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The Betrayer
06-12-2009, 02:11 AM
2178 - UEG (United Empire of Germania)
"National Socialism is a true gift indeed", said a man, while another man clad in a fine military uniform was nodding. "However, Hitler was foolish to invade Russia. Barbarossa is the most foolish mistake of the Third Reich. He let his guard down. In the end, he betrayed the very principles he created. His error must be rectified if National Socialism will exist today. Heinrich Himmler is the key to this, you see." The man pulled a lever down, and a door made of adamantium opened.

A wide cylindrical structure was revealed to them. The structure had an entrance in it. Inside were two seats, and buttons and lights everywhere. "Do enter, Oberst", said the first man. They went inside the cylindrical structure. "You know what to do." The second man nodded. He sat down, looking around the structure he was in. The first man sat, and punched a few buttons around him. The time machine started...

May 29 1940.
Adolf Hitler was walking down a street, accompanied by his SS Praetorian guard. He did not anticipate what would happen next. As he was waving to the National Socialist supporters, he was shot at by an expert marksman. People screamed everywhere. The bullet hit his eye hard. The next day, Heinrich Himmler would assume power over Nazi Germany...

So basically, Hitler dies. Himmler assumes power and The Third Reich never invades Russia. Himmler decides that the best course of action will be to invade Russia AFTER Nazi Germany consolidates power over most of Europe. With a single goal for Nazi Germany, will the outcome of the war still be the same?

(Russia fights for the Axis powers and Italy, for the Allies)

Character Sheet:
Faction (Allies, Axis Powers):
Bio (optional):

Character Sheet:
Name: Alexander Wolfgang
Age: 46
Gender: Male
Appearance: Brown Hair, blue eyes and light skin.
Faction (Allies, Axis Powers): Axis, Germany.
Rank: Major General and leader of the European war effort
Bio (optional): Alexander was a fellow SS officer and best friend of Heinrich Himmler. Recognizing Wolfgang's command and management skills, Himmler decides to put him in charge of the European war effort of Germany. Alexander is a true friend of Himmler indeed, but his true motivations for Nazi Germany remain hidden...