View Full Version : How to connect one room to another?

07-03-2009, 11:17 PM
I am in need of help.I used Doom_Dealers "In-Depth"
Guide for newbs,like me.It worked well.But it made me wonder,
how am I supposed to make another room?In the tut theres only
one room.I had to delete the door file.Is it possible to connect these
stuff and replace them with new items and npcs to create a new storyline?

07-04-2009, 12:08 PM
Yes all those things are possible....most will tell you to start small--adding placeables, items, npc's, simple scripting, etc to existing modules...learn as you go...before posting a question search the threads b/c any question you have probably has been asked before. Good luck and good hunting.

07-04-2009, 11:36 PM
Yeah,but I can't find anymore impressive tuts.
I have'nt used the search function,though.
Thanks for the reply.

EDIT:Also,do you have any tutorials that really helped you?
If so,can you please post the links?

07-05-2009, 04:37 AM
Sorry for double post.
But I really need help this time.
I'm starting to understand some stuff.
I really don't get Doc Valentine's "Linking" tut.

Can anyone clarify this for me?

h. Finishing Touches(Linking)
Now that you have your basic module(s) you are going to want to put some finishing touches on them, basically if you have a planet where one module goes to another, you are going to want to link them. This isn’t very hard, but it might take some time. In each module is a waypoint or door that leads to another module on that planet or area. Fore example Dxun, has a waypoint that will take you from dxun jungle with the ebon hawk to the second part of the dxun jungle. This is not done in the waypoint itself but in the GIT file in the waypoints list. You will however need to extract the waypoint from the waypoints sub directory in kotor tool from the module you got your skeleton from, it should look something like “toXXX” or “newareatransition” with the tag being “TO_XXX” X being the numeric name of the next module. Extract it to your module subdirectory (ex: Mine will go here SWKotOR2/TROTS/Yavin\).

Once you have done this go to your GIT file and go into the Triggers List and find out where the waypoint is. In the struct should be a line labeled “Linked To Module” put your other module name that you want the player to go to in there. Then there should be a line labeled “Linked to” and that is where you will put the tag of the waypoint in the other module that you want the player to start, should be named something like “From_XXX” XXX being your module number or module. Once that is done save it and repackage it back into the .mod file and test it out. Do this for all your other modules you want linked as well. For doors, you don’t need to worry about looking in the triggers list, just look in the doors list of the .git file for the door you exported, it will have the same LinkedToModule and Linked To structs as the trigger did.

I'm using the Dantooine Map(The One with the Ebon Hawk and Jedi Council Members.)