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Here we go. You all know the first RP I did on zombies, right? Of course yall do. Now Chev is urging me to do a sequel, so I'm here to give it a shot. This all takes place a few years after the Chicago Incident (The Nuking of chicago) and the main characters have finally settled down. The Russians, specifically a group of corrupt ex-KGB scientists, have re-created the virus, only to create Bigger, badder, worser (I think its a word) Zombies. This time, though, no intelligent zombies, that got old quick, zombies cannot drive cars or shoot people. But, they can run. That is all. If a person becomes a zombie in a car and the car is driving when he turns, thats alright, but I'd like it if the Undead don't get larger craniums. The main SUper Zombies are: Still brutes, those were good. The jumper-Brute mix will be called Poroid (Pogo and steroid) the jumper is now called the Prowler, do too its elongated claws, and it crawles. People can add a few more types i fthey wish, my brain hurts right now.
Here's the character sheet:
Appearence: (Pics or descriptions will do)
Skills: ( Ie: He/she's a sniper, so easy head shots, or he/she's a mechanic, so fixing a hummer thats been tossed through the air and landed upside down and rolled a little shouldn't be horrible.)
Now, Here's my character.
Name: Jaden Specer
Age: 24
Appearence: Tall, 6'5", Brown hair, green eyes, tan, muscular.
Skills: He's a hunter, so he knows his way around a gun. He's quick and decisive, usually, and is a leader, due to Marine Training.
Affiliation: Major, USMC.
Items: DSA SA58 Standard (Civilian FN FAL), Steyr Scout Bolt Rifle, KA-BAR, Katana, S&W 686 (x2), a BHS ( Bio Hazard Suit, designed to prevent any and all means of virus transferal.).
Biography: Jaden grew up in a rich house, although he lived in the country. He had access to pretty much what ever he wanted, though a Jeep and a few guns was good enough for him. When the Zombie War happened, He holed up in his house, for one day until he had to go out and fight them. He's a veteran Zombie killer, and is good friends with Sam Larson and Aiden Valko. He joined the Marines after the fighting was over, intent on being there if this ever happened again.

06-29-2009, 11:58 AM
Name: Vladimir Rosokosovski {Promoted to Colonel, Russian Armed Forces}

Age: 41 {Born October 9, 1970}

Appearance: 6'6' in heighth, he's bald with a sharp-featured face. He has a little stubble due to the fact that he has been without a shave for along time. Strangely, when the outbreak of the virus began, he and his men were dressed in Bio-Chem suits when American forces found them and brought them to Fort Charles {not real, only real in the RP} in Michigan. Vlad usually wears his Russian uniform and helmet, though his bio-chem mask is always near with a medical set. He always wears his black standard issue combat boots, which he modified to place knives under the soles in a tight situation. He also has the classic Russian cap, often referred to by his American finders, as a "Cousin Eddy" cap. His uniform has many Soviet insignia's on it.

Skills: Vladimir is known for his bravery and often inspires courage in his men, making them give their best effort in combat. He is a skilled marksman and good at hand-to-hand combat {not that he would want to do that with Zombies} He is a quick thinker and can get out of almost any dangerous situation.


Soviet Armed Forces{transferred out}

KGB Special Forces {was moved out}

Bio-Chemical Study Battalions {created new unit}

Bio-Chem War forces of the Soviet Union {Soviet Union fell in 1991}

Russian Special Forces {still slight allegiance to now-deceased Soviet Union}

Russian Administrative Board {part-time, he is on leave mostly, as his job is not as important as it sounds}

Background: Vladimir was born in Moscow to a semi-middle-class family. After recieving an excellent education at several of Russia's top colleges, Vladimir graduated with a degree in Bio-Chemicals. He then volunteered in the Soviet Army where he quickly gained favor with High command and was sent into the KGB. After years of succesful service, he was sent into Bio-corps where he cooked up new bio-chems and used them, mostly in experiments. From there he formed the Soviet Bio War Forces, specifically meant to use Bio-chems to fight, and was very very effective. The Soviet Union then fell and Vlad was out of work. He reenlisted with the new Russian Army, from there he conducted operations for the Russian government of "questionable" legality. His last operation brought him to the United States. From there, he helped in the destruction of Undead.

