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(This story includes all my current characters from all of the Rps that I'm currently in. Hence the name: Crossover. Some of the characters...may be a bit OOC. Also, this is meant to be a bit of a comedy.)

Kyoto, Japan.

Atrianna sat back in leather chair and watched as her daughter flipped on their brand new big screen Television set.

Atrianna was begining to have doubts that her daughter really knew what she was doing when it came to electronics. "Are you sure that the screen should be flickering like that? Last time I saw a TV, It didn't do that."

Shayla ground her teeth together in frustration at the TV's refusual to bend to her whims. "Yes mom, The TV should obviously be flickering like this when I turn it on...Just give me a minute...I'll get it working eventually."

"I could call up Uncle Vlad to come over and take a look at it...He was able to handle the zombies easily enough a few years ago, I'm sure he can handle a Television easily enough."

"No! I mean...no...I wouldn't want to bother Uncle Vlad while hes at work. Besides...that guy is nuts mom! The last time he came to visit, I ended up running forty laps around the house and then I somehow ended up on the floor doing push-ups with him!"

Atrianna couldn't help but laugh as that particular memory popped into her head again. "Honey...you have to understand that that is Uncle Vlad's way of showing affection."

"Mom! My legs were sore for nearly three days afterward! Everytime he comes over, I end up running laps, doing push-ups or running marathons. Uncle Vlad may be nice, but he has a very... nasty sense of humor."

"You have to understand, Uncle Vlad saved my life quite a few times a few years ago, and I saved his life many times in return. He's a close part of the family now. Besides, I thought you said you enjoyed learning combat moves from him?"

"Well...yeah. But I just wish he would pick on someone else when he comes to visit."

Atrianna lightly punched her daughter on the shoulder. "He does it because he cares honey. Remember, Uncle Vlad doesn't have any family of his own. You and me are the closest thing he has to a family."

Shayla shrugged and lightly kicked the still flickering TV screen.

That...turned out to be a very bad move.

The TV screen began to flicker even faster and a strange humming sound came from the inside of the TV set.

"What did you do?!"

"I-I don't know!"

A thin beam of white light shot out from the screen, the beam seemingly stopped in mid-air and it seemed the very air began to twist and writher until a black portal appeared directly in front of their TV set.

"Honey...go get mommy's twelve gauge. It's in the bottom cupboard next to the Party mix."

Shayla either didn't hear her mom or wasn't really listening.

"Honey...I said go get mommy's twelve gauge. It's in the bottom cupboard."

Shayla finally managed to tear her eyes from the portal and slowly walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

Atrianna got down on one knee and inspected the portal that had appeared in their living room.

What is this thing? It looks almost like something out of Star Trek...

The closer Atrianna got, the more confused she was getting. Is that weapon fire I'm hearing on the other side of this thing? Sounds like...explosions...I must be going crazy, I honestly I just thought I heard a Lightsaber!

Sadly, Atrianna apparently wasn't going crazy, as a violet lightsaber blade punched through the portal and nearly took her head off with a sharp thrust.

Atrianna fell on her back and hurridly scrambled back away from the portal. "Shayla! Where's the twelve gauge?! I need it now!

"I'm looking mom!"

"I said the bottom cupboard! The bottom cupboard!"

"Found it!"

Shayla threw the shotgun out the kitchen and Atrianna deftly caught it and quickly aimed it at the portal.

"Honey...remember all those times I objected to you going out with that boyfriend of yours?"


"Here's a twenty. Go out and take him to see a movie or something. Mommy is apparently going to be very busy tonight."

"S-Sure mom. See you in a few hours mom."

"Have fun honey. And remember what happens if his fingers wander."

"Break them at the base, I remember what you and Uncle Vlad told me about boys mom. I'll be careful."

Shayla was about to run out the door when three figures tumbled out of the portal in front of her and Atrianna instantly leveled the shotgun at them.


Atrianna prodded on of the bodies with the barrel of the gun. The first figure was dressed in a full body robe complete with a hood that covered most of it's face, but from what Atrianna could see, the thing had...headtails hanging out of the sides of it's hood. It looks almost like a...Twi'lek I think they're called.

Ahayla slowly edged back into the room and got down on one knee and stared at the thing in the robes.

"Mom...that looks almost like a...Twi'lek from star wars. But I thought..."

