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Black Knight of Keno
07-29-2009, 08:03 PM
As the Second Age went to pass, the servant of Morgoth called Sauron fell to the Last Alliance of Elves and Men. His figure was lost to the wind, but the shadows he cast upon the people of Middle-Earth were slow to diminish. As the Elves began their final move West and the kingdoms of Man still flourished, the remnants of Sauron's malice began moving once more. The Kingdom of Angmar was founded, led by one of Sauron's loyal Nazgul and a Necromancer took up residence in Dol Guldur.

As the decades and centuries went past, Gondor grew riddled with internal problems and the corruption of it's stewards. Arnor fell to the growing armies of Angmar. Mirkwood, a once strong elven kingdom, had diminished in power and the elves had withdrawn from the growing darkness that surrounded Dol Guldur. Durin's bane rose from the deep chasms within the Misty Mountains and claimed Moria from the dwarves. A dragon set itself upon the Lonely Mountain and terrorized the lands south of the mountain.

As the Third Age began it's time between the beginning and the end, the wilderness of Middle-Earth had become dangerous to traverse and even the roads were unsafe in comparison to what they were when Men still traversed the long roads to patrol from the roaming bands of orcs, trolls and goblins. Only well armed groups dared challenge some of the roads across the realms and the only ones with sufficient numbers and might still upon Middle-Earth were the Elves who went on their way to the Gray Havens and for the ships to Valinor.

This is the time you step into. The twilight of the Third Age. There are many who need your blade and arrow, though many can not pay you for your efforts. Choose your path to save or destroy Middle-Earth.

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The map of Middle-Earth in the Third Age. (http://t2tmud.org/resources/maps/Middleearth.jpg)

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Yes, yes. A fantasy RP. And a Middle-Earth fantasy RP of all things. I don't have any form of plotline put into place for this RP, so any plot twists or idea for plots are welcomed in this thread for all to discuss and see.

Mind you, this RP will take place just prior to or concurrently with the Hobbit.

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Black Knight of Keno
07-29-2009, 08:26 PM
Name: Faerlain Erfaron
Race: Sindar Elf
Age: 3970
Gender: Male
Class: Ranger
Alignment: Chaotic Good
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08-02-2009, 01:11 AM
I still haven't worked out her bio. Will figure that out sometime soonish, methinks...

Name: Elarinya, "Elen ya Revia"

Race: Silvan Elf

Age: 2856

Gender: Female

Class: Ranger

Alignment: Neutral

Short Bio: [Will add later]

Appearance: Image: Elarinya (http://www.ruggedelegantliving.com/a/images/Carrie.Underwood.2005.CMAs.jpg)