He went to Kyoto, Japan with Attriana and met her daughter. After a few days, he left back to Russia, and was given a Hero's welcome, even though he himself had created the terrifying virus. After a promotion and a transfer of service, he found himself in a very quiet administrative job, something that seemed to fit him, as he believed his days of adventure in the Special Forces were over. He still visits Attriana and her family, and also keeps an eye on the Zombie Virus, hoping to prevent another breakout of the deadly virus.
He is right now visiting Attriana in Kyoto.

Personality: Vladimir is a very warm and kind person, putting others before himself nearly all the time {unless of course, a bottle of Vodka is involved}. He also manages a good sense of humour, no matter the situation. He also wants to make sure that everyone is on high morale so that he can get the best performance possible from his men. All in all, Vlad is a very caring individual, especially in times like the Zombie apocalypse.

{My character sheet is a little scrambled, but it'll work, I hope:D}

Name: Yuri Alexandrovich

Age: 46

Appearance: Back in his military days, he wore a basic Russian uniform. But now, he just wears drab civilian clothes. He still carries a weapon with him at all times though.

Skills: Yuri is very wise, having been through a few wars with the Soviet Forces, he has a ton of battle experience. Therefore, he is able to advise anyone, and prepare them for a great battle.

Affiliation: Former Special Forces{now retired}

Items: Colt 1911 and a combat knife he used back in Chicago.

Biography: Yuri joined the Special forces at 17, and fought in Russia's Afghanistan War, were he built a name for himself as a skilled Sergeant. He eventually earned enough of a name, that he was transferred to Vladimir Rosokosovski's unit, and was introduced to Bio-Chemical warfare...and the undead. He was with Vlad during the campaign in America, and witnessed the destruction of the undead. After returning to Russia, he retired with full honors and became a civilian, where he now resides in Kiev, Ukraine.

06-29-2009, 01:14 PM
Name: Aiden Blackthorn
Age: 21
Appearance: http://x3non.com/download/Ataris/2/Aiden%20Valko%20001.jpg
Skills: Military-level combat training, moderate strength, musical ability
Affiliation: Citizen of the United States
Items: Acoustic guitar, shotgun, knife


Aiden went through the turmoil of the Zombie War, and after the entire thing ended up having his memories returned. After years of living on his own, with no living relatives or family, he has a created a whole new life for himself. Now he is trying to put together a band that is about to put out its first music album, and he has a girlfriend named Eve.

Because of the destroyed hive mind, all of the viruses inside of Aiden have been destroyed, and his body has returned mostly to normal, except that his eyes are still green from genetic mutation, and he has frequent headaches.

He now lives in New York, having changed his name to Aiden Blackthorn to get rid of the old memories, and is just now moving to a new apartment.

Name: Eve Anderson
Age: 21
Appearance: http://x3non.com/download/Ataris/6/79041_12.jpg
Skills: Musical ability
Affiliation: Citizen of the United States
Items: Knife


Aiden's girlfriend, and, hopefully, soon-to-be fiance whom he met in New York. She does not have any combat experience, but she was forced to learn how when the zombies came to New York. How she survived is a mystery, and one that she hasn't even told Aiden yet.

On the flipside, Aiden has told her the entire story of the Nuking of Chicago, and she is on her way to the new apartment they are moving into.

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Good to see you guys!:thmbup1:

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I'm in for sure! Hmmm....

Name: Hannibal Smith

Age: 40 (Born 7 July 1971)

Appearance: Medium stature (5' 11" ~1.8034m), weighs 216 lbs (97.97595192kg), has brown hair that's grown out somewhat since the Chicago Incident and speckled with some white -stress-, and green eyes.

Weapons: Colt 1911 kept since his service, Uzi that Larson gave him in Chicago and never gave up, Fairbain-Sykes combat knife bought almost immediately after the Chicago Incident

Lieutenant Colonel -US Army. Combat Medic, 10 yrs. #Currently Deactivated#
Exxon Mobile, Upper-level management, 1yr. #Retired#
Bartender, Bullwinkle's Saloon, 1yr. #Forced to quit due to Zombies#
Lieutenant Colonel -US Army. Detached Duty, 1 yr. #Retired for good after Chicago#
Troubleshooter, Blackwater USA, 1.5 yrs. #Current Occupation#

Combat Medic: Smith was trained by the US Army to be a Combat Medic, a medic who not only is a soldier, but has to take care of people on the battle-field. He is a licensed practitioner of medicine and his able to preform most any surgery needed on the spot with only a little bit of error. However, his abilities only extend so far, he can't take out cancers easily for example.

Quick Memory: going though Med. School has trained Smith's memory to the point where he was able to memorize most anything withing a few quick moments of looking at it. His recall isn't 100% perfect, but it is better than most people's.

Practiced Ease: he's faced the Zombies before, so these new ones shouldn't be that difficult for him or any other survivors of Chicago.


Born in Northern Minnesota, Smith graduated valedictorian of his high-school class and went on to Mayo Clinic where he spent 8 years learning medicine. Not really specializing in anything, Smith figured that his best bet would be to get his commission and he became a Combat Medic in the US Army for 10 years. Following his deactivation, he fished around for jobs, and Exxon Mobile offered him one in upper-management.

In late 2008 Exxon had to cut some people, and Smith was cut as he didn't have seniority. Moving back to Minnesota, Smith got a job on Bullwinkle's saloon, a bar near the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities. He worked that job for a year, until the bomb holding the plague was detonated in Denver, Colorado on 27 February 2009. While working at Bullwinkle's, Smith had taken possession of an AK-47 from a North Minneapolis Gang-member who though that holding up his bar would be a good idea. So, while the rest of the state was in various states of panic, Smith was able to hold the people inside Bullwinkle's Saloon in a reasonable state of mind and has since been their de facto leader, until he can shed the duty.

After leaving Bullwinkle's, Smith was reactivated by the US Army and was sent to Chicago as an... observer. He took part in infamous nuking of Chicago and was almost the man who would've set off the bomb himself. Thankfully, for him, he wasn't forced to sit at ground zero while setting off the nuke and, instead, escaped from the Subway with Larson in a Mustang.

Following the Chicago incident, Smith stood trial in a closed session with the highest Judge Advocate General of the Army and was eventually acquitted of any war crimes that he committed. After working in the system to keep Larson safe from a Court Martial -even though he almost promised the younger man one- he retired from the service.

He spent a year unemployed, living off of the interest in his bank account from his days with Exxon Mobil before deciding that he needed a job. Blackwater USA, a mercenary firm within the US, approached him with an offer of 600 USD a day for being an on call troubleshooter with the company.

That placed him in a perfect position to see something that he hadn't expected to see ever again.

The Zombies.

God, he hates those things

Personality: While not exactly the nicest guy on the world, the Chicago Incident did serve to melt some of his ice and make him remotely human in his emotions. He didn't remain close to any of the remaining group from the Chicago Incident and only had passing conversations with a few -mainly Larson, but sometimes, if he'd run into him, Aiden.

You know, CQ, I just can't see Vlad as a bureaucrat... no matter how hard I try.

And, Jedi, not going to break out Larson?

06-29-2009, 06:38 PM
^^Hey, Forever, Vlad couldn't believe he became a Bureaucrat either:D

06-29-2009, 07:43 PM
Somehow I just can't get the image of Vlad as a badass Russian Commando out of my head... and now we get a vlad from behind the desk... makes me wonder, did he gain any weight?

I can just see it: Vlad saw the damn zombie outside his office -he hated those things- yelling and cursing in Russian to get his coworkers' attention, Vlad worked to stand up fully.

When he stood up, he pointed out his window, yelling more Russian Obscenities, before the door was broken down by a brute. Where's the damn antidote when I need it? Vlad wondered as the brute closed in.

Drawing his Tokarov, Vlad shot several 9mm bullets into the thing's head, but to no avail, the Brute kept on coming.
It reached out and grabbed him.

Brutus the Brute -he loved that name for himself- smacked his lips after a particularly fine snack. While it had a higher fat content than most of the stuff he ate, it made for a good snack.

"Where can we get more?" He asked his friend Runt the Runner.

"Look for the Special Forces in desk jobs." His friend advised.

Yes, Vlad meets his unfortunate end.

06-29-2009, 07:47 PM
ForeverNight, that's just cold:D No, he has not gained any weight, he used to be a commando, he keeps himself in good shape...unlike regular desk people....:D

06-29-2009, 08:11 PM
Yeah, but it was fun to write!

Glad to see that the desk hasn't messed with Vlad's sense of priorities!

Chevron 7 locke
06-30-2009, 01:52 AM
((Would it really be a zombie Rp without Yuri? :D It would be like CQ with out his trademark :D))

Name: Atrianna

Occupation: Mercenary Officialy sanctioned by the Kyoto Goverment.

Age: 32

Appearence: Atrianna is still 6'3 and her hair is still white. After the nuke blast her eyes turned to a cobalt shade of blue however. In the years following the destruction of the first hive she has traded out her black combat jacket for Blue jeans and a black shirt that she wears on a regular basis.

Skills: Weapons expert/Combat medic

Affiliation: Japanese goverment.

Items: For the record Atrianna keeps most of her weaponry hidden in the basement of the house. As for the massive amount of weapons she has...She's a mercenary, I think she would be allowed to have this. Rest assured she won't be using all of it.

Tactical 12 gauge
Shotgun (Single Barrel.)
Shotgun (Double Barrel.)
M240G Machine Gun
9 Mil pistol
Combat Knives (A complete set.)

Biography: After the nuking of Chicago, Atrianna returned home to Kyoto where she was honored for her actions in stopping the threat before it reached the shores of Japan and was awarded with a medal which she keeps on top of her dresser at all times.

After walking through the door she was promptly tackled/hugged by her daughter who made her promise not to go on another adventure without her and Atrianna agreed that if her daughter would at least finish high school then she would be allowed to recieve basic training and become a Merc in training.

Shayla agrred to the terms and has recently finished high school and is now ready to resume her training under "Uncle Vlad."

As of now, Atrianna is visting with Vlad in Kyoto.

Personality: Atrianna has become much more open after the first Zombie attack and her personality has become quite a bit warmer. She is much more concerned that her daughter is into the "Boy Phase" of her life and is now threatning to break the fingers of anyone who touches her daughter despite the fact that Shayla insists that she is a grown woman now.

Name: Shayla

Age: 18

Appearence: 6'4. Shayla has white hair like her mother and emerald green eyes. She wears blue jeans and when not training she wears a black shirt like her mother.

Skills: Mecahnic/Weapon's expert.

Affiliation: Japanese goverment.

Items: She shares her weaponry with her mother.

Biography: Shayla was born to Atrianna sixteen years before the first zombie attack and was in Kyoto when Atrianna was fighting the first hive mind. She was in danger at one point when a few of the russian turned undead managed to infiltrate Kyoto and kill her guardians but she managed to escape to a safehouse and with the help of some of Vlad's contacts drive the undead off.

After that incident Shayla vowed to never be so helpless again and begged her mother to let her become a mercenary. After a lot of thinking Atrianna agreed that if she finished high school she would be able to learn from her mother and Vlad

Shayla managed to graduate high school with honors and Atrianna was at the ceremony. A day after her graduation party Shayla began her training under both Atrianna and Vlad.

Personality: Shayla is hard working and determined when she first puts her mind to a task but sometimes forgets to finish what she has started for a short while.

Shayla loves her mother but won't hesitate to pick on her if the opportunity arises or if her mother inadvertantly sets herself up for a joke.

Shayla loves her "Uncle Vlad" and enjoys tackling him when the opportunity arises or when he turns his back on her. She enjoys training under both her Mother and Vlad.

06-30-2009, 09:38 AM
I've still got Larson, He's just going to be my secondary character. main character this time. But I'll throw in an updated CHaracter sheet if you wish.
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 26
Appearence: Tall, about 6'2", He keeps his hair in a crew cut at all times (Thank you Zombie Survival Guide) His hair is blonde, and he's toned up his body, now he weighs 290 pounds of muscle.
Skills: Muscle (His punches and stabs and hits with a buttstock do more damage)
Exp x2 (He's learned about the zombies, he can definitely fight them off now)
Gun Nut (He's still in love with guns. Only now, he knows them better.)
Affiliation: Major, USMC (He switched services)
His father, who runs an Artillery Division out of Milwaukee.
Items: Sam carries most of these with him, no one cares that much anymore, but he's still smart, people aren't too receptive to a man who walks around with 27 different guns.
Grendel, he got a new one.
P90, he never let it go
Desert Eagles, he also never let them go
KA-BAR, its a good knife
M590 CQB, something he found from the cop car
M9 pistol
and, for the civie guns
M1 Garand and a M1 Carbine
AUG Civilain
JAE Gen 2 (Civilian M14)
He's not rich, but you will be surprised what you'd find on your way home after a zombie invasion.
Bio: Sam stays out of trouble since the Chicago Incident, known by the civilians as Reclamation Day, BUt he likes being more adventurous. He's gone sky diving and cliff jumping and deep sea scuba-ing. He's not afraid to say what he wants anymore, and due to good intuition and his boldness, made some good choices on the stock market. He maintains contact with Aiden, Smith (To whome he owes many favors), Vlad, and Jaden. Attrianna he's still afraid of, and if he has anything to say, he asks Vlad to tell her.
I'm gonna get the RP Started

