View Full Version : Trouble working with Rim/git files

Knight Of Honor
07-30-2009, 05:20 AM
Im still very new to all this. But i have been working alot with Rim.file editing, modifying git.files.

It works perfectly well as it should. But after i installed the games update patch for my KotorII TSL, suddenly now when i try to edit for example the file 209tel.git, and then put it into my erf/rim editor to save change, i get a error message saying something like that there is no access. This happened only after patching the game. Can anyone tell me why, and if there is a way i can solve this issue? There is only with a few files where this occurs, but its still bothering me..

07-30-2009, 05:24 AM
Make sure you downloaded the patch from an official site.
If you have Vista, I don't think those will work:(
If they are vvvveeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy important try reinstalling the game.

07-30-2009, 10:13 AM
You might also check and make sure the .rim file your editing is not set to "read only".