View Full Version : DOTT forum!?

07-31-2009, 08:01 PM
Hey everyone I was checking out some of the other starwars forums and the full throttle forum. I was wonderig why hasnt there been a Day of the Tentacle forum or Maniac mansion Forum made? It seems thats not a big subject on here but If Telltale end up making a Episodic adventure with Bernard and the Gang then I think that theres no real good place to talk about it exept the MOJO FORUM...I do like the Mojo Forum the best on here but It still seems wierd that they have one for all the big franchised exept Day of the Tentacle. Theres even one for the DIG and there isnt a sequal for that one. So give your opinions and if an administrator or a guy high up there can explane to me why they havnt that would be cool couse its kinda anoyed me and I have been itching to ask why. Thnks purple_tentacle_:thmbup1: