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(THREADMASTER'S NOTE: This roleplay adventure combines the three races and the realm of Dragon Age: Origins with some of the more detailed options of Dungeons and Dragons Online. Here are the basics of the setting...)

REALM: Ferelden (Dragon Age)
RACES: Dwarf, Elf, Human (Dragon Age), Drow (DDO)
CLASSES: Mage, Rogue, Warrior (Dragon Age), Cleric, Paladin, Ranger (DDO)
RELIGION/FAITH: Chantry (Dragon Age), D & D/DDO Deities (DDO)

STORYLINE: All mortals fear the Deathstage--the end of the world, and the end of time as they know it. Never before has Ferelden faced such a crisis, not even when the Blight infiltrated the realm via the hubris of men. The Grey Wardens were victorious and fought them off, but who can truly fight floods, plagues, earthquakes, famines, and a realm-wide war? These things have been happening all over Ferelden, and what is worse, the races of the realm have been conspiring against one another instead of allying with each other. They believe each other to be instruments of the Deathstage and of their own gods, rather than working for the salvation of all.

One man, a devout Cleric of the Chantry, and his followers especially believe themselves to be the harbingers of the end of the world. They are violent extremists, and they will stop at nothing to bring about the reckoning that they believe the world deserves. Either Ferelden will be saved through the shedding of the blood of all evildoers, or Ferelden will be damned through sparing them. Can one of this man's contemporaries, a young Human Paladin lass, and her brothers and sisters-in-arms turn the tide--and turn back the Deathstage? Or, is it already too late, being that the Chantry's chosen sides?

Part One is where we post a one-post ORIGIN STORY for our characters! :)


NAME: Lucien Drathart
RACE: Human
AGE: 35
CLASS: Cleric
APPEARANCE: Like Aragorn in LOTR--if he were half-dead, of course
ALLIED WITH: His own elite fighting force, called the Harbingers
GOAL: To bring about the Deathstage for the glory of the Chantry
ARMOR: Silver-metal full plate
WEAPONS: Mace (Clerics are forbidden to shed blood) and shield
SPECIALIZES IN: Oddly enough, healing spells, not "smite" spells
DEITY: The Chantry
STRENGTHS: Unshakable conviction, unshakable faith, unshakable goal
WEAKNESSES: Arrogant, controlling, unwilling to listen to lesser folk
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Evil, although he does not believe he is evil

NAME: Shakhmaty Travaillant
GENDER: Female
RACE: Human
AGE: 30
APPEARANCE: Like Veronica Verekova, Sports Illustrated model
ALLIED WITH: King Cailan Theirin, Lord of Ferelden
GOAL: To turn back the Harbingers, and the tide of the Deathstage
ARMOR: Golden-metal quarterplate (torso covered in plate, the rest with leather or light chainmail)
WEAPONS: Two-handed sword, which she often greases and lights on fire
SPECIALIZES IN: Melee combat, laying on of hands (her special gift)
DEITY: The Chantry
STRENGTHS: Compassionate, master tactician, relentless fighter
WEAKNESSES: Rash, impatient, abhors losing/is afraid to lose
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good, though very tempted to fall at least partially

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Since this includes D&D characters, I thought it'd be a good idea to throw alignment in there

NAME: Alkonium Kaltas
RACE: Human
AGE: 24
CLASS: Fighter
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
ALLIED WITH: Nierra Diral, anyone in need
GOAL: To make The world (no matter which) a better place, and seek the thrill of adventure.
ARMOR: +2 Full Plate
WEAPONS: +1 Greatsword of Crippling, Masterwork longbow
SPECIALIZES IN: Heavy melee Combat, Diplomacy
STRENGTHS: Puts a high value on the freedom of not only himself, but everyone else as well, strong-willed, selfless
WEAKNESSES: No sense of loyalty or trust to anyone but Nierra

NAME: Nierra Diral
GENDER: Female
RACE: Drow
AGE: 103
CLASS: Ranger
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Good
ALLIED WITH: Alkonium Kaltas
GOAL: To help those in need, seeking the thrill of adventure
ARMOR: +1 Studded Leather
WEAPONS: Masterword Scimitar, +1 Scimitar, Ember shortbow
SPECIALIZES IN: Fast melee combat, ranged combat
DEITY: The Undying Court
STRENGTHS: Very intelligent, dexterous, and agile
WEAKNESSES: Too aggressive, often fails to attempt to find a peaceful solution first