"I know hon...I don't really know how...Your the Star Wars fan, do you know anything about what she's wearing?"

"Y-yea...it looks like a pre-empire jedi robe complete with matching hood. Standard Jedi Utility belt and a...purple lightsaber?"

Atrianna turned and gave her daughter a very strange look. "I'm sorry if this question seems a bit stupid but...do you know something about this...Twi'lek? Cause it sure seems like you do."

Shayla continued staring down at the Twi'lek woman. "Ummmmm...I might know something about her...but I'm not one hundred percent sure."

"Start talking..."

"Well, I'm a member of a site called Lucasforums, and there's this section called Dantooine theatre company where a bunch of us can roleplay in different settings-"

"Roleplay? What's that?"

"I'll...tell you later mom. As I was saying, one of my friends has a character called "Dantra", this...woman looks exactly like Chev's Twi'lek character."

"I'm sorry, but who is this "Chev" person?"

"Uhhh...he's this guy I know from the forums, he's really nice and he's really good at roleplaying. He taught me how to Roleplay when I was first starting out."

Atrianna pulled out a pen and grabbed a piece of paper from her pocket and began to write something down.

"M-Mom? What're you doing?"

"I'm reminding myself to to give Vlad a call and ask him to check out this "Chev" boy...you know the rules honey, If you meet any boys over the internet, I have Vlad give them the once over just to make sure they're really boys and not forty year old men pretending to be boys."

"But mom! Chev is really nice! I don't want Uncle Vlad scaring him the way he did the other one!"

"Sorry hon, but rules are rules."

Shayla nodded slowly, making a mental note to warn Chev that a certain Russian officer would be paying him a visit in a few days.

Atrianna threw her shotgun on the chair and turned back down to stare at the twi'lek woman. "She looks like she was in a fight...cuts across her scalp...burn marks on her face...her breathing is uneven..."

Shayla took a look at one of the other figures laying on the floor and a sudden, urgent thought entered her brain. "Mom! We have to send her back through now! She can't be here!"

"And why's that?"

"Because Dantra is one of Chev's most unstable characters!"

Atrianna's head quickly whipped around as one of the other character's on the floor began to try and stand up.

"Shayla...is there anything else you want to tell me about these characters...Some information on the one who's getting up would be useful."

Shayla took a quick look at the character. Black jacket with a swirl pattern on the back of it...small knives...shuriken...

"Oh wow...I really can't believe it! This is another one of Chev's characters! Oh wow...seriously...wow!"

Atrianna made a move for the shotgun only to be restrained by her daughter. "Would you please tell me why this character is so important?!"

Shaya took a step back and watched the girl as she got up off the floor and took a quick glance around.

"This...is one of Chev's most interesting characters. Her name is Karela and she's from an RP by the name of "Shinobi."

"Shinobi? Isn't that a term from...what's it called...Naruto?"

"...you actually read it mom? I thought you said you hated that kind of comic crap."

"I...may have been a bit curious about why all the kids seem to like it so much. When you get into it, it's not that bad of a manga."

Atrianna turned back toward the girl who's hand was currently resting on a very sharp looking knife.

Shayla took an eager step toward her. "It's alright...your safe here..."

The girl took a step back and nearly walked right back into the portal before Shayla quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her forward. "You...might not want to touch that. That...thing appeared in front of our TV and you were dumped out of it onto the floor."

The girl quickly stepped away from the portal and locked eyes with Shayla. "Who are you people? And how the hell do you know my name?"

"You...uhhhh...we're big fans of your work. Your in the village...uhhh...hidden in the sea."

The girl smirked and twirled another one of those dangerous looking knives in her hand. "I'm not buying that for a second. What is this? Another Arashi illusion? You may have captured me...but you will not break me."

Shalya slowly held out her hands in a show of peace. "I swear to you...We're not part of the...Arashi. We're friends..."

The girl simply muttered to herself and looked back at the portal. "I need to go back...there was fighting...and explosions and dying...I need to get back to the fighting...they may have captured me...but they won't break me!"

Before Shayla could stop her, the girl had jumped through the portal which had turned a vibrant blue color now.

The end for now.

(Update time I try to be nimble...I try to be quick...I once tried to jump over an electric fence but that didn't work out so well.)

Atrianna watched as the girl ran through the portal with a determined look on her face. "Well...that girl is obviously suffering from Combat trauma."

