View Full Version : TSL: Update your personal crystal without Kreia's help

07-19-2009, 10:26 AM
The only way to update your personal crystal found on Dantooine is to talk to Kreia about it. But later in the game Kreia is not available any longer, so you are stuck with the old crystal. You don't actually need Kreia to update the crystal. Just add the following code to some friendly power script (e.g. "Master Heal" in k_inc_force.nss):

ShowUpgradeScreen(OBJECT_INVALID, OBJECT_SELF, TRUE, FALSE); //Item upgrade screen
ExecuteScript("a_q_cryst_change", OBJECT_SELF);

This will allow you to remove your crystal from the lightsabre everywhere, no workbench is needed. Then execute the script a second time, the script will check your crystal in inventory, determine if you should receive a new one. Execute the script a 3rd time and re-insert the new crystal into your lightsabre. This way you can update your crystal until the end of the game.

However, this requires a minor change to the a_q_cryst_change.ncs script (delay the generation of the new crystal, otherwise it will be destroyed if the crystal level doesn't change):

void give(string sCrystalResRef)
CreateItemOnObject(sCrystalResRef,GetFirstPC(),1,0 );

void main()
// original script, then at the very end:
//give the new crystal
// CreateItemOnObject(sCrystalResRef,oPC,1,0); //original code, commented out, use next line instead:
DelayCommand(0.0f, give(sCrystalResRef));

07-20-2009, 08:03 AM
Perhaps you could consider adding this to a console? Or Bao-Dur's remote even? That way its easily accessible in game.

Kainzorus Prime
07-20-2009, 11:36 AM
Remote's already has several mods made for itself, such as telling influence and such. Making this as an armband would be better.