View Full Version : Mix-up between weapon proficiency/focus feat icons?

07-26-2009, 07:02 PM
I was playing around on TSL earlier, when I noticed a strange thing. Generally, in this game, the more advanced versions of feats have slightly more complex icons. However, I noticed recently that this is not the case with weapon focus/proficiency feats. Weapon focus, the tier 2 feat, is simply a circle with a weapon inside it, whereas weapon proficiency, the tier 1 feat, is a circle with a weapon inside and a plain-looking crosshair behind it. Since the specialization feat has a more advanced crosshair behind the weapon, i would be inclined to think that perhaps the game developers switched around the first two. In support of this, I noticed that superior weapon focus: lightsaber I/II/III and superior two-weapon fighting I/II/III, feats restricted to marauders/weapon masters, have the feat icons set up how I would imagine would be more sensible.

I therefore have two questions.
Firstly, am I the only one who's ever noticed it?
Secondly, if not, has anyone thought to make a mod to remedy this issue? If not, I'm sure I could make one myself, but I can't help being curious.

I got impatient, so I took all of 3 minutes to make a mod myself. I personally think it looks a lot better. It's really just a nit-picky thing, I suppose, but just to illustrate my point, I might as well post a before/after screenshot