Cyborg Ninja
07-26-2009, 01:15 AM
NAME: Zero Vadam
ALIAS: The Scarlet Spider
RACE: Human
AGE: 32
CLASS: Rogue
APPEARANCE: http://a-creeper-in-a-bush.deviantart.com/art/Spiderspawn-110187851
ALLIED WITH: Anyone who needs help, other than evil
GOAL: To save everyone in Ferelden
ARMOR: Custom Made Leather
WEAPONS: Dual short swords, Throwing daggers
SPECIALIZES IN: Stealth, Melee, Unarmed Combat
DEITY: The Chantry
STRENGTHS: Agile, Intelligent, Brave
WEAKNESSES: Cocky, Too Trustworthy, Arrogant
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Good

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Well, I'm just going off of generic lore here, so correct me if need be. :D

NAME: Coryn Valkanar
AGE: 24
CLASS: Rogue
APPEARANCE: (Oblivion doesn't allow screenshots.) Long black hair, silver eyes, dark appearance, fair skin
ALLIED WITH: Anyone who needs help
GOAL: To become one of the greatest battlemages in Ferelden
ARMOR: Black leather
WEAPONS: Elven claymore, silver dagger
SPECIALIZES IN: Destruction magic, conjuration, and moderate blade combat
STRENGTHS: Persistent, intelligent, skilled in combat
WEAKNESSES: Arrogant, rebellious, too trusting
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good

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Sounds really great! :)

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Hmm..this looks like fun:D

Name: Razael Krahl

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 29

Class: Warrior\Conquerer

Appearance: 6'5' in heighth, very muscular, with black hair and brown eyes. He has some unshaved stubble on his face, and has a large red scar running from his lips to his right eye. He usually wears a specially made set of black armor, complete with black helmet that completely covers his head. Usually has his weapons in the open.

Allied With: He allies himself with just about anyone that he deems worthy{which is rare}. When he is not fighting with someone else's army, he is in control of a small private army around the size of 2 companies. These men under him are some of the best soldiers in the land, hand-picked and trained by Razael himself.

Goal: To become the most powerful warlord in the land, he uses all means necessary to achieve this goal.

Armor: Thick, black, heavy armor, complete with a helmet that covers his entire head. He also sports a black shield, which bears the crest of his family, The Soaring Falcon.

Weapons: He carries a claimor that belonged to his father, which also bears the family crest. He also has two small, Dwarven, throwing axes, attached to a belt. He also carries a strange projectile weapon that uses black powder. Also carries two metal balls with the same black powder inside of them. These explode on contact with fire, he is considered a strange and dark Wizard due to his tools that dealt out destruction.

Specializes in: Fighting, engineering, pure destruction, an early phase of explosives, but has no magic ability whatsoever.

Deity: None, he believes purely in the sheer power of the war machine, seeing that that is the only way to achieve complete power over everything.

Strengths: Very strong, and is a brilliant tactician. Never gives up, and has an amazing ability that allows him to never lose focus.

Weakness: Arrogant, has no sense of morality when it comes to fighting. He is also blind in his right eye{due to the scar}, he is also insecure, and therefore is distrusting almost to the point of paranoia.

Alignment: Unpredicable nuetral

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I like it. It's always war with you, isn't it, ComQ? :D

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Yes, so it seems:D The warlords are always very interesting to portray!:D

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Yeah, but you still didn't say you were evil. I'm thinking about being making myself evil or something.

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I need at least SOMEBODY to be on Lucien Drathart's side! *LOL* Otherwise, this story is going to be very short when Shakhmaty and her allies totally "checkmate" him. :P

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I was thinking about progressively turning evil, but still, that doesn't really help Drathart much....

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Don't worry. Drathart will take a special...interest in you. ;P Think Kreia and pawn...

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I see. :D Meanwhile, we have ComQ's crusading warlord....