for you very soon." she said.

The waitress left the booth, leaving Owex to relax. He looked around the cantina when he heard a burst of laughter from the far corner of the cantina, opposite of him. His eyes followed the sounds and he saw a group of Gamorreans, a Trandoshan, and a bulky human guy all crowded around an attractive human woman. It was a little dark so Owex had a hard time discerning her full identity, he could see that had a fair complexion and she had long dark hair and wore a green uniform.

"Master Owex, your Juma is here." HK-51 said.
"How long's it been sitting there for?" Owex asked.
"At least five minutes Master Owex, you were preoccupied with staring at that female human across from you." HK-51 observed.
"Thanks for the analysis." Owex replied dryly.
"Hmmm, this oil isn't as nice as it could be." HK-51 complained.
"Of course it isn't, this isn't Corsucant after all." Owex remarked, taking a swig of his Juma Juice.

A few moments later, the woman and her associates stood up together and proceeded out of the cantina. "That was a funny story you told us, Torla." the bulky guy said, still laughing. Owex's eyes widened,

"Did he just say "Torla"? he whispered over to HK-51.
"I don't know Master Owex, perhaps Torla is a popular female's name?" HK-51 rationalized.
"No, I don't think so...that's 'her' I know it is." Owex assessed.
"Oh dear...." HK-51 sighed.
"Let's go to the Czerka office now." Owex ordered.
"How did I know you were going to say that?" HK-51 asked sarcastically.

Owex stepped out of the cantina and was surprised to see that the woman, Torla had already vanished. "That's odd". he murmured. Owex continued on to the Czerka office, with HK-51 trailing unenthusiastically behind him.

"Must we do this Master Owex?" HK asked. "I'd hate to see the locals toss us out for making false accusations". HK added.
"There won't be any false accusations, all the proof is in this datapad, and that woman."
"Oh dear...." HK said with a sigh.

Owex marched into the Czerka office and approached the courtesy desk, a protocol droid was stationed behind it.
"Good day, I am B5D5; I am here to answer any questions you may have."
"Great, who's in charge of this facility?" Owex asked.
"The director of this facility is currently away on off-world business, however our facility manager Jana Lorso is here." the droid replied.
"Then let me talk to her." Owex demanded.
"One moment while I consult with Miss Lorso." B5 replied.

The polite protocol droid walked away from the desk, leaving Owex and HK alone in the lobby. HK examined a nearby kiosk filled with pamphlets encouraging locals to work at Czerka to make "great wages" and "monthly bonuses".

"I've got to make sure that I ask all of the right questions..." Owex said.
"Pardon my intrusion Master Owex, but what exactly are you going to ask her?" HK inquired.
"Well for starters I want to know why that explorer guy disappeared and his female partner is still alive." Owex responded.
"I assume you are talking about Jagon Daquis?" a female voice asked.

Owex turned around to see a female Mirialan standing seven feet behind him. She wore an olive green worker's uniform with a Czerka insignia on it.