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((wow, ok. No offence to my post in the main thread

but I normally RP over at the Rogue Squadron and XWA RP forums

they dont have either an independent 'recruitment' forum, nor set's of 'main established forum rules'

heh, 'us guys' over in those forums keep those things in the 'first post',...

that is if we expect new people, considering a now 16th episode (im trying to get that one going again) and our 6th 'side story' episode, along with 5 xmas specials and one 'completely god mode' episode (that was so much fun :D)

and a bio thread (like this one) usually next to, also stickied, the one actually in progress

however, like i mentioned OCC in the main thread, I asked CommanderQ about this story, and if i could be 'the tank', he said yes. so, no offence, I assumed the same rules applied over at those two were the same, and thus I didnt see a discussion thread in the same forum

sry! :animelol:

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It's okay, Scar, sorry about kinda' misleading you there:( But I'm glad we've all sort've reached an understanding here:)

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Brutus the Brute -he loved that name for himself- smacked his lips after a particularly fine snack. While it had a higher fat content than most of the stuff he ate, it made for a good snack.

"Where can we get more?" He asked his friend Runt the Runner.

"Look for the Special Forces in desk jobs." His friend advised.[/i]

Yes, Vlad meets his unfortunate end.

:lol: Too funny. :p

07-01-2009, 11:34 AM
I just want to do some infected/zombie guys, have some fun, you know that sort of thing :)

07-01-2009, 11:36 AM
^^Yeah, understandably, zombie's are awesome:D But maybe not quite yet, the Zombie's haven't quite returned yet, but they will, they will:D When they do would be the ideal time to appear and horrify us with the frightening large brute:D

07-01-2009, 01:48 PM
you know it. ;)

Cyborg Ninja
07-01-2009, 05:05 PM
Name: Frank Wilson
Age: 32
Appearence: He's roughly 6 feet with A eyes. His hair is a messy brown and its usually kept hidden under his hood. He had a nice build but he was for from ripped. He usually wears a white long sleeved shirt with a hood over his head, blue jeans, and black shoes. Over the shirt he wears a black teeshirt with red markings on it.
Parkour: He's practiced this art for 10 years and is now very agile and flexible.
Medicine: As a doctor he can heal people who get infected if he so chooses to.
Affiliation: None
Items: None
Bio: Frank grew up like any other child with the hopes of being successful. However at a young age he developed skin cancer. Rather than be put down by it he worked to try and stop it. While he didn't cure his cnacer he was able to stop it from doing any more damage, making him a famous man. Before the Chicago Incident, Dr. Frank Wilson was a happy man. He was a great doctor and had been given a job with Government and it came with a sweet paycheck. He moved the Russia and assisted in working for them. He considered it to be a great learning experience until he accidentally cut himself and his bloodstream went into a vile of a virus being worked on. Frank learned it was a virus and ran off with it but was soon found cornered by a nearby strike team. Frank tried to move but he was shot in the head. His body fell limp to the ground along with the virus. The virus was absorbed into Frank's body through the skin and combined with the cancer. The combination rewrote Frank's DNA and reanimated his body. He woke up 3 weeks later in a morgue and escaped into the city. He spent the rest of the Chicago Incident in hiding, learning about what he was.
Abilities during the Incident: The Biomass that now lives inside Frank gives him certain abilities.
Feeding: as with the zombies, Frank must feed to stay alive.
Shield: Frank can generate a large shield with his left hand due the biomass
Blade: Frank can create a double sided blade with his right hand or dual wield with both hands.
Whips: Frank can create whips with his arms that stretch over 10 feet. The whips are best at long range, and are weak close up.
Powerfist: Frank creates two large fists capable to doing heavy damage however they slow him down.
Armor: The biomass surrounds his entire body and creates a suit of armor.
Claws: They are the quickest of all the forms but are also the weakest of his attacks.
After the Incident:
Frank like every zombie was cured and now he tries to forget what happened to him. However his diet now consists mostly of meat now and he has terrible nightmares followed with terrible back pains in the morning

07-01-2009, 11:06 PM
Hey, Cyborg, I don't remember right, but I think that there is no medical cure to the Zombie Virius... at least there wasn't at the end of Zombies Walk there wasn't. At best we had the Brute Serum which simply killed the brutes by overloading them with whatever was in there -basically supering up their super powers- or it could be used as a medicine.

