View Full Version : [Star Wars] Across the Universe (KotOR Graphic Novel)

06-19-2009, 02:24 AM
This was my first attempt at a graphic novel and my first attempt at a Star Wars story. It's now complete and I have just begun work on the sequel. Constructive criticism and gratuitous flattery only. :) Just let me know what you like and how I can improve what you don't. Thank you and enjoy.

Across the Universe is a story that became non-canon and stars original characters along with old favorites from Knights of the Old Republic. Contains game spoilers, LS/FemRev


Click the links below to view the novel:
Chapter 1 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap1.html)
Chapter 2 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap2.html)
Chapter 3 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap3.html)
Chapter 4 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap4.html)
Chapter 5 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap5.html)
Chapter 6 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap6.html)
Chapter 7 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap7.html)
Chapter 8 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap8.html)
Chapter 9 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap9.html)
Chapter 10 (http://d9studios.net/kfm/luf/atu_chap10.html)