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Chevron 7 locke
06-19-2009, 11:40 PM
((Well...Mandalore the Shadow has been asking if a Mandalorian Wars RP could be created. Well...here it is. :D))

Story: The Mandalorian Wars are in full swing as the Mandalorians and The Galactic Republic battle it out for control of the galaxy.

On the edge of known space, the Mandalorians and the Republic are fighting it out on the ice planet of Setra II. Whoever ends up winning the battle of Setra II will have a jumping off point into nearly five of the republic's most distant and least-defended systems.

Character sheet:








06-20-2009, 06:35 AM
Name: Johra Ulgut

Rank: Jedi Knight/General

Weapon: Green lightsaber

Achievments: He has participated in nearly all the battles Revan was in, being one of his High Generals. He almost single handedly took down a whole base in the battle of Tresyix.

Homeworld: Coruscant

Age: 25

History: He was close friends with Revan and Alek Squinquargesimus, and so was one of the first to join their crusade, after that he has been granted a position as General. Revan gave him command of the army and fleet he sent to Setra II.

The Betrayer
06-20-2009, 07:04 AM
Character sheet:

Name:Alexus Ragarth

Rank:Grand Admiral

Weapon:Modified Hold-out pistol

Achievements:Was the first to notice Mandalorian activity and strategic importance of Setra II. He defeated the Mandalorian recon force whose fleet was 3x greater than the fleet he possessed.

Homeworld: Taris

Age: 45

History: Alexus' parents are bounty hunters (dubbed the Dangerous Duo) whose bounty hunting did two things:
-sustain Alexus' education and ultimately;
-be their downfall (they died while trying to kill a mandalorian general). Alexus went into the Republic Military Academy and failed two times because of his incompetence with Blaster Rifles and Vibroblades. His Instructor, however, saw his potential and made an appeal to make Alexus an officer in the Republic Army. The Republic being desperate for soldiers with command potential, Alexus was accepted into the ranks of the Republic.
20 years later, he became one of the Republic's grand admirals. A great honor indeed.

Mandalore The Shadow
06-20-2009, 02:34 PM
Character sheet:

Name: Shadow

Rank: Blademaster

Weapon: Stolen Lightsabers

Achievments: Has faught alongside the Mandalore the Ultimate for neerly all the battles in the war so far.

Homeworld: Mandalore

Age: 30

History: He faught alongside his father and whatched him die in a battle with the Republic as was the custom in Mandalorian culture. He was raised by the Republic but in a fit of rage he killed the people who had taken him in and joined a group of bounty hunters untill he was able to get back to Mandalore. There he was taken in by the Mandalore's highest general who had known his father and took His spot when he completed his training.

06-20-2009, 03:30 PM
Well, Chev, you have beat me to it:D

Name:Gir'rak Derekil {Aka Mandalore the Ultimate:D} (It was too tempting, someone must be Mandalore:D)

Rank: Supreme Mandalore

Weapon: Anything and everything. He is adept with any weapon, whether it be sword, saber, or blaster. He is Mandalore:D

Achievements: Has made the Mandalorians the largest, greatest, and most Elite fighting force in the known universe. He has also embarked on a Crusade of Conquest, already conquering numberless planets in the Outer Rim.

Homeworld: Mandalore

Age: 40

History: Not much is known publically about Mandalore the Ultimate's early life. Only close friends and his loving Father know anything as to who he really is. He had already been a great warrior by the end of the Exar Kun War, and on the final battle, at the Death of Mandalore the Indomitable, he discovered Mand'alor's mask, officially making him the new Commander-in-Chief. He has always pushed for Global Domination, as he knew that the Mandalorians were powerful enough. Some question his true intentions, his true reasons for domination. Some say it had to do with the Sith, but no one knows, and if Mand'alor has anything to do with it, no one ever will. He currently leads the Great Hordes into battle, lso far, to Victory.