Maybe it could be one of the advances made in the past two years, but then there wouldn't be a story here, would there? :D

Anyway, glad to see you here -any RP can always use new blood- and enjoy.

Oh, and you might just want to read the Original Zombies Walk as it is... for me, at least, it's only 15 pages deep, so call it a good hour or two of reading... :shrug: or wait for a summary from somebody.

07-02-2009, 02:23 AM
Name: Xero Cryptmaw
Clothing Type: Black trench coat, biker boots (steal toe and heel), black cargo pant, black T-shirt, and fingerless gloves with brass knuckles built in.

race: Caucasian
skills: formor street fighter, junior sword fighter, limber and flexible for moving quickly

Current Weapons: 68'' katana, 2 glock-9 pistols, 1 hunting rifle

Height: 6'0''
Weight: 110 LBS
Eye color: greyish green
Hair: long, brown
Birth place: New Orleans, Louisiana
Current location: hiding out in a grocery store preparing to go out and fight the infected

Quick Bio.
Xero Cryptmaw was vacationing with his girlfriend and her family in the city. Shortly after they arrived the infected swarmed them. Xero was the only one who managed to survive with a few minor scratches, but he is somehow different now, his sences are hightened, his speed has increased greatly, and he can jump farther and higher than he originally could. Now he will stop at nothing to put an end to the infection and those who started it or die fighting. He shouldn't have any problems...he is from New Orleans after all. ;)

07-02-2009, 09:39 AM
so can i play now :D

Name: William Anthony "Bill the Tank" Jackson

Age: 35
Ethnicity: Wh
Nationality: US

Former Occupation: US Marine Reserves, Staff Sergent, 11yrs
Current Occupation: Logger

Bio: Native from the Northern States, Gunnery Sergent Jackson, had a good career as a Marine Corps Infantryman, he entered the Marines a few months after he graduated High School. He served Active Duty for his initial Six year contract, then earning him rank Sergent during that time. When that contract was up, to finish up his obligated service and in hopes to put on Staff Sergent, He signed a new 5 year contract with the Reserves. Which he then eventually made Staff Sergent, but when he was up for Gunnery Sergent, he passed the exam, but his contract was up. Being screwed out of the rank, he was upset, and didnt want to put in another four years into the Corps, he just wanted his rank, leave and use his GI Bill to go to collage. But the Corpshad to have their way...

During his time in, he was just like any other grunt, he was a bit of a muscle nut,; exercise, fitness drinks, work, eat, then exercise again. Aside from being able to snap a man in half, he was still a good shot with a rifle. The Marines like their men, not only good riflemen, but also look damn intimidating while at it.

When he left, he found out after a few months that perhaps collage wasn't necessarily the best choice, he liked the work he did in the Marines, especially the fitness part. After looking, he got himself a good job working for a big logging company in Canada.

After working for a few years, he took a break, went down south back to the States, thats when the hell broke loose. The Dead began to walk, it wasnt long before he ran into a group of Army National Guardsmen, as they attempted to lead him, now just another civilian, he shown that his 'talents' were good enough for them to use. But of course it was the scene where Bill Jackson grabbed an infected off of the squad's Lieutenant and literally threw it at a small group of other zombies.

Weeks before the nuke dropped, a group of Marines were deployed, due to the numbers of the National Guard were also dropping. Jackson, whom had been nick-named "The Tank" by the other Gaurdsmen, joined in with the Marines. And with a brief conversation with the Company CO...

Major Tuck "So, Mr Jackson, I heard you were apart of our beloved corps, son."

Jackson "Yessir, Staff Sergent Will Jackson, 3rd regiment."

Tuck "Yes, yes. I heard aboutcha, and about when ya left you already took the Gunny exam, and passed. I reckon you were pretty ticked off about not lettin ya have it when ya left."

Jackson "Yes, yes sir."

Tuck "We got ourselves into a snag before we got here, lost a few men, even my Gunny. So, I'll tell ya what, you help out here and you get yer rank, field promotion and all the trimmings. And you'd just better make sure you survive through all this mess. I'd hate to write up more paperwork, and shootcha in the head."

Jackson "Yessir!"

Name: William Anthony "Bill the Tank" Jackson
Age: 36
Current Occupation: US Marine Corps, 1st Infantry Division, Rank: Gunnery Sergent