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Kainzorus Prime
08-01-2009, 06:45 PM
So, me and BryanWee are collaborating to finish the RotS clone armors, and he converted the helmets from Jedi Academy model pack, just like Prime did his Stormtroopers and Clones. But... I've encountered an issue while testing models.


The textures work flawlessly. However, as seen here, lightmaps are screwed up. The textures are darkened for one, and secondly, you can see how much shadow is placed on the helmet when it's not illuminated (bottom right.) Overall blockiness of original model is clearly visible, and the middle helmet's lightmap is worse than the rest for some reason that I can't explain.

Any thoughts or tips are welcome.

08-02-2009, 07:10 AM
How exactly have you created this helmet? Direct porting from one game to another is illegal, and also against forum policy, please clarify, otherwise I will have to close the thread -- j7

08-02-2009, 08:13 AM
I don't think its ported.. JKA doesn't have generic clone trooper models
However the matter as to whether he has permission to use the models from the original modders is unknown to me.

Kainzorus Prime
08-02-2009, 08:20 AM
We've ported it from a game mod, just as Prime did his clones and stormtroopers. Yes, JA doesn't have any clones by default, so it's not a port of any original assets, it's all good.

Also yes, I've secured all permission for these years ago when this started.

08-02-2009, 08:27 AM
i think i know why the models are like that.. its cuz of the illum function and
color of the materials.. :)
my bad.. keep on forgetting to change it

Kainzorus Prime
08-02-2009, 08:30 AM
I also have been reading some old threads here on LF and have my own theory. Hit me up on msn, we'll discuss this.

08-02-2009, 09:00 AM
Like Bryan mentioned you'll need to have a look at the material in Max and Gmax.

Best to set the Diffuse to a mild grey or white.
I wouldn't set the self illum to full white, I think you might get glowing helmets then :lol:

Plus it looks like the helmets aren't smoothed anymore. Check the Mesh options, select all of the faces/polys and apply a number.

Its somewhere down below in the Editable Mesh modifier :p

08-02-2009, 09:17 AM
The middle helmet also looks like it may have some polys with reversed normals. Not an uncommon occurrence when converting between model formats.

Kainzorus Prime
08-02-2009, 03:28 PM
Apparently we hit what Quanon pointed out, but I'll post here to make sure. Now textures are too bright, and there is no shadowing at all. The smoothness has been resolved though. There's also comparsion with Prime's Ep2 helmet that has good lightning and shadows.


Also another little thing, the underside of the plaudron should mirror the texture on the top, but appears transparent.


08-03-2009, 09:12 AM
Hmm, it might be because I think Back face culling doesn't work with the exporter.
Never got a two sided flat plane working in one of my models.

However it could be I just missed something...
Because the game does use this on certain parts of models.

08-03-2009, 11:29 AM
Check this. Almost done with the models and skins. :D








08-03-2009, 01:47 PM
The model looks good, though the skins looks fuzzy.
Certainly on the painted stripes and geom shapes.

Besides that nice job; though don't forget give credit to the originale modeler ;)
I know you got the permission to use it, but the Kotor modding community has a morale code :p

Kainzorus Prime
08-03-2009, 03:33 PM
I always give credit when it's due. Anywho, what we've got here is a compromise, these have no shading/lighting on them, but it was either that or the blocky bugged models as before. Apparently the models themselves are just too blocky to properly have shadows projected on them (and I'm not suprised since original author put speed over quality).

Anywho, these will be included in v1 of the mod. Maybe later there will be new helmets made from scratch, that will resolve shading issue.

08-03-2009, 04:05 PM
UPDATE: These are the final sets of models for the pack :D
getting the materials right and altering the skins was a b1tch.
used the cover caps modiefier and I kept on forgetting that the
materials keep reverting back to default. :lol:
last on the list would be the DC-15. ^_^







@quanon: dude i had to give a glowing effect to the default armor and
helmet cuz i was lazy to alter the materials again XD

@DK: bro after I send you the blaster and the rest along with custom icons
made of screenshots from my renderings in GMAX.. i'll have to get back
to my mod.

Kainzorus Prime
08-03-2009, 04:22 PM
Sure, no problem. I'm not planning to request the whole new helmet right now, not when all this is complete. I do have one more person that can do it, no worries.

08-04-2009, 02:24 AM
And here I just got hit with a massive guilt trip because I never got around to converting those helmets for you, DK. Glad to see you found someone with the time to do it. Skins look great.

Kainzorus Prime
08-04-2009, 09:14 AM
No problem giant simian, and thanks.

Darth Payne
08-04-2009, 11:09 AM
I can't view the screenies in posts 11 and 14.

08-04-2009, 12:17 PM
I can't view the screenies in posts 11 and 14.

They are in a private album that only friends of Bryan can see. A tip, if you plan on posting WIP pics of stuff, make your album public. Either that, or upload them to another site (like yours, or a real image hoster)

08-04-2009, 12:26 PM
gimme a sec... must be cuz i put it on private


yo dudes.. I'm done with the custom icons and getting all the models in game.
All thats let is for DK to do the honors and settle the details of the equipment.

can't wait to see the outcome of the mod

Kainzorus Prime
08-04-2009, 03:34 PM
Aye, as all the issues are now resolved, this thread can be closed.