Shayla wasn't really that versed in combat-talk, she was more of a net/school kind of girl. "Mom, what's combat trauma?"

"It's...it's where someone who has seen a lot of fighting gets a little confused in the head. Sometimes they think that they're back at the scene of the battle when they're really safe at home..." Atrianna stared back through the portal. "That girl had a pretty bad case of it from what I saw. Her eyes were wild and unfocused and she had a crazy glint in them. If I weren't so confused by all this, I'd probably feel sorry for the girl."

Shayla nodded and watched as Dantra slowly got to her feet and wildly looked around.

Shayla leaned in close to Atrianna. "Don't even try going for the shotgun...she'll be able to kill you before you know what hits you..."

The twi'lek turned and slowly stared at them. "The child is correct. If you attempt to kill me, you will be dead before you hit the ground. Now tell me...where am I and who are you?"

Atrianna was about to go for the gun anway when Shayla stepped forward slowly. "Your after Terla aren't you? You want to find her again..."

The twi'lek's eyes seemed to widen momentarily and then they closed to narrow slits. "How would you know that child? Have you been spying on me?"

"N-No...it's just that a blue twi'lek came through here earlier and told us that if you wished to finally end this battle...you would follow her through the portal."

The twi'lek locked eyes with Shayla for a short while as if reading her mind...and then nodded. "Your assistance in this matter will not be forgotten. the jedi order will not forget your contribution...at least it won't when it is revived and the empire is destroyed...once and for all."

With those final parting words, the Twi'lek jumped through the portal which then turned a deep blue in color.

Atrianna stared wide-eyed as the portal switched colors again. How can Shalya know so much about these people? Are they all from those Rps?

Atrianna then turned to the last one laying on the floor, the last one was a Man with a a jacket similiar to the girl's jacket.

The end for now.

(A better translation of the above would be that I'm far too tired to continue writing right now.)

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Chevron 7 locke
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(..feel free to comment on the story... I don't bite...much)

Outside regular space-time.

Sparks flew from the computer screen as a large fist impacted with the screen. I can't believe that I actually started writing this...it's just not that good!

The figure in the white robes sat down on his chair, waved his hand at the screen and watched as the screen instantly repaired itself. Lets see here...take out the third figure and just have two of that boy's characters show up in Atrianna's living room. That should work.

The people of the various galaxies had many names for him. The ancient being of the Kronda galaxy called him Kralk-tor the dark one while the various citizens of the Ja't'ora galaxy had named him Lucaran the life giver.

Here he was...one of the most advanced beings in the whole of creation trying to write a good fanfiction story just to put that upstart "Q" from the continuum in his place.

The being looked up and sighed. He thought that sitting in the middle of space with nothing but stars all around would have helped him think, but instead he was simply getting more and more frustrated with his story. Think...something unexpected...something dramatic...something that would put those fools in the continuum to shame... Maybe it's my choice of characters that causing this writing block, The boy's characters did seem interesting enough...I just need to think

The being quickly looked to the right and then to the left to make sure that no one was watching and then quietly looked inside of the mind of the boy who had created the characters in the first place.

Lets see here...Dantra fights Terla and loses...but in the end Terla is brought back to the light...not a bad idea...Dantra fights Terla and then loses herself to battle and kills her...that may possibly work...Dantra and Terla make up and begin a two person war against the empire? That may work. Hmmm...so many choices so little time.

The being then dived a bit deeper into the mind of the boy and searched around more carefully.

Karela fights back against her attackers and manages to escape, but ends up leaving the village...horrible idea, wouldn't dream of using it. Karela tries to leave the village but is intercepted by Asuka and ends up killing her...no. Karela loses control and manages to flee the village and is captured by the Arashi...not a bad idea at all. It just needs...who am I kidding, that is a bad idea.

The being shuddered and left the boy's mind. The boy's mind was a dark and frightening place and the being didn't intend to go there again unless it was necessary. Such strange thoughts...I didn't think anyone would be capable of even thinking of that type of torture.

Giving up, the being closed the document he was typing and simply deleted the story. I need someone who's mind isn't such a disturbing place...lets see here...this "Bee Hoon" seems to be a much better writer then "Chev" Perhaps her mind will provide better ideas.

Outside normal space-time. Eons later.

The figure watched smugly as the members of the continuum read the document he had presented them with and waited for their answer. Finally, the head Q stood up and stared up at him.

