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In 1741, the Austrian Empire and Central Europe was gripped with fear. Graveyards were being attacked, bodies unearthed and graves desecrated. People disappeared, and died of a strange illness. Animals were found dead in fields, drained completely of blood.

Rural folk claimed it was the work of dark creatures, while Europe's intellectual elite claimed it was country superstition. Nevertheless, the hysteria reached such a degree that the Empress Queen of Austria, Maria Theresa, sent her personal physician to investigate the wave of mysterious deaths. He decreed that there was no cause for alarm.

Europe sighed in relief, and the desecrations and killings seemed to stop. Fifty years after fear gripped the continent, signs are emerging that the cause of this fear is returning, coinciding with the death of one of the most celebrated composers in history.

As the hysteria grows, a small group of people visiting London recieve mysterious notes, calling them to a meeting...

Okay, so basically, this is Vampire hunting, and quite possibly other supernatural creatures too. I'm happy to answer any questions people have, and i'm thrashing out some plot as I write this.

Character Sheet - fairly simple, although do try and have a reason why your character would be contacted to hunt 'weird creatures' - whether it be for academic reasons or otherwise.


My own character:

Name: Sir Thomas Leyton
Appearance:Mid fifties, has the look of a man used to the finer things in life, yet something about his gait and manner hints that he may not be all he seems.
Equipment: Rapier, fine clothes.
Bio: Sir Thomas Leyton is known by many in London society as a drunkard and a rake, known for his extravagant lifestyle, and his frequenting of Gentleman’s Clubs across Europe, yet beneath this exterior lies a keen intellect, one honed by his extensive travels and research into things many would consider too fantastic to be true.

His interests were first piqued when, as a 21 year-old exploring officer for the British Army, then fighting on the Continent, he heard rumours of mysterious deaths in the German countryside. He learned as much as he could, but resolved to discover more. As an exploring officer, he had the chance to expand his command of both the French and German languages, which he can speak almost fluently.

Since then, he has read extensively on the sources of these rumours, visiting the Royal libraries of Vienna, Versailles, and even the Papal Library in Rome. His knowledge is extensive, but he is sorely lacking in experience, and he is dogged by his desire to prove that this threat exists.

Let's see where this goes.

EDIT - 9th July: Due to the number of characters joining, I'm afraid I can no longer accept any more characters as of 08.14 GMT.


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This looks like quite a bit of fun:D

Name: Manfred Freiherr Von Hempel

Appearance: He is in his mid-thirties, and stands at 6 ft in height. His face is seemingly perfectly proportioned, marred only by a small scar on his right eye. He also has a long, black mustache, which curls on the ends. Manfred usually dresses in traditional military clothing, which further proves his Prussian heritage that his demeanor and unusually straight posture could not.

Equipment: A former military man, Manfred always takes precautions, as he's made quite a few enemies in the past years. He hides a small flintlock pistol in his jacket, and in a pocket on the other side, he keeps a dagger, his family's crest emblazoned on it. He is also an excellent Martial artist, having practiced both in hand-to-hand combat, and fencing, preferring the saber.

BIO: Manfred was born into a life of luxury, being the older of two sons and one daughter of the prestigous Major General Friedrich Freiherr "Iron Konig" Von Hempel.

He lived a happy early life living in his family's large estate outside of the beautiful Prussian Capital, Berlin. There, he was educated at some of the finest academies Prussia had to offer, and he flourished greatly, especially when he was given a commission in his Kaiser's{Emperor's} army.

He had already gained a reputation as the son of one of Prussia's finest Generals, but built that reputation further, becoming quite the legend himself. By the age of 25, he had surpassed many General's who's years and experience could do little to stop the ambitious young Manfred.

At the height of his career, and at the good age of 29, he transferred from the land army, to the Navy. He literally traveled the world for a time, seeing the Americas, India, and some parts of Asia's Eastern Islands.

Then, upon his return to Prussia, age 33, he had built an even greater legacy, but the unexpected happen. His younger sister, Katherine, had suddenly gone missing, considered a victim of the notorious 'blood plague' that had not been seen in Berlin since 1741.

Manfred resigned his commission to begin a mission to find his sister and discover the reason of her disappearance. After 2 years of searching, Manfred had become an expert on the so-called 'paranormal,' and was considered partially insane, due to a manic episode in Vienna. He wasn't sent to the Asylum, still proving himself the smart and clever hero he still was, and managed to prove that he wasn't insane....just slightly.

