View Full Version : Victory rescuing Uncle Antan

07-23-2009, 04:39 PM
After several frustating retries, I finally succeeded in destroying almost everything in the Rescue Uncle Anton mission. I had completed the mission before by leaving once the Imperials arrived, but I wanted to redo the mission and take them on. This time, I did a better job of protecting Emon from the Planetary Fighters so that he would still be around when the VSD jumped in. The XWA Mission Guide at the CRS Morning Star site was a big help.

Once the initial waves of Viraxo fighters were all taken out, I ordered Emon to inspect the containers while I inspected and destroyed the cargo ships. Truth be told, the two Star Galleons and the shuttle that quickly jumps to hyperspace got away from me while I was battling the Viraxo fighters, but I was trying to avoid constant combat so I could recharge my shields fully before the Imperials arrived. Once the VSD showed up, I took down the TIE Fighters with turrets set to defensive fire, and then prayed that I could survive the onslaught of TIE Interceptors. They dropped my shields to about 40%, but I made it. Emon bolted during the TIE onslaught, so I had to take the VSD down myself. I knocked out the shield generators and then used autofire to finish it off. After that, I destroyed the rest of the cargo containers while my shields recharged, which took forever even with max shield settings. When they were back to about 190%, I docked and picked up Anton, using the turret to fend off the first wave of Viraxo fighters. After Antan was onboard, I undocked and shot down the remaining fighters and then slowly destroyed the Viraxo space station. The entire mission took me about 40 minutes, but it was worth it.

07-28-2009, 12:18 PM
I just couldn't let that shuttle and the Star Galleons get away like that, so I revised my tactics slightly. This time, I targeted one of the Planetary Fighters in the first wave, told Emon to ignore it, and disabled it so that the next wave wouldn't launch. That gave me the time I needed to chase after the escaping shuttle and destroy it without being harassed. Then I looped back and circled the Star Galleons with turrets on autofire. Next, I destroyed the disabled fighter, dealt with the remaining waves of Planetary Fighters, picked up Uncle Anton, and inspected and destroyed the cargo containers and the freighters until the VSD showed up and launched its TIE Fighters and Interceptors. After I survived the TIEs and took down the VSD, I destroyed the rest of the Viraxo property and completed the mission with a score of 7522 plus 4825 bonus points. Not too shabby, I think.