"Alright, fine, you win. You've managed to put some of the best authors in the continuum to shame. Go ahead. Gloat if you feel the need to."

The being simply smiled. Yes...those lower life forms certainly did have imagination didn't they?

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read yet again

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((Alrighty, Mach is the critic and it is my job to make the critic laugh...therefore the story shall continue.))

Kyoto, Japan. ((The rp universe.)) Two days later.

Atrianna watched as Vlad attempted to suceed where her daughter had failed with the televison set. "So...Vlad have you found the problem?"

Vlad's head was currently stuck behind the TV and Atrianna could hear him muttering angry russian curses. Occasionaly a spark would fly out and hit him and Atrianna would have to force herself not to laugh as he cursed.

Vlad brought his head out from behind the TV. "I don't understand what the problem with it is. It should be working, but it isn't. Did anything else happen with it?"

"Lets see here...around two days ago it did somehow form a black portal that scared the living hell out of me, but we took care of that little situation mostly."

Vlad was about to mutter and go back to work when the full meaning of what Atrianna had said hit him like a thunderbolt. "The TV-...What? What about a portal?"

Atrianna pointed at the TV and she somehow managed to pull off the impression that it was an everyday occurance. "Shayla kicked the TV, a black portal appeared, and a couple of people were dumped on our floor."

"What kind of "people"?

"Oh...a kid suffering from combat shock...a red-skinned Twi'lek that shouldn't exist but she apparently does...and some kid dressed in a black jacket. We didn't send him back in time so I locked him up in the guest room."

"You...had a child appear in the middle of living room that was dumped from a portal that came out of your TV set...and you have him locked in your guest bedroom."


"And you were planning to tell me this...when?"

"I was actually hoping you wouldn't have found out. This is kind of strange even by my standards."


"Yes Vlad?"

"You...are the oddest woman I have ever known. Is this boy armed at all? Does he seem dangerous at all?"

"Well...when he got here he had a scalpel and that was about it. He was waving it around when he first got here so I cracked him over the head with the butt of the shotgun and tied him to a chair until he woke up and calmed down."

"So why is he locked in your guest room?"

"I caught him...spying on Shayla in the shower yesterday when I came back after my morning run. Sorry Vlad, but you know how protective a mother can be of her children."

"Yes...but you have no problem letting me take her on mile-long hikes everytime I come to visit, and you have no problem with me forcing her to learn combat moves."

Atrianna tweaked Vlad's cheek playfully. "That's different Vlad, your as close as one of the family. Besides...Shayla enjoys learning all that stuff from you, even if she pretends she doesn't."

Hours Later

Atrianna sat back in her chair with her mini-gun casually pointed at the door the boy was locked in. "I can wait here all day little boy. Might as well come out and make it easy on yourself. Don't worry...I won't hurt you much."

A muffled voice came from the other side of the door. "You nearly killed me. I'm not leaving anytime soon you crazy woman! Your crazier then Anko-sensai!"

"Your calling the lady with the weapon crazy? That's not a very good idea..." Atrianna unloaded a round into the door, making sure not to hit the boy.


"Then come out!"


Atrianna shoved a chair under the door handle and began to walk away. "Looks like your getting your wish. I'm locking you in there for the time being. If you manage to get out...I'll be waiting."

She walked into the kitchen and switched on the radio. There was no way in hell she was going to use the TV, what with it acting so strange and all. Everytime she turned it on, that damn portal would appear.

She put her hands over her head in exasperation. At least I got the other two home before they could destroy anything...For that, I'm thankful.

"And today's top story is that of the girl who seems to have the power to control the earth and is currently causing Chaos in downtown Kyoto."

Atrianna's head slowly came up and she turned her head directly at the radio. Oh come on! Give me a break!

"All efforts to stop the girl have been futile. She simply creates a wall of earth around her to shield herself from the bullets. The Kyoto military recently launched an attack on her using heavy weaponry but she simply sank the weaponry into the ground."

She groaned in exasperation and slowly got up. Damn it all...why is this MY problem? Why can't any of these things happen to Vlad? Why not to Smith? Why is it always ME?

Atrianna grabbed her Tactical 12 gauge and walked out of the house. In the distance she could hear sounds of combat and the distinct sounds of Tanks being tossed up into the air and then falling down.