"My name is Jana Lorso, a pleasure to meet you..." she extended her hand.
"My name's Owex Stari, that is HK-51; an 'assassin' droid!" Owex replied pointing back with his thumb.
"Hello!" HK-51 said with a wave of his hand.
"Oh? Could you be young Master Owex of 'the Coruscant' Staris?" Jana asked.
"Yeah that's right!" Owex answered.
"Please forgive my invasiveness but I must know, how is business for your father; Mister Kol Stari?" Jana asked.
"I don't know...fine I guess, why do you ask?"
"You see Sir Owex, your father's company makes a lot of money for Czerka corporation." Jana said.
"Is that so?" Owex asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes, in fact a great deal of business that we make on Taris is because of your father's connections to the head families." Jana explained.
"So what, my dad is good for your business." Owex shrugged.
"My apologies Sir Owex, I was merely inquiring the financial status of your father's company however I am sure that it is all fine. Now, you were asking about Jagon Daquis and...Torla Rauss?" Jana added.
"Yeah that's the one, why's she alive and the other isn't?" Owex asked.
"Master Owex?" HK chided.
"Oh? Do you mean the condition of Jagon's vitality?" Jana asked.
"Yes of course, I want to know why he is dead and that Torla lady is alive!" Owex replied.
"I see you are concerned so I will tell you everything that I know about Jagon Daquis." Jana said.
"Jagon came to work with us about two months ago, he started out in an office in one of our many other locations, however when the locals started acting up he grew too nervous and requested a change of environment." Jana explained.
"Why would the locals be 'acting up'?" Owex asked.
"To be honest I don't really know, I can only assume that they are upset by the prospect that Czerka is willing to offer many more opportunities for the everyday man than these smaller 'farmer businesses'." Jana said.
"Your company was putting them out of business, that's a good reason to start a frenzy." Owex replied.
"Perhaps, but the fact of the matter is Czerka corporation has always been the leading manufacturer of commercial goods and weaponry. These smaller business need only comply with our negotiations or get swept up in the storm, it is as simple as that." Jana explained.
"What do you mean by 'swallowed up'?" Owex asked.
"I might have phrased it wrong, but it is common knowledge that Czerka corporation has its fair share of 'overzealous' supporters, as that is true it is always sad when something terrible happens to a small business." Jana added.
"You wouldn't happen to mean the 'Exchange' would you?" Owex asked.
Jana laughed, "Of course not Sir Owex, I can assure you that Czerka corporation neither endorses nor supports actions made by third party groups such as the Exchange." Jana replied.
"Okay so what happened to Daquis?" Owex inquired.
"Jagon arrived here about two months ago but all we had for him at the time was light-duty work, simple tasks to be done around the office." Jana said.
"And he wasn't satisfied with the job?" Owex asked.
"No, he hated it for lack of a better word." Jana responded.
"We tried accommodating to his needs as best as we could but there is only so much we can do for an eternally unsatisfied man." Jana explained.
"I see..." Owex said.
"So we finally gave into his demands and gave him a section 9/B job that he had been asking for so long." Jana said.
"Section 9/B?" Owex reiterated.
"'Section 9/B; commonly a term commonly used in industrial and labor commissions to cite harmful or dangerous work zones." HK answered.
"Correct." Jana said.
"So you gave him a dangerous job?" Owex asked.
"We never just 'give' anything to anyone Sir Owex, here at Czerka Corporation we believe that it is best if one is qualified for the job before he undertakes it." Jana explained.
"What sort of qualifications?" Owex asked.
"There are a few, permits to enter the dunes, a hunting license, level three work card, all of which require time and weeks in advance in order to properly process for a section 9/B job." Jana added.
"So he took the job, what happened?" Owex inquired.
"You maybe inquiring what sort of work on a barren planet like this one would require a level three work card." Jana said.
"Okay?" Owex replied.
"There had been numerous reports of Krayt Dragon attacks by our miners at the Sand Crawlers, we needed a team of six to eight to go out to the beast's cave to exterminate it." Jana said.
"Pardon me for intruding, but if one was not qualified to undertake such hazardous positions, would it not qualify as a violation of ethics on the provider's part?" HK-51 asked.
"Perhaps, but I do not recall you asking whether he was actually 'qualified' or not." Jana replied.
"Was he?" Owex inquired.
"To be perfectly honest Sir Owex, no Jagon Daquis was not qualified at the time...however he was an extremely impatient man and demanded satisfaction." Jana responded.
"What do you mean 'at the time'?" Owex wondered.
"At the time of his request he was not qualified to take a 9/B job, however his paperwork was still being processed and he wou;d have been qualified if he had not disobeyed Czerka policy and left the town anyway." Jana explained.
"He left without your consent, so you didn't tell him to go?" Owex asked.
"Of course not, safety is our number one policy and it is my personal responsibility to see that all employees of Czerka corporation are taken care of safely." Jana answered.
"So what happened?" Owex asked.
"We do not know, I have not heard from Jagon since he left angrily that day." Jana said. "He took one of our sand crawlers and never came back.
"Master Owex...perhaps we should be going?" HK suggested.
"Maybe..." Owex replied.
"Is there anything else I can answer for you?" Jana asked.
"Yeah, what about th female; Torla?" Owex asked.
"I am terribly sorry Sir Owex but as she is still currently an active employee of Czerka corporation it would be a violation of our ethics codes to voluntarily give out information." Jana said.
"But you told me about Jagon..." Owex replied.
"You must assume then that he is 'dead'." HK-51 added.
Jana Lorso smiled, "I am terribly sorry but my work beckons me. If there is anything else please feel free to leave a message with B5D5 and I will see what I can do." Jana said

Jana Lorso stepped out of the lobby, and B5D5 returned to the reception desk. "That is very strange." Owex commented. "Strange indeed." HK-51 added.

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