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07-08-2009, 06:23 AM
hey guys i got some questions about autobalance.2da from kotor 2.
i aint that sure for what the fields mean so i make you get my guess:

mult ...
vpmult = life points
tohitmult = attack
armormult = defense
damagemult = damage
savemult = fort ref will
levelmult = level
thats right?

name = Multiplier Set

crmod = level how many xp i get for killing them

ok then some more questions
vpmult = ??
i have no idea what these mult are doing except by levelmult (i guess)
i would guess maybe vitality points = vitality poits * vpmult
so if he has 100 hp and vpmult is 1 he has now 200 hp
is this true?

and levelmult means like
level = main players level * levelmult?
thats right?
and if so, a higher level gets you more powerful at all like more vitality points higher defense better saves..
levelmult makes it?
all NPCs are on level 1 so f.e. if im on level 20 levelmult is 1 an NPC get multi all his ways up to level 20 like his hp goes up (irrespective by vpmult) ?