Stupid Girl...I'm gonna beat her so bad that her ancestors are gonna feel it. I'm tired of all this crap happening to me.

Minutes Later.

I can't believe one little girl did all of this...I didn't even know a Tank's gun barrel could bend like that!

To say that the center of downtown Kyoto looked like a warzone would be saying too little. To say it looked like a nuclear bombhad gone off would be much more accuarate.

Lets see here...wrecked tank...wrecked tank...Another wrecked tank...wounded solders...more wounded solders...Flying tank heading right for me...wait? WHAT?!

Atrianna ducked out the way to watch the ground she had been standing on was pulzerized by the wrecked tank. DAMN THAT GIRL!

Her eyes quickly locked onto the girl who was sitting on one of the wrecked tanks. "Alright little missy...that was not funny. You are going back wherever the hell you came from."

The girl locked eyes with her and stared. "You won't take me...You won't take me...I won't go back...I don't want to go back!"

"Easy...No need to get violent...Just stop making those freaky handsigns and everything will be...fine."

The girl quickly put her hands together and made a series of handsigns and shouted something that Atrianna couldn't hear.

Is that it?

Unfortunatly...that was not it as massive spikes of earth shot up from the ground in a line heading straight for Atrianna.

Aw Damnit!

She tried moving out of the way but one of the spikes caught her in the arm which caused her to fire off a shot that nailed the girl in the arm.

Got the sucker.

She then looked down at her arm which had a large chunk of rock sticking out of it. Damn...that really hurts. Lets see here...lets just pull it out, drag the girl back home, take the perverted boy, throw them into the portal and pray to god that it's finally over.

Alright...this is gonna hurt.

With a muffled curse, she pulled her arm off the earth spike and began walking over to the girl. "Alright little miss. You destroyed nearly seven goverment tanks...you've wounded scores of solders...and you sent a big chunk of rock through my arm. You...you...Damn you!"

Atrianna cracked her over the head with the gun and began to drag the girl back to the house with one arm. The solders watched through astonished eyes as Atrianna muttered Japanese curses at the girl.

The solders turned to stare at one another. They were each thinking the very same thing over and over. What the hell?!

Much Later.

Atrianna roughly pulled the boy out of the room he was in and dragged him into the living room. "Your going back home. I'm tired of dealing with you...you...crazy people! I want my life to be normal again!"

Atrianna cracked him over the head and dropped him on the floor then switched on the Television.

The familiar black portal appeared in the room and Atrianna watched as it finally stopped spinning.

Alright...lets see if this is the right one. She stuck her hand through and was rewarded with a bite on her hand. She quickly pulled it back through to find a small fish clamped onto her hand.

Damn it! Get off me!

She shook her hand until the fish went flying off into one of the corners of the room and the portal turned violet. Alright...lets try it again.

She carefully stuck one of her fingers through and nearly screamed when a metallic hand shot through and caught hers in an iron grip.

"Resistance is Futile. You will be assimilated."

"Like Hell I will!"

Atrianna unloaded the entire round from the Tactical 12 gauge into whatever was on the other side of the portal. Whatever it was she didn't want to meet it face to face.

Damn it! Die already!

The hand finally let go and she heard a large grouping of feetsteps moving closer to the portal before it finally switched to a green color.

Yikes. Note to self. When it turns Violet bring out the heavy weaponry. Don't want whatever that was to get through.

She stuck the barrel of the gun through the portal and felt it shudder a few times before she pulled it out of find small knives buried in the barrel.


She grabbed the girl first and tossed her through the portal and then turned to the boy. "Your turn."

The boy stared at her. "The hidden leaf will not forget this."

"Yea..yea. If I had a dollar for every death threat I got I'd be running the country by now. Buh bye."

Atrianna picked him and tossed him through then turned to the TV and loaded the last of her ammunition into the gun.

"You...you've caused a lot of problems. I didn't think that TV's could do what you somehow did."

The TV didn't respond. She didn't really expect it to respond anyway.

Atrianna blasted the thing and the portal began to flash wildly and it's colors shifted rapidly before it finally vanished.

It's over...It's finally over.

She looked around her house and sighed. It was a mess. Bullets were everywhere...some of the weapons that the two nutcases where using were on the floor.

Screw this. I'm going to bed. Let Shayla and Vlad clean it up.

Atrianna threw the gun on the floor and staggered off toward her bedroom intent on finally getting her fully deserved sleep.