Right now, he believes he is at a Vantage point on his mission...his sister may not be too far away...

Chevron 7 locke
07-06-2009, 08:16 PM
Name: Captain Velic

Appearance: Early thirties. He has a hard look about him due to his experiences in the military

Equipment: Full Military uniform along with hat. Flintlock Pistol, Long sword strapped to his waist along with the pistol and his Rapier. Blunderbuss rifle that he keeps strapped across his back at all times.

Bio: Velic was born to one of the lower families of London and when he was of age joined the Military. He quickly shot up through the ranks due to his battle tactics and soon made Captain.

A few years after he made Captain, he led a platoon of men in war games only to be attacked by an unknown foe during the games. All attempts to send men for help were hampered by the mysterious advesary who kept on killing his men in the night.

Velic knew that if his men retreated to London they would most likely bring their advesary with them so he ordered his men to hold their ground and watch for their foe. Finally, nearly the entire platoon was taken and Velic had no choice but to order the remains of the platoon to head back.

Soon after arriving, the remainder of Velic's men died of an unknown disease that seeminly drained them of their blood....but Velic knew better. He knew that one or more of the creatures had followed him and were going to cause problems for the city.

After the massacre. Velic resigned his comission and stole back his uniform after it was taken. Now he hunts the creatures at night, hoping to avenge the deaths of his men and rid the world of the blood plauge.

Mandalore The Shadow
07-06-2009, 08:18 PM
Name: Incubus Winmore

Appearance: Mid 20's, Pale, Dark eyes, Tall, Long fingered, Fine featued, Thin

Equipment: Black Form fitting clothes, pistol and long knife

Bio: His parents were killed by something unidentified and drained of blood. He was attacked as well but came away alive and unscathed. He has spent his life since the age of 16 trying to find whatever killed his parents. He has become somewhat of an expert on the paranormal.

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I might join this. Here's a profile if I do.

Name: Mikhail Kamarov
Appearance: Very rough appearance, in his early 30s. He has messy, dark and a scruffy beard. Pale blue eyes.
Equipment: Cutlass and blunderbuss pistol.
Bio: Born of a British mother and Russian father, Mikhail Kamarov was abandoned by his father, Darko Kamarov, at the age of 14. His mother died when he was 10. His father left him to live alone in the London slums when Mikhail started fighting with other children, stealing, and drinking.

Many years passed as Mikhail made a living stealing. He grew to despise other people, and believed that every human was ugly and crooked, just like he was. Despite his cynicism, he made many acquaintances, mostly through manipulation, who made his life easier. Eventually, when he heard about mysterious deaths, he felt that this occurrence would somehow feed his desire to uncover the true nature of humans when fear is struck into them.

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Wow, some good characters there, guys.

I didn't expect it'd take off so well - I'll set up a main thread soon.

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Say, is it too late to join?

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Say, is it too late to join?

Certainly not! It's only just started, and I'd be glad to welcome you!

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Name: David Smith
Appearance: Mid 20's, with short black hair, he wears mostly brown, including a trenchcoat, wide-brimmed hat, and fingerless gloves
Equipment: Two clockwork pistols (flintlock pistols modified to incorporate clockwork loading mechanisms, allowing for him to fire eight shots from each pistol before having to reload), a cutlass
Bio: A freelance mercenary, his loyalty is simply to however's currently paying him. However, he refuses to take jobs which he feels are too unethical. Recently, he was hired to investigate a secret meeting in London by an unknown client, who simply promised to pay well...

07-08-2009, 03:00 PM
Think I'll drop in here too...

Name: Anahera "Ana" Douglas

Appearance: Image: Ana Douglas (http://www.topnews.in/files/hilary-duff2.jpg). Ana's age is unknown. By appearance, she seems to be roughly twenty-four, but she cannot remember anything before fourteen years ago. She has a faint white scar on her forehead and if not for her hair, you could see several other scars all along her scalp.

Equipment: Two sais (http://weaponmasters.com/shopping/image.php?type=P&id=16779)

Bio: This young woman was found unconscious at roughly age ten. Her hair had been shaved completely off and many jagged scars were visible on her scalp and all across the rest of her body as well. A kind doctor took her in and tended to her injuries. When she finally woke up, she could remember absolutely nothing of her past. Fearing she was part of some government experiment, the doctor urged her to come up with a name. Instantly, she replied, "Anahera Douglas," and her instant response prompted the doctor to wonder if perhaps that was her real name.

Ana Douglas lived with the doctor for three years and her hair grew back. At this time, it was discovered that she could read minds and a secret government organization took her away. They used her to interrogate high-level prisoners, a job that she proved quite adept at. She worked in this job for five years. Then, at roughly eighteen years of age, she was recruited by another agency to do a similar job.

For two years, several government agencies fought to buy her services and while they were squabbling, she discovered that her mental abilities were not limited to reading minds. She could change peoples' minds as well, and she learned to move objects with her mind as well. When the government learned of these traits, they fought harder to purchase her services and keep her existence a secret.

At roughly age twenty-four, Anahera Douglas is the British government's best kept secret. She now lives alone in a small apartment close to the center of London and she has a cover identity. Only a small handful of people know who Ana Douglas truly is; everyone else thinks she maintains a small bookstore for her dying father.

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Name: David Smith

Think I'll drop in here too...

Name: Anahera "Ana" Douglas

They're some great characters, Guys. Welcome aboard!

Darth InSidious
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Name: Thomas Arrowsmith

Appearance: 5'8, with fair, brown hair and green eyes, his face is unmarked by any scars, but he bears signs of mild malnutrition, lack of sleep, and heavy travel. He is bookish and nervous, with a hunted look, always watching as if for snipers. He dresses in plainly, in a dark tones, and a slightly worn tricorn hat in black.

Equipment: A Bible, a small, unmarked silver cup, a piece of fine, white cloth about 1 foot square, a sprig of hyssop and a pair of glasses. A very small amount of money, if any; a small breadknife.

Bio: Thomas Arrowsmith is a man on the run. Although English by birth, he was trained and educated at the seminary at Douai. Narrowly escaping France and the fury following the Civil Constitution of the Clergy, he made for an almost-as-hostile home country; his vocation a criminal offence, his faith alone subject to heavy fining and perhaps imprisonment. Nevertheless, with little money and a background in theology, not the behaviour of a street-urchin, he is, for now, trapped.

After so long abroad, his grasp of English has atrophied, and he now speaks in a noticeably Parisian manner. For this reason he mostly stays silent; his French, when required, is excellent, though it marks him as a cleric; it is neither the effeminate frippery of les precieuses nor the speech of the masses.

He is meticulous, at times pettifogging, quick to stress details, easily distracted, and has little ability in combat, if any. Patient, quite and withdrawn, he nevertheless has a powerful mind when focussed; in speech he is often simple and humble, but has few social skills.

(Would that work?)

Lord of Hunger
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Name: John Blake
Appearance: Jet black hair, dark green eyes. Wears a trench coat: example
Equipment: Saber, wood stake soaked repeatedly with Holy Water
Bio: John Blake, 21, has had experience with the supernatural. Both of his parents we're slain by the same vampire, and ever since he has been out to hunt the Nosferatu to extinction ever since.

Although of noble birth, his interest has always been in vampire hunting rather than managing the estates that he inherited (which he passed onto his sister Cecilia) or attending parties. Despite this, he is a charmer, very persuasive when he needs to be.

07-08-2009, 09:24 PM
Edit: Woah! Made this guy this morning, and I wait until now to put up the Char. Sheet, and there's a million other people on the RP! Hope that doesn't hurt my chances of joining.

I'll join too, if that's alright, if not then you can completely ignore this Character Sheet application if you so desire, and so choose. :)

Name: Dante Eligius
Appearance: Tall and slight, Dante stands at an intimidating 6'4.5" (if you want to get technical), unnaturally tall for the times, he has a dark complexion that says he's spent a vast amount of his life in the sun, and outside. Appears to be around his late thirties, early forties. Has scars across his neck, and some that extend to his chest, suggesting he has more under his clothing; surprisingly he lacks scars on his face, either due to an ingrained sense of self preservation, or vanity, either way, it is unknown. With gloves removed, his hands show signs of early life brutality, including massive calluses on the heels of his hands, and scar tissue on the tips of his fingers. He has light auburn hair, and aniridic eyes. Although not at all muscular, he is surprisingly sinewy in the hands and arms, suggesting his thin body is nothing more than a veil, or facade for what lies underneath.
Equipment: Wears a Gentleman's Cloak, and a leather tunic underneath, with highwayman's pants, and a signature tricorn highwayman's hat that he wears low on his head, so as to cover/shade/conceal his eye, and he also has knee high riding boots, and white silk gloves; Carries a Heavy Crossbow (uses for long distance crippling, or even fatal shots), a Spanish six shot sword revolver (the blade is a longsword style: double edged, slightly above average blade length, curved handle, basket hilt, and engraved with Holy Roman symbols and designs from the crusades - the sword itself a modified antique of the crusade era. The built in revolver is loaded with paper cartridges for easy reloads, and is flintlock, for higher firepower and accuracy, the barrel is extended slightly beyond normal for a sword revolver for accuracy as well, because he uses it in more than just duels, and close fights), and a guisarme (mostly used when riding), and knuckledusters (in case of disarmament).
Bio: His life before the age of twenty is all but mystery and myth to those that know him, but Dante knows full well of who he is, where he came from, and what got him to the place he is now. From simply studying his body language, physical appearance (with or without clothes), manner of speech, and thought processes, it can be deduced that his early life was that of torturous servitude, worse than that of serfs during the Middle Ages, even most slaves would be treated better than his body suggests. But that is all that can be deduced from him about his early life, little else is known, because he never willingly speaks of it, not for fear, or the pain of memories resurfacing, only he knows his reasonings; there is one thing that can be deduced as well however, his origin - Birth-Country: Italy, City: Unknown, Day of Birth: Saturday (which is quite important), Languages Spoken: Italian, basic Latin, and English, with some tidbit knowledge of French and German (he's a Highwayman, he travels a lot), Accent: Surprisingly he has a mild Latin accent, with little tidbits of Italian dialect coming through his speech, Biggest Peeve: Making any act against, or even for his eyes (his early life included hatred -even worship- from others due to his eyes).

The middle of his life suggests that he's been on his fair share of adventures, if not done quite a few things to remember, and tell riveting stories about, and this, in general is the portion of Dante's life that he more willingly speaks of, almost gladly even. Often times he ends up weaving quite a few good yarns about his life if you get him chatty enough. During his life after the age of twenty he became a Highwayman, taking from the rich and giving to the poor in a sense, but in most cases he was a gun for hire for different nobles, and upperclassmen, often taking from one, and giving to the other.

His more recent life includes rising to the spot of Clan Leader (a high rank) in the Highwayman's Guild, and becoming ever more engrossed in some strange fanaticism over a blood plague, which he himself has studied out of some strange desire for most of his life; which has been resurfacing recently (the plague that is). His mannerisms have made him more and more of a recluse, driving him to work alone more and more often, which is uncommon even for experienced Highwaymen. His recent activities have made him bring out a weapon that he's had since his youth, but never used since his teenager years, his refurbished, and repurposed antique Crusade Sword-Turned-Sword-Revolver, which he simply calls "Purgatus"; the blade once used by a Knight Hospitaller, who was his ancestor, it is suggested to be blessed, and that the blood of "Virtuous Pagans" was never spilled by it's blade, a rare thing for a blade of the Crusades.

(I might add more to his Bio, but for now that's all my brain can churn out, hope you like!)

Edit: Will post in RP thread as soon as character is approved.

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Name: Thomas Arrowsmith

Awesome, Darathy - yes, it would most certainly work! Glad to have you aboard!

Name: John Blake

That's a good character, welcome aboard.

Name: Dante Eligius

Welcome aboard!

I think that it is now safe to say that Character Creation is now closed - with around 9 characters, I think we've more than enough!

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to duck out of this right now. I just remembered that I'm going to Greece in a couple of days, and I won't be back for a week. I can't count on having internet everywhere, so I probably won't be around to RP for a while. But I hope the RPG goes well, and good RPing to all of you. Cheers!

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Does that mean i'm not in? i dont care i'm not good enough anyway i can't write that much

You were in, but you didn't post, and now that you can't for the next week. If you really want to be in, we'll have to devise some other way of introducing you.

I'm afraid I'm going to have to duck out of this right now. I just remembered that I'm going to Greece in a couple of days, and I won't be back for a week. I can't count on having internet everywhere, so I probably won't be around to RP for a while. But I hope the RPG goes well, and good RPing to all of you. Cheers!

Oh... ok, I hope you enjoy your holiday! If there's ever an opening in it, i'll be sure to let you know, if you want to come back.


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Oh... ok, I hope you enjoy your holiday! If there's ever an opening in it, i'll be sure to let you know, if you want to come back.


